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PBS Kids Sprout VOD Report

PBS Kids Sprout recently reported they are averaging 17 million views a month on their video-on-demand programs. PBS Kids Sprout is looking at how VOD has changed how preschool households are taking in media. They are the first 24-hour preschool network on TV, on-demand and online (sprout online.com) for kids 2 to 5 and their parents. The network launched first as a VOD service in April 2005, and then began a 24-hour linear channel and Web site that September. A partnership of Comcast Corp., HIT Entertainment, PBS and Sesame Workshop, PBS Kids Sprout reaches 35 million households via Comcast, Cox Communications, DirecTV, Insight, RCN, Time Warner, Verizon and AT&T.;

The network offers 60 hours of VOD programming each month, including 10 hours of Spanish-language programming (Plaza Sesamo, Angelina Ballerina, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Barney & Friends, Bob the Builder and The Berenstain Bears).

Further research on the consumers utilizing VOD revealed that the typical Sprout household is a more active media consumer; parents are 10% more likely to sit and watch TV with their preschoolers and 25% more likely to have selected a kids’ VOD program in the past six months. Also, nearly half of the Sprout viewers said they watch TV and VOD with their children daily.

Interesting, are you using VOD yet? If so, write me and tell me more. You can reply to this post. Thanks.

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