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Bob The Builder New DVD Coming Out May 13

Bob the Builder™ and his Can-Do Crew welcome friends Meg MacDonald, a Scottish dairy farmer, her assistant Piper and their hilarious dairy truck Dodger to Sunflower Valley in five delightful new adventures in Bob the Builder: The Three Musketrucks, delivering onto DVD May 13. Includes the following episodes:

Dodger the Milk Truck – Bob and the team are under the clock to finish Meg’s new house so they can give her milk truck, Dodger, a proper reception before he arrives. Problem is, she’s mixed up the days and Dodger shows up not only to no greeting party but no townsfolk anywhere! Sadly, he carries out his duty of delivering the milk. When everyone realizes what’s happened, they work together to greet Dodger and welcome him enthusiastically to the team.

The Three Musketrucks – A big new shipment is arriving at the docks. Inspired by the famous motto “All for one, and one for all,” Scrambler, Packer and Dodger become the Three Musketrucks and vow to deliver the goods. Despite a mix-up caused by a hasty decision and a brief ride trapped aboard a ferryboat, the trio proudly and successfully completes its mission.

Dodger’s Dairy Disaster – Bob and the team are building Sunflower Valley’s new creamery so Meg and Piper can make a variety of cheeses using local flavors. Dodger, sent to pick up the ingredients, is feeling pressure to be liked as much as fan-favorite Packer. He decides to use his funny horn sounds to make people laugh during his deliveries, but in his haste to win them over he accidentally mixes everything together. All’s well though when Meg uses the new blend to make a delicious tasting cheese everyone loves.

Scrambler the Goat Herder – Everyone is off to Snowcap Mountain to turn an old barn into a new weaving studio for Meg. Bob asks Scrambler to play herder and lead Giddy the goat down from the peak to the shearing station so Meg can use his wool in her loom. It’s no easy task but eventually Scrambler figures out exactly how to get his goat!

Packer’s Big Delivery – Sunflower Valley is getting its first General Store! While Bob and the crew get to building it, store owner Barbara sends Packer and Scrambler out to retrieve the wares, including seaweed, sunflower oil and pineapples. When Meg calls down from Flowery Ridge asking for her goat’s milk to be picked up, Packer insists he can make it up to her despite the treacherously paved mountain road. It’s not long before Packer gets stuck and it’s Bob and Scrambler to the rescue!

Every episode of Bob the Builder finishes with a job well done and a lesson learned about the value of positive attitude, problem solving and teamwork. Bob the Builder and his machine team always demonstrate that The Fun Is In Getting It Done.

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