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PBS KIDS Summer Road Trip to Health… SESAME STREET

We’re moving and grooving as PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! reach stop #3 on a road trip about being engaged and healthy. Throughout the summer, this virtual trip encourages kids to fuel their minds and bodies by making healthy choices with inspiration from health-themed episodes and online activities. These programs and learning games show kids how their favorite character role models in ten different series live healthy and smart. See more at pbskidsgo.org and listen to They Might Be Giants sing the summer theme song “Get Up and Go!” Our next stop – SESAME STREET!

6.16.08 (check local listings) SESAME STREET #4085 The Healthy Food Game: It’s time to play “The Healthy Foods Name Game!” with Mr. Healthy Food as the game show host! Elmo has to find four healthy foods of various colors on Sesame Street before the mouse climbs to the top of the refrigerator. When Elmo and his friends have found all four healthy foods, they receive their big, healthy prize. They get to eat all the delicious and colorful foods that they’ve found!

6.17.08 SESAME STREET #4089 American Fruitstand: Alan is busy receiving a big delivery at Hooper’s Store so Miles helps him out by watching the fruit stand. Elmo and Zoe walk by talking about cookies and ice cream. All of sudden, Sesame Street is transformed into a 50’s musical show “American Fruit Stand.” Miles sings “I Love Fruit” (to the tune of “I Feel Good”), a song about how good fruit tastes and how good it is for the body. All of the fans and groupies become so excited about fruits and vegetables. Alan’s business has never been so good.

6.18.08 SESAME STREET #4087 3 Bears Adventure – As the Porridge Cooled: Telly is doing a “Monster on the Spot” report about Baby Bear who tells the story of what really happened to the three bears as the porridge cooled. Suddenly, they find that they’re lost in the magic garden of a wizard who put a spell on them and turned them into ducks. The wizard won’t let them out of the garden until they name three things about vegetables. With the help of the AM Singing Vegetables who sing, “We Are the Vegetables,” the three bears figure out that vegetables are delicious, are good for you, and are musical!

6.19.08 SESAME STREET #4092 Big Bird, Snuffy, Maria & Luis Go on a Hike: Maria and Luis are planning for their hike gathering their backpacks, water, and trail mix. Big Bird and Snuffy are especially excited since they have never been on a hike before! Maria explains what great exercise it is and how many interesting things you can find around you.

6.20.08 SESAME STREET #4151 The Worm Cup Games: Everyone is gathered to watch the Worm Cup on TV, which is when worms come from all over the world to try and kick a ball into a cup. This year Slimey, from Sesame Street, is a finalist competing against Squirmadene, from France.
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