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Parents have complained about in appropriate sexuality in the media for decades. The latest offerings in television, movies, video games, the entertainment press and even cartoons elevate this concern to a whole new level. American culture seems to be spinning out of control, and today’s “role models” present parenting challenges unlike those faced by previous generations. Sexy content is marketed aggressively to children and, without the emotional sophistication to understand what they are seeing, kids are getting into increasing trouble emotionally and socially.

Jean Kilbourne, EdD, internationally known expert on media and culture, will discuss the effects of sexualized media and advertising on children, and what pediatricians and parents can do to combat this problem. Dr. Kilbourne will explore these issues in an illustrated and entertaining format during a plenary session, “So Sexy So Soon: The Sexualization of Childhood,” slated for 11:55 am on Saturday, October 11, at the national meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Boston. Dr. Kilbourne is an award-winning author and documentary filmmaker, and a popular lecturer at colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada.

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