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“Stuart Little: The Animated Series” Available on DVD April 21, 2009

Watch for two new DVD volumes from the popular HBO Family Stuart Little TV series: Going For The Gold! and A Little Family Fun! Each volume includes new-to-DVD episodes in which America’s favorite mouse, Stuart Little, and his “big” brother George find adventure everywhere around them. The Stuart Little Animated TV Series stars the voice talents of two-time Golden Globe® winner Hugh Laurie (the Stuart Little feature films, TV’s “House) and Kathy Najimy (Sister Act, TV’s “King of the Hill”). A Little Family Fun!, which includes three episodes, and Going For the Gold!, which includes four episodes.

Based on the characters created by famous children’s author E.B. White (Charlotte’s Web, The Trumpet of the Swan), and made popular by the hit feature films, the Stuart Little series revolves around Stuart, a spirited mouse, who has been adopted by the Little family and his older brother, George. Stuart may be a three-inch tall mouse on the outside, but inside he is a bold, daring and curious youth with a never-say-never attitude. Our furry hero explores our commonplace world from a fresh perspective, while he and his brother – separated by species, joined by brotherhood – have immense fun together and learn a few lessons along the way.

The Stuart Little Animated TV Series: Going For the Gold! episodes include:

He Said, She Said
A thrilling model truck race in the park ends with Stuart’s vehicle spinning out of control. George immediately accuses the winner, Will, of sabotage, and putting his brother at risk in order to beat him to the finish line. Through their individual recollections and flashbacks, George, Stuart and even Snowbell shed light on what really happened and the true cause of the near-crash is unveiled. They realize different people can see the exact same thing and see it differently.
A Little Big Record
Stuart and George decide to get immortalized in “Big Bob’s Big Book of World Records” and settle on building the World’s Tallest Penny Stack. Unfortunately, George and Stuart discover that they have an old edition of the Big Book of World Records, and that their penny stack needs to be almost twice as tall as they’d planned. The boys are left with limited time to try another possible record. Snowbell, meanwhile, injures his leg and discovers that his injury gets him lots of wonderful snacks from Mrs. Little. Even after he feels better, Snowbell is determined to get his paws on the fresh tuna that resides in the Little’s fridge. Stuart and George also set their sights on the tuna and create the “World’s Largest Tuna Salad Sculpture.” They get in the record book and Snowbell gets his tuna.

No Job Is Too Little
With Mrs. Little’s birthday approaching, Stuart and George realize they don’t have enough money to buy her a present. They take on odd jobs to earn extra money and they adopt the slogan “No Job Is Too Little” as they go door-to-door to drum up business. They end up as the delivery boys for a deli, hauling sack lunches around in their red wagon. Meanwhile, a couple of tough alley cats enroll Monty and Snowbell in a heist to ambush the mother lode of deli delights, and to Snowbell’s dismay, it turns out to be Stuart and George’s delivery wagon. Snowbell cleverly and surreptitiously saves Stuart’s life, and gets him home in time for the birthday celebration.

Adventures in Housekeeping
When Mom Little comes down with a cold, it’s up to Stuart, George and Mr. Little to handle all the cooking, cleaning, baby-sitting, laundry-washing and who-knows-what-else that Mom does so well. Before long, the Little men have turned their normally pristine house into a total disaster area. But when the local paper calls to tell them their house has been chosen as “Home of the Year,” they’ve got to change the disaster area back into a beautiful home – fast! In a Little-style cleaning frenzy, Stuart and George clean the whole house – and gain appreciation for how hard their mom works.

The Stuart Little Animated TV Series: A Little Family Fun! episodes include:

A Little Too Fast
When the Littles visit the country fair, George and Stuart go off on their own with an ambitious plan: they’re going to do everything at the entire fair … all in one day! It sounds like fun – but the boys wind up rushing from ride to ride and hurrying through every attraction. And, at the end of the day, they realize that life is a lot more fun when you stop to smell the corndogs.

A Little Vacation
When the Little Family vacation takes our heroes to a spooky inn, it seems like strange things are afoot. Their reservations are missing. Uncle Crenshaw was supposed to meet them there – but he’s nowhere to be found. And Stuart and George are convinced that the inn is haunted! But after a wild adventure on a dark and stormy night, the boys discover that the only thing to be afraid of … is letting your imagination run away with you.

A Little Bit Country
When Stuart and George spend the weekend helping Uncle Crenshaw work on his new farm, little does our Little know that his old nemesis Falcon has also moved out to the country – and he’s out for revenge. When George and Uncle Crenshaw aren’t around to protect him, will Stuart be able to fend off Falcon all by himself?

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