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Shaun the Sheep: Sheep on the Loose Arriving June 9th

Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard gang are back with more chaos in the countryside! The Oscar®-winning creators of “Wallace and Gromit™” do it again with sheep-tacular new adventures and shear wackiness. Shaun is a sheep who doesn’t follow the flock, and along with the other sheep and those naughty pigs, there’s sure to be plenty of mayhem in the meadow. Follow along with Shaun and his barnyard buddies Shirley, the Farmer, Bitzer the sheep dog and the naughty flock in these six hilarious episodes:

• “Sheep On the Loose” – Nearly all the sheep take the bus to the fun fair. Shaun and Shirley must convince the Farmer that the flock is out to pasture.

• “Saturday Night Shaun” – Shaun finds the Farmer’s old record player in the dump and organizes a rave in the barn – but trouble looms when the Naughty Pigs crash the party.

• “Tidy Up” – The sheep’s field is a mess, and the Farmer tells Bitzer to clean it up – but he makes the mistake of getting Shaun and company to help.

• “Shaun the Farmer” – The Farmer is sick in bed, so, with Bitzer playing nurse-maid, it’s up to Shaun to handle the daily chores around the farm – with disastrous results.

• “Camping Chaos” – An unfriendly camper sets up his tent in the sheep’s field. When he goes off exploring, Shaun and the flock decide to do some exploring of their own.

• “You Can’t Stand the Heat” – It is a scorching hot day, and the flock is desperate to cool down in the Sheep Dip. There’s only one thing in their way: the sun-bathing Farmer!

It’s a farmyard of fun when Shaun the Sheep™ and his hilarious flock of wooly friends leap onto DVD in the all-new Shaun the Sheep: Sheep on the Loose arriving in stores June 9, 2009.
Shaun the Sheep is an international hit on DVD, selling more than a million units in Europe in only one year! Five-minute shorts of the series also currently air in the U.S. on the Disney Channel. The complete episodes are only available on DVD.

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