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Garfield Adventure “Garfield’s Pet Force” is Coming to DVD June 16, 2009

Let the fur fly! Garfield’s newest full-length feature is a story of epic proportions. It’s an interstellar battle between the characters of Cartoon World and the evil Vetvix who’s bent on controlling the entire universe. In the non-stop, action-packed “Garfield’s Pet Force,” available on DVD June 16, 2009 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, meet the superhero versions of Garfield, Odie, Nermal and Arlene who exist in a parallel world where their crime fighting powers are the stuff of legend. But when they find themselves in trouble with Vetix, the fearless foursome have to recruit their earthly counterparts to help save the universe!

Having just celebrated his 30th Birthday, Garfield is one of the most beloved and enduring icons with the most widely syndicated comic strips in the world – 200 million readers and counting – and more than eleven million DVDs sold to date. “Garfield’s’ Pet Force”, for ages 6-12, includes an exclusive “Professor Wally’s Moscrambulator” DVD-ROM game where you can build your own superhero. 

One minute, Garfield and his pals are having a cookout, the next, they’re engaged in a super battle with a sinister alien and her army of zombies! When an evil comic book demoness tries to make everyone in Cartoon World her slaves, all the comic strip characters become superheroes in order to thwart her. Well, all except Garfield, who thinks being a superhero sounds like too much work! But when he sees all his friends in trouble, the fat cat might have to rise to the occasion!

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: · Exclusive DVD-ROM game – “Professor Wally’s Moscrambulator”

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