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Sesame Street: Bedtime With Elmo Comes to DVD July 7

Bedtime has never been so much fun as it is when Elmo and Sesame Street help to tuck you in. Remaining true to the Sesame Street style, this is a short, sweet, and effective film that deals with common issues around bedtime. It is time for Elmo and many other monsters to go to sleep, but everyone seems to be having a hard time. With the help of songs, caring people, and colorful animations, the monsters learn that everyone needs sleep as well as some helpful strategies. Timeless issues such as being afraid of the dark, not wanting to sleep, and having scary thoughts are addressed and assuaged with practical strategies that parents can utilize. The film also provides convincing strategies for children, and promotes children to help each other fall asleep in situations such as sleepovers. The film encourages utilizing imagination and looking forward to dreaming and the energy acquired for playing the next day as incentives for going to sleep. In classic Sesame Street style to maintain attention, Bedtime With Elmo interjects the Elmo’s story with many other short episodes involving bedtime, including children from around the world going to sleep, Bert and Ernie dreaming, and even a poem about the moon in American Sign Language. Bedtime With Elmo is a focused and successful Sesame Street special that provides useful tools for parents and children around a common childhood issue. DVD. 45 min.; $14.93; Ages 2-5 Genius Products.
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