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Little House on the Prairie, The Musical – Reviewed for KIDS FIRST! by Danny Diaz

“Little House on the Prairie, The Musical” currently has shows running at the The Buell Theatre located in the Denver Performing Arts Complex.  The musical is the first attempt at a new way to experience the Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little House” Books.  

Filmmaker, Danny Diaz, who just received a first place KIDS FIRST! award for his film, Drama Kids reviewed the show for us this week. Here’s an excerpt:
As a filmmaker I’m always skeptical about other entertainment mediums, the “Little House” musical put all those fears to rest.  The live theatrics boasts a beautiful frontier world created with simple set designs and costumes that rival any major motion picture.  The 1800s come alive all around the stage.
The visual effects play an important role as the cast moves west, fights disasters, gets caught in blizzards, and competes in outrageous horse races.  During the race, the children around me began to sit up higher and higher as their eyes began to open wider and wider.  As much as the ancillary effects assist in the storytelling, the cast brought a new level of space and movement to the theater with their own brand of live-action slow motion to create many mesmerizing visuals sure to capture all.
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