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While the entertainment industry has improved how it portrays high-risk behaviors, half the scenes examined in a study of films marketed to children showed unsafe behaviors, and the consequences of these behaviors were rarely shown. In the study, “Injury-Prevention Practices as Depicted in G- and PG-Rated Movies, 2003-2007,” published in the February issue of Pediatrics (appearing online Jan. 11), authors examined whether the depiction of injury-prevention practices in children’s movies has gotten better or worse over the past few years. Sixty-seven movies with a total of 958 person-scenes were examined, with 55 percent depicting children and 45 percent adults. Overall, study authors concluded that depictions of injury-prevention practices in G- and PG-rated movies have improved: 75 percent of boaters wore personal flotation devices, 56 percent of motor vehicle passengers were belted, 35 percent of pedestrians used crosswalks and 25 percent of bicyclists wore helmets. However, half the scenes depicted unsafe practices. In October 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a policy statement on media violence that recommends parents actively monitor what their children are watching. Study authors conclude parents should highlight the depiction of unsafe behaviors in movies and educate children in following safe practices.
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