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Two Book-Based Preschool DVDs from Scholastic & New Video

Five Little Monkeys Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed… and More Favorite Children’s Stories. Weston Woods has a history of making DVDs out of books that truly tap into a child’s life. They do it again in Five Little Monkeys. This DVD would be perfect after a long day of work. A parent could cuddle in with their child for this sweet collection of stories. From humoristic twists on a favorite chant to facing new challenges with a little parental encouragement and learning how to tackle nightmares, this DVD inspires discussion.  The images are beautifully drawn. One of the greatest strengths of this DVD is that it is very inclusive. Not only does the narrator speak in a pleasing voice, but in man and a woman sign the stories using American Sign Language. Emergent readers will appreciate the words of the story coming across the screen as the narrator reads. Child Juror Comments: I liked this a lot. They were very good stories. The duck had to find the courage to swim. I don’t like to swim sometimes. The mom helped the duck just like mine helps me. The parents don’t believe the girl with the lasso, and sometimes my parents don’t believe me either. The sign language was really cool. It was kind of annoying that the people stood in the middle of the pictures, but it was cool that they did sign language. One child had a friend that was deaf, and the girl loved how these stories would have been good for him. The stories looked great when they moved and how they changed scenes like the pages flipping like a book. The girl’s face looked like drawings, but they looked real. My favorite part was when the duck jumped in the water and realized he could swim. I loved when the girl with the lasso tried to bring her nightmare down to show her parents, but the monster was gone. DVD. 30 min.; $12.95; Ages 2-5. New Video Group. http://www.amazon.com/Favorite-Childrens-Scholastic-Storybook-Treasures/dp/B003JYOFP0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1286485985&sr=1-1

Adventures at School. School becomes an exciting adventure through this Scholastic DVD collection. The children can enjoy some of their favorite stories as they come to life on the screen through delightful images accompanied by great sound effects. Parents will find themselves reliving their own school days and enjoying the imaginative twists from creative authors. Not only are these DVDs great for entertainment, but they can also promote discussion after viewing titles such as Crazy Hair Day in which a child’s most embarrassing day turns out fine thanks to his school friends. Child Juror Comments: This was a really funny DVD. The one about the librarian had lots of funny stuff like a real mouse at her computer. They made the library fun. The pictures were great. Sometimes I don’t want to go into the library in school because some teachers are mean. I am kind of like the boy who used his imagination for things like the library signs that said no talking and no breathing. In Miss Nelson, it was cool how her twin sister when in and pretended she was the teacher. The principal was funny when he taught the boring stuff. The slides with the dogs were funny, too. The pictures were creative like when the kids pretended to be Miss Nelson. I think my friends would like it, especially how it looked. The drawings were good, and the stories were great. They are about school, and we go to school. My favorite part was when the three kids pretended to be Miss Nelson and wobbled around town. They even went right by her house. It was very funny. DVD. 179 min.; $24.95; Ages 2-5. New Video Group. http://www.amazon.com/Adventures-School-Scholastic-Storybook-Treasures/dp/B003LUCW70/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1286486019&sr=1-1

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