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Perfect DVD for MLK Day

Lincoln_Douglas.jpgFrom the production company Weston Woods, New Video offers the perfect DVD compilation for MLK Day and Black History month, Lincoln and Douglas: An American Friendship… and More Stories to Celebrate U.S. History

“This movie takes place in 1865, 145 years ago – long before I was born. The movie is about two men, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. They have a very special, but unusual friendship. Lincoln is a white Congressmen who believes that slavery is wrong. Douglass is a black slave who ran away form his master. The one thing they have is common is they both hate slavery.  My favorite character is Lincoln, because he wants to end slavery. My favorite part is when Lincoln walks five miles to return five cent because the clerk gave him too much change. I thought that was very honest of him. I guess that’s why they call him honest Abe. I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars, because even though It’s a true story, and very educational. I thought it was very violent. So I would recommend this movie to ages 7 and older. There are 3 other stories on the DVD.” by Ny’Asia Bell, age 7.

Four stories are offered on this DVD plus an interview with Lincoln and Douglass: An American Friendship Author Nikki Giovanni. The films include: 1) Lincoln and Douglas: An American Friendship (Written by Nikki Giovanni, illustrated by Bryan Collier, narrated by Danny Glover) The story of an unusual, historic friendship between two great American leaders – Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.2) THE PILGRIMS OF PLIMOTH (Written and illustrated by Marcia Sewall) When the Pilgrims set out for America they brought with them a dream for the future. With hard work they made that dream come true. 3. JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE, & BEN (Written and illustrated by Lane Smith, narrated by James Earl Jones) A humorous and factual history of five lads who grew up to become the Founding Fathers of our Country.4. THE JOURNEY OF THE ONE & ONLY DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE (Written by Judith St. George, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand, narrated by Jeff Brooks) This witty, gritty and factual story tells all about the document that has defined American freedom for over two centuries.

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