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60s Fave Musical, Hair, Comes out in Blu-Ray

Hair.jpgHair, the musical, was such a huge hit when I was in college that I, and my college roommate, Christine Lahti took off on a road trip to New York City to audition for the road company. We made one wee mistake in that we arrive one week early, and had to get back to Ann Arbor for finals so we couldn’t stay. Oh well….

I’m delighted to hear that Hair is being released on Blu-Ray June 7th. If you’ve never seen it. This is a fun romp you’ll enjoy and it so exemplifies the social-political movement of the 60s. Fresh off the farm, Claude Bukowski (John Savage) arrives in New York City to join the army, but he’s quickly swept up in the counterculture when a group of hippies introduce him to their psychedelic world…and a beautiful rich girl named Sheila (Beverly D’Angelo). When the group’s leader (Treat Williams) tries to keep Claude out of Vietnam, the consequences are shocking for everyone involved.

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