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Bringing Movies Into The Classroom As A Teaching Toolteacherappreciation

The world is filled with technology and schools are no exception. Children learn via computers and screens as much as they used to learn from reading books or the blackboard. It can be a challenge for teachers to keep up with the changing trends and keep their students attention more than ever before.

Children are now estimated to spend over six hours per day watching television, playing video games or surfing online. For teachers, incorporating technology as a medium for educational learning is a powerful classroom tool.

Even the best teachers, like the recipients of the De Castroverde Law Group Teacher Appreciation Award, have had to consider the pros and cons of bringing movies into the class for their students. There are pros and cons to gauge from harnessing the power of the movies against the negative reactions from peer teachers to parents.

Let's take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of using films and movies to help educate and engage kids in classroom.


The purely visceral impact of a film can help send a powerful message to children. A historical movie can help bring the past into brilliant focus for students in a real and emotionally connected way. This can be a great way to compliment a learning module and help kids picture what they have been studying in their textbooks.

Some teachers have found that showing relevant movies in the classroom can help with students who are immigrants learning English for the first time. The combination of hearing the story spoken in English can help integrate new students to the language.

Showing a movie is one of the best ways to engage a class for a longer period of time. There is nothing shorter than the attention span of a young student, so it can be tough to keep students focused.


No matter how dedicated a teacher is, they are always open to criticism from parents and peers. Some criticism has been attached to teachers who use valuable class time to show movies even when they are educational. There are certain avenues that need to be followed concerning permissions before any film can be shown in a class. The school and board should have approval of a chosen film prior to viewing.

It is important to review the film first before showing it to a class. Review the content for accuracy and appropriateness. Stay away from films that are only loosely based on real events so that students will not be confused about the facts they may have already learned on the subject.

Top 10 Educational Movies For Elementary Students

Finding Nemo
Soul Surfer
Charlotte's Web
Free Willy
Marley & Me
The Karate Kid
Inside Out

Top 10 Educational Movies For Highschool Students

Remember The Titans
American History X
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Blind Side
Dead Poets Society
Mr. Holland's Opus
The Miracle Worker
Hidden Figures
Apollo 13
The Theory of Everything




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