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Talking To Your Child About Pregnancy & Reproduction

assisted reproductionTalking to your younger children about pregnancy and reproduction is a topic that leaves some parents wondering where to start. How much to tell you little ones about where babies come from when the question is asked can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Child psychologists insist that it is never too early to start talking to your kids about the natural world and how their bodies work. Children are the most curious creatures and often have no limits on the questions that they want answered. How life enters the world should not be a topic that is avoided or ignored, especially with children.

Conceiving and having a child is the most natural thing in the world so there is no need to be embarrassed or nervous when you are preparing to talk to your children about pregnancy and reproduction. The important part is to answer questions until the curiosity is satisfied. Cover the basics including how babies are made, pregnancy and even methods of assisted reproduction. Your particular family situation will dictate many of your child's questions, so be prepared to cover topics that are important to your child.

Having the "sex talk" is a nightmare for some parents but doesn't need to be. If you have a young child and are expecting another it is perfectly natural that your little one will have some big questions. Try to keep your own level of uneasiness out of the equation as your hesitancy can be easily transferred to your child. A healthy sense of sexuality begins with an informed and comfortable conversation with someone your children trust.

If you treat reproduction like it is something to be shy about or only talked about in hushed tones behind closed doors, your child may begin to associate shame with the process of reproduction, sex and sexuality. Start with the basics when your child is younger and expand on the topic as they grow older, have more understanding and feel the need for more explanation. Building on their knowledge as they grow older is a good way to handle information about sexuality and reproduction.

Once your child starts to get out in the world attending school, they will undoubtedly come across friends or teachers that prompt more questions about babies and pregnancy. Keep in mind that your child might want to know about alternative methods of having a baby. You should be comfortable covering topics like adoption, same sex families and even surrogacy. Let them know that there are many ways along with the more traditional method to have a family.

Always stress your own values and expectations to your child when you talk about sex. The more honest or forward approach that you have with your child the more they will trust the information that they are getting. Let them know that if they have any questions that they should always feel comfortable coming to you about any topic. As a parent there are going to be many odd and uncomfortable conversations that come up with your kids; the key is to be a reliable source of knowledge for them that they can trust.

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