Parenting Lessons In Safety:
Things Your Child Should Know About Safety and Security

Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP suggests...

Innocence is both a good and bad thing for our children. It allows children to enjoy the world without any interpretation and they simply experience the world as it is, without fear and worry.image

It encourages unbridled curiosity and an exploratory mindset. But it also exposes our children to the many dangers of the world. And there are also some instances where explaining something like reproduction can prove to be a difficult task. While few have ill intent towards children, sometimes even just a person’s negligence can cause injury, or worse, death.

Because of this, it’s important that our kids know the limits of play and exploration and to be aware of the importance of safety and knowing what to do in case of emergencies. No parent would ever want their children to be utterly helpless during serious situations, but there’s just so much to know about security and this can easily be overwhelming for a child. So, what are the core things you need to teach your child about security?

Basic Home Security

Don’t open the door to strangers, don’t talk to strangers over the phone, or give tell them the home address. Don’t give out passwords. These are a few basic home security things that all children should know. The core of these safety tips is that they shouldn’t trust strangers unless we, the parents, introduce them.

Using The Buddy System

Children shouldn’t be left alone. There will always be safety in numbers and even toddlers can be taught that they should never go anywhere alone. Consider having your child wear a GPS tracker so that you know the location of your child at all times. The importance of companionship is beautifully illustrated in the film Shazam!

Calling 911 For Emergencies

Or, really, calling for help when there’s trouble is an essential lesson to teach our kids. It not only teaches them to be vocal when there’s trouble, but it also gives them a course of action to take during dire situations.

The quickest way to panicking is in not knowing what to do. This is especially important during the unfortunate event that your child is left with a negligent adult. Sometimes, when children can’t ask for assistance from an adult who is charged with their care and safety, they need to be able to call for help themselves.

As the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP suggests, while you may be able to sue for damages (should your child be injured because of the actions of a negligent adult), it’s still infinitely better to simply avoid accidents outright.

Knowing Where To Meet Up During An Emergency

Designate a neighborhood safe house where your child can go to for help. Make sure that you’re able to trust the family of that home and make sure that you give them your contact information. This is important for those times when there’s an emergency and you aren’t home.

Safety and security are two of the most important things that a child needs to learn. These lessons serve as a means to limit the extent of their curiosity and it serves as a reminder that while the world is a fun place to be, it’s important to explore without inviting harm.




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