How To Enter
Please return later this summer for details.

Submit your written review. Here's how.

1. Prepare: Read through our tips on submitting the best review possible.

2. View: Watch one of the official films in the competition

3. Review: Write your film review. Keep it at approximately 400 words. Upload this to our submission page once the competition is underway.

4. Perform: Videotape yourself presenting your film review. Keep the length at one minute to one and a half minutes. See below for how to upload this to our submission page.

5. Vote: Tell everyone you know to vote for you! Most of our finalists are determined by public voting. In previous years, our contestants generated more than 11 Million Votes for themselves, an average of 400,000 per person. Reach out to your friends and family through social media, emails, etc. to support you and don't be afraid to ask them to vote!

6. Keep on Voting: Keep encouraging people to vote until midnight, December 31 when voting stops.

Upload Your Video Review - Return later this summer for details.

Refer to our tips on creating your video review. After creating your video name it correctly so we can match it to your written review! Use this format: title.firstname.lastname.filetype For example, if your you reviewed E.T., your name is Mary Brown and your video an mp4 file your file name would be ET.Mary.Brown.mp4.

1. Go to and login, if you are already a member or set up a free account if you are not.

2. After logging in, go to: and click "follow."

3. Click "upload" at the very top of the page and follow instructions to upload your video. While it is uploading, you may go to the settings on the video and enter a name. Use the name of the title reviewed and your first and last name, ie. E.T. Reviewed by Mary Brown.(This step will make it easier for you to share your video with us.)

4. Once it is fully uploaded, hover your mouse inside the video viewer and click "share." In the share dialog box, enter KIDS FIRST! and when you see the KIDS FIRST! logo appear, choose it as the account to share with. If you wish, you may include a personal message, then click "send."

That's it! We will identify the finalists on or around January 10.

voteVisit our 2014 voting site to view videos by the finalists.


Good luck!

Voting ends at midnight, December 31.

Winners Will be Announced On or Around February 1.


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