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What to know: Journeying along the railroad tracks, Mr.
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Recommended age 5-12
37 minutes
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Silent-movie style presentation with slap-stick humor, music typical of early films. Sub-titles are a bit too fast for early readers but the action clearly describes the story. Even if a child couldn't read, she would "get it." Well produced. Appealing circus setting and a very cute Mr. Wiggles Some comedic mock-violence, i.e.. hitting a police officer. At once point the jealous clown calls the dog "satanic." Dog lovers will really get a charge out of this.
Journeying along the railroad tracks, Mr. Winkle (a real dog!) arrives in the mythical town of Waggsville. He innocently upstages a ragtag gypsy circus. Each member of the desperate circus troop attempts to capture and exploit Mr. Winkle, but he continually eludes them in hilarious and surprising ways.
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