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What to know: Excellent and touching story.
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Recommended age 10-18
100 minutes
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I would recommend this movie for a youth and even adult audience. It has an excellent story and a great message. I really liked the way the film portrays the wonderful relationship between the two brothers and their family. The set looks very original, just like slum area in India. The acting by all the characters is excellent especially the two brothers. The film gave me a sense of gratitude to be thankful for all the facilities I have and made me realize how kids like me and my brother in another part of the world might have to struggle so much just to get a bite of pizza. The film also portrays how people assume and take kids for granted and insult them such as these boys who have no money to pay for pizza since they are from the slums. The quality of movie is excellent especially the cinematography. All the characters and kids look like people from a slum in Maharashtra. The location seems very real life. The sound quality also is good and clear. The vocabulary and concepts are suitable for an audience between ages 8 and 18. And, I believe adults will also love this movie. This movie has a great flow right from beginning to end. It shows a poor family from the Maharashtra state in India and the struggles they go through. It has an interesting middle and a tense ending. It is surely a watchable movie. The relationship between the brothers in the movie was very touching because it really presents an actual sibling relationship. The movie really appealed to me as it gave me a sense of gratitude to everything we get from our parents which we take for granted. I believe children will enjoy this movie because it is shows a child's point of view. Recommended for ages 8 to 18. Reviewed by Arjun N. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12.
This film grabbed me because of its excellent and touching story. Two young boys, brothers who live in the slums of Mumbai India, along with their mother and grandmother struggle to survive in a world of poverty while their father is in jail. This film contains great emotional elements including humor. I was inspired by the closeness and connection of the brothers who were able to know what the other was thinking and come up with ideas to raise the money they needed to reach their goals. This is a film the entire family could enjoy. For me, it brought back memories of childhood. The opening scene offers an interesting way to deal with a bed wetting issue. Another production element I enjoyed is the use of music and the sounds of the train tracks, giving you the sense of living in the slums of the city. It is inspiring in the way it portrays goal setting and determination. Highly recommended for ages 6 to 18 and adults will enjoy this as well. Reviewed by Juanita S.
A film about desires and the yearning for the unattainable, Half Ticket is a story of two slum kids who are fascinated with the arrival of a new pizza shop in their locality. Expensive beyond their means, they long to try one. But, fate has a different game in store for them. Weaving a story of myriad relationships in the world of the Have Nots, Half Ticket interlaces the story of the kids' desires for a Pizza with a mother's desire to bring her husband back home and a low-rent thug's desire for easy money. The film also metaphorically accounts the world of the 'Haves' and their desire for the little things in lives that eludes them and the desires invoked by television, which teaches us to salivate over things we never knew, otherwise existed. In a world divided, the desires explored through the film showcase a world filled with expectations and aspirations -- an entry ticket to an Exclusive Club.
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