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What to know: Excellent animation, fun story, humor, animal characters and a positive message.
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Recommended age 8-15
10 minutes
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Excellent animation, fun story, humor, animal characters, positive message that real friends will like you for who you are. Good storyline as told through the story of a cool-dude zebra who loses his social status when his stripes are stolen. The music style is suitable for kids and enjoyable for adults as well. Excellent production design. The quality of animation is as good as some of the feature films that play in theaters. Audiences of all ages can relate to this story about peer pressure and having to decide whether you can be yourself in order to be accepted. The story has a clear beginning, middle and end, with good pacing. It makes sense and is enjoyable to watch. The Zebra's fight with the giraffe could be scary for very young children in the same way as the violent parts of The Lion King are scary for very young children. I recommend this for ages 6 to 15. Reviewed by Katarzyna K., KIDS FIRST! Juror
Ziggy is the coolest zebra on the savannah. All the other zebras worship him. You cannot wash black with white so when Ziggy goes for a dip in the water hole, he takes his stripes off. To his utter horror the stripes are stolen, and can he now return to the herd? Does it make sense to say that you are a zebra if you have no stripes?
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