KIDS FIRST! Best 2007 Awards



Best Short for Infants
Phonics 4 Babies: Baby's First Words, Starz Home Entertainment

Best Short Age 2-5
Blocks Car Derby, Small World Animation
Hands On, Martijn Schroevers
Knuffle Bunny, Weston Woods/Scholastic
The Very Brave Elephant and His Friends, Gymboree
Harold and the Purple Crayon, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Best Series Age 2-5
Paz, Discovery Kids
Caillou, Paramount Home Entertainment
Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies, National Geographic Television & Film
Thomas & Friends, Starz Home Entertainment
It's a Big Big World, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Angelina Ballerina, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Best Short Short Age 5-8
Onami (The Great Wave), 716 Productions
A Gift from Santa, Suzanne Hensler
Bobo Tales, The New Crown, Tricolor
She's A Dog, Von Piglet Productions
Librarian from the Black Lagoon, Weston Woods/Scholastic

Best Short Age 5-8
Mare Capoeira, A.R. Producoes
Bumblz: The Pirate's Treasure, Bumblz Media
The Big Rescue, Little Mammoth Media
Danny and the Dinosaur and More Friendly "Monster" Stories, Scholastic/Weston Woods
Fairy Tales, Fantasy & Storytellin' Fun, Storytellin' Time

Best Series Age 5-8
Clifford the Big Red Dog, Lionsgate Entertainment
Strawberry Shortcake, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Bindi: the Jungle Girl, Discovery Kids
Kappa Mikey: Lost in Transportation, Starz Home Entertainment
Eloise, Starz Home Entertainment

Best Feature Age 5-8
Barnyard, Paramount Home Entertainment
Firehouse Dog, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Barbie Fairytopia: The Magic of the Rainbow, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
PollyWorld, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Barbie as the Island Princess, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Best Short Short Age 5-12
Almond Blossoms, Auryn Inc.
Little Blue: Live the Dream, Bob Svihovec
Dorme, Dreamweaver Films
Adventure Time!, Frederator Studios
The Baseball Card Shop, Kelly Kennedy
Dan Mog: An Old Dog Learns a New Trick, Philip Carrera

Best Short Age 5-12
Prince and the Pauper: Double Trouble, Genius Products
All Aboard America, Bald Eagle Media
Big Top Winkle, All Things Winkle LLC
Ark, Digital Story Workshop
The Journey of Henry "Box" Brown, Sweet Blackberry

Best Series, Ages 5-12
Cyberchase, WNET
Danger Rangers, Educational Adventures
Girl Stars, Going To School Fund
Raven Tales, Raven Tales Productions
Prehistoric Park, BCI

Best Feature Age 5-12
Charlotte's Web, Paramount Home Entertainment
Madagascar, Paramount Home Entertainment
Over the Hedge, Paramount Home Entertainment
Everyone's Hero, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Night At The Museum, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Best Indie Feature Age 5-12
Legend of the Sasquatch, Gorilla Pictures
Mr. Christmas, Luminous Films
Hip Hop Kidz, Genius Products
Little Heroes (Giborim Ktanim), NOA - International Film Marketing
The Tillamook Treasure, Tillamook Treasures LLC.

Best Indie Short Short Age 8-12
Love on the Rocks, Carol Singer
The VIP, Dawson Films
A Drop of Tear in My Cup of Coffee, OM Creates
Portable Living Room, Ransom Riggs
Natalie at Five O'Clock, Sherry Mills

Best Indie Short Age 8-12
My First Kiss, Atsuhiro Yamada
The Day My Towers Fell, Joan Caspi
My Backyard Was A Mountain, Palmavejo Films
Peur Hoi Nang Rom, Rising Sun Productions
Witch from Melchet Street, Yifat Films

Best Documentary Age 8-12
Building Blocks, Gloaming Pictures and Backhouse Productions
Heart of a Soul Surfer, Becky Baumgartner
Alex Scott: A Stand for Hope, CBS
WordLoveWorldLove, Avanti Pictures Corp
Body Mechanics: Superheroes of the Human Body, Big Red Frog

Best Feature Ages 8-12
Flushed Away, Paramount Home Entertainment
Sandlot, The: Heading Home, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Flicka, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Best Indie Short Short Age 12-18
Xylophone and the Great Freezer Escape, Randal Crow
After the Storm, Little Pearls
Plus, Chris Shirley
Karma Café, Quality Time Productions

Best Indie Short Age 12-18
Food Boy, Cold Fusion Films
A Piece of Pie, Janet Davidson
In the Shoes of Christopher, Awareness Films
Baranov's Castle, Triumverate Theater
Animusic 1, Animusic

Best Documentary Age 12-18
Groms: Surf, El Porto Productions
Hitler's Courts, Stories to Remember
Emmanuel's Gift, First Look Studios
The Last Atomic Bomb, Richter productions
American Ruling Class, Maitland Primrose

Best Feature Ages 12-18
Eye of the Dolphin, Monterey Media

Best How - To for Adults
Fabulously Fit Moms: Total Body Workout, Koch Entertainment

Best Screenplay
Earth Kids,  Arlene Bogna and Nicole Schubert
Felix The Flyer, Christopher Canole
Holy Cow, Kara Moran
Zookeeper,  Marc Horowitz

Best Elementary Student Film
Super Kitten and The Great Cheese Robbery, Peter Gundling

Best Middle School Student Film
Exploring the Everglades, Rene Roger
The Good, The Bag and The Ugly, Harvard-Westlake School
Clay Man's Adventure, Santa Fe School for the Arts/ Jaco Foster, Hoku Donavon-smith
Red vs. Green, Santa Fe School for the Arts/ Kyle Giacona
Why Cows Don't Fly, CIFEJ

Best High School Short Shorts
Pencilmation, listen Up Youth Media Network
The Adventures of the Clay Guy, Perrysburg HS
Art Chins, Listen Up Youth Media Network
Ocular, Perrysburg HS
Whale Sharks of Hollbox, Mike Wham

Best High School Student Shorts
Running for Miles, School of Rock Entertainment
Woody Guthrie - Voice of the Common Man, Melissa Mergner
Cruise Contraol, Buan Behyzadi
Newsbreak: The Sneaker Phenomenon, Dreamyard Action Project
A Bend in the Road, DP Films

Best College Student Film
Shoes, Eli Alaimo
Spring Rider, Allison Orr
Rocketboy, Justin Guerrieri
Confessions of a Late Bloomer, Jen McGowan
The Relationship Therorem, Lori Johnson
Bartlett, Ryan Fariss

Best Student Feature
Viola, James Marcus Haney
Road to Opportunity, Soufi Films

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