Juror Manual

Evaluation Process

  • Producers or promoters submit their titles to KIDS FIRST! for evaluation. We do not randomly select films to evaluate and review.
  • The Jury Manager will contact the Adult Jurors by email to verify his or her availability to evaluate and review a film within a particular time frame. At this time, please pay attention to when the evaluation needs to be completed. If you cannot do it within this time frame, please do not accept the assignment.
  • We will either ship the media to you, send you to a live screening or give you access to an online screener.
  • If the film (or other media) meets the KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria, please fill out the evaluation form in its entirety. Note that there are different evaluation forms for various types of media. Please be careful in selecting the appropriate one.
  • If you have a children's jury, you will screen it with them after your screening. It is important for you to be present when the kids are screening so that you can observe and ask questions. We realize it's tempting to walk away and let them watch on their own but, it doesn't result in a useful evaluation.
  • If you have a children's jury, remember to always screen the film (or other media) yourself before screening it with the children. If the title does not meet any of the KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria, please do not screen it with the child. You should give it a no (n) rating and fill out the rest of the evaluation tool letting us know why you rejected it. Please destroy all rejected media as we don't want them to get out with our name associated with it.
  • All online forms are available at http://www.kidsfirst.org/juror.
  • Your evaluation will be compiled with those from other jurors, added to our database and uploaded to our website. Rejected titles do not appear on the KIDS FIRST! website. Juror evaluations also appear as reviews in other print and online publications nationally including Grand Magazine, LA Parent, Colorado Parent, Westchester Family, Workingmother.com and others.

Evaluation Process
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