Juror Manual


Titles are rated as All-Star (3-stars), Yes (2-stars), Qualified Yes (1-star) or No (not endorsed)


  • All-Star ratings are the highest rating given by KIDS FIRST! If you are inclined to rate something as an All-Star, you must consult with the All-Star ratings guidelines and list as many of these attributes in your reason for giving this rating – with examples. Take a look at the All- Star Media Assets on our website, accessed through the juror forms page at: http://www.kidsfirst.org/juror/index.shtml
  • Yes ratings must meet AND exceed KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria.
  • Qualified Yes ratings apply to media that meet KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria, but rating low on all or many of the attributes evaluated.
  • No ratings apply to media that does not meet KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria. Rejected titles are NOT shown to the Children's Jury and are destroyed.

Evaluation Process
Using KIDS FIRST! Criteria
Evaluation Attributes and Forms
Rejecting a Title
About Your Forms
Children’s Jury
Tips for Working With Children
Tips by Age
Let's Get Started - Sample Review
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