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Other Reasons for Rejecting a Title

Other than not meeting one of our baseline criteria, there may be reasons to reject a title. These might include the following.

  • You may reject a title if it contains inaccurate information that could be misleading or harmful to children. For example, a title may contain inaccurate scientific facts or incorrect use of foreign language.
  • You may reject a title for your own reasons as long as you provide a valid explanation. If you are tempted to reject a title simply because you think the kids will reject it, please don't. Your responsibility is to evaluate it as an adult. The reason why we have youth jurors and reviewers is to test with kids of the appropriate audience - age, gender, interest. You might be surprised at their response to something that you thought was boring, predictable or uninteresting. It's one reason why we call our endorsement KIDS FIRST!.
  • Remember that KIDS FIRST! does not solely evaluate educational titles. Some products are for entertainment purposes only. Titles should never be rejected because they are "not educational enough." On the other hand, some products are designed primarily for educational purposes. In that case, it would be inappropriate to reject a title because it was "too educational" and lacking in fun.

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