Juror Manual

Important reminders about using the evaluation forms.

  • ALWAYS fill out forms completely.
  • Please make a copy of your evaluation form prior to hitting “send.” Forms have been known to disappear into cyberspace. If you make a copy of it, your hard work won't be lost.
  • Give examples and detailed responses on your evaluation forms - both adult and children's forms.. Assume that the person reading your evaluation has not seen, listened to, or played the media you are reviewing. An answer of “N/A” should be used rarely and always be backed up with an explanation.
  • Use only adult opinions and comments on your adult evaluation and only the opinions, comments and observations of kids on the children's evaluation.
  • Be enthusiastic. If you liked a program, show it! If you didn't, show that too!
  • Remember that your age recommendation shouldn't be open-ended and should be as specific as possible.
  • Avoid inserting your own opinions into the children's evaluation. Nudge them to tell you what they thought. Sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing but it is worth it. And, observing their behavior, especially the littlest ones, is equally important and useful.
  • Avoid recommending how it can be improved. Evaluate it for what it is not what it could be.
  • Please don't send us handwritten forms. Use the online forms so we can read what you have to say. Your evaluation is important to us. If we can't read it, your time has not been well used.

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