Juror Manual

What makes a children's jury?

  • NUMBER - Children's juries should ideally have no less than 3 kids in them.
  • DIVERSITY - We try to get as broad a representation of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds in our kids' juries as we can. Anything you can do to aid in that is appreciated.
  • AGE - The age of the children on your jury should reflect the age you have recommended for the film (or other media).
  • LOCATION - If you are screening in a school setting, we recommend that the screening takes place during free time or after school. These programs are not designed to meet curriculum guidelines, and their evaluation should not reflect their curriculum merits. KIDS FIRST! evaluates entertainment products that may or may not have specific educational value.

Evaluation Process
Using KIDS FIRST! Criteria
Evaluation Attributes and Forms
Rejecting a Title
About Your Forms
Children’s Jury
Tips for Working With Children
Tips by Age
Let's Get Started - Sample Review
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