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Fly Like an Eagle – from Animal Planet

With tiny cameras now ubiquitous, you would think we have lost our ability to be thrilled by some new feat of video miniaturization and mobility. But no. The folks at the Animal Planet network mounted cameras on a four-year-old golden eagle named Tilly, and the resulting in-flight images are as awesome as the bird.
The network’s latest show, Spy on the Wild, gives viewers up-close-and-personal views of a bunch of animals, and their first offering stars Tilly. On the program’s Website you can stream six videos that show the technological awesomeness of all things eagle-related – stunningly intimate details of Tilly’s wings, tail, and feathers, and how she zeros in on prey and defends herself from a potential aerial attack.
If we had to choose between watching either shaky helmet-cam footage of a NASCAR driver or this bird’s-eye view of an eagle soaring above mountains, it would be no contest. And we can’t wait until they start doing it live, in real time.
Animal Planet’s Spy on the Wild Website
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