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Kids’ Social Networking Study

How are kids really using social networking services and what does it mean for businesses trying to gain them as customers?

Find out in Grunwald Associates’ latest, ground-breaking national research study, conducted in cooperation with the National School Boards Association and underwritten by MySpace/News Corp, Microsoft, and Verizon.

This comprehensive investigation of kids’ social networking will give you valuable insights into kids use and attitudes regarding various social networking services, the most popular features and content, safety-related issues, advertising and premium service product opportunities as well as parents’ and school districts’ reactions and responses.

The Study
The study is comprised of three parallel national surveys with Kids ages 9-17, Parents and School District Decision Makers with carefully constructed, nationally representative samples of 1,000 teens/children, 1,000 parents and 250 school districts. Data preview available now. Request sample data slides and cross-tabs.

Following are some examples of the key strategic questions addressed in this study:

What social networking (SN) sites are kids really using and what are they doing there?
What features and content attracts kids to visit some sites frequently and what makes them stop using others?
What do kids really want to talk about?
How are kids using handhelds and cell phones for social networking?
What are kids’ attitudes about advertising and ad placement in social networking sites? What do their parents think?
What are kids’ attitudes, reactions and expectations regarding branded content? How do parents feel about premium service options?
How are kids and parents using SN technologies to communicate with each other?
How is social networking use interacting with other media use, especially television?
What safety issues or problems have kids encountered?
Are kids aware of online safety behaviors and where do they learn these behaviors?
Which kids are breaking the rules and what are they doing?
Do families and schools communicate with kids about their use of the Internet, social networking sites and potential safety issues?
How do parents feel about school policies regarding their children’s use of the Internet and social networking sites?
What social networking technologies are used in the classroom?
What role do educators see social networking playing as an educational tool, now and in the future?
How strongly are educators pushing home SN activities and other home Internet use today?
Click here for detailed topic lists for kids, parents and school district administrators.

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