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Vote for Your Favorite Episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on PBSKIDS.org

Starting today, fans can vote for their favorite episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on PBSKIDS.org. The winning episode will be broadcast on-air (check local listings) and online on Saturday March 20th, the third annual “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Day celebrating Fred Rogers’ birthday and his legacy of neighborliness.

Voters can choose from seven favorite MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD episodes available at PBSKIDS.org/rogers, including the colorful crayon factory tour, the inspiring visit with cellist Yo-Yo Ma, a whimsical Mister Rogers opera, the fascinating field trip with the performers of STOMP! and many more favorite moments. Additional full-length episodes will be added to the PBSKIDS.org/video in the weeks leading up to March 20th.

In addition to the episodes, long-time fans of the series can enjoy never-before-seen clips, behind the scenes moments and outtakes from MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD online at PBS.org/video. Fans can also share their favorite photos and stories in the “Neighbors of All Ages” area of PBSKIDS.org/rogers.

PBS KIDS has also introduced “Mister Rogers’ Make a Journal,” an iPhone and iPod Touch application currently available in iTunes. The app, winner of a 2009 Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review, features an animated version of Daniel Striped Tiger, a favorite character from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, who invites children to make a journal to help them express their feelings.

Episodes available for voting at PBSKIDS.org:

A Neighborhood Opera: Windstorm in Bubbleland

Windstorm in Bubbleland – a fanciful fun-filled story told in song about a place called Bubbleland where there is never any trouble until a windstorm threatens to destroy all the bubbles. Metropolitan Opera baritone John Reardon stars as a news anchor who helps us remember that by working together, we can overcome trouble.

The Crayon Factory tour from an episode about Competition.

Everybody’s favorite factory tour, How People Make Crayons is featured in this classic visit. And in the Neighborhood of make-believe King Friday announces a “Draw the Neighborhood” contest in Make-Believe, and Lady Elaine Fairchilde decides she will be the winner.

Pets and Birthdays Go Together

If you like animals, you’ll especially like this episode. Mister Rogers takes a neighbor’s dog for a walk, and it’s nighttime in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe where puppet Ana Platypus wishes for a kitten for her birthday. Beloved Daniel Tiger is finding it hard to wait for his friend Ana’s big day and to give her his special gift.

Mad Feelings and STOMP!

In this ever-popular episode, Mister Rogers takes a field trip to visit with STOMP!, the off-Broadway percussion performers who use everyday objects like brooms, pipes, buckets and their hands and feet, to make exciting music. Their visit is a way to let children know that there are many ways we can express our anger without hurting.

Mister Rogers Celebrates Music

Here’s the inspiring program with Yo-Yo Ma, world-famous cellist, where viewers enjoy his extraordinary musical talent and get to know him as he visits with Mister Rogers. Performing a variety of musical pieces, he shows how he uses music to express all kinds of feelings.

Be Yourself : That’s the Best!

Tap-dancing and juggling – all at once! That’s what you’ll see in this episode featuring the delightful jugglers “The Flying Karamazov Brothers” along with a factory video showing how people make macaroni. Mister Rogers reminds us that to do anything well takes hard work and practice and assures viewers that no matter what you can or cannot do, what’s best is knowing that people can like you “just the way you are.”

Mister Rogers Talks about His Work

A chance to go behind-the-scenes. Mister Rogers steps off the set to show the studio where he works and to introduce some of the people who helped make Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He even brings out some of puppets he uses in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

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