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Welcome to the KIDS FIRST! Jury program. Once you have completed your training course and are approved as a KIDS FIRST!® Juror, your name and other information are added to our database of active Adult Jurors. As videos, DVDs, films, audio CDs, or interactive media titles are submitted to our office for evaluation, we use the active database to find Jurors. We match our Jurors talents, expertise in specific areas, and age group to the particular title that is to be evaluated. For example, we might invite an Adult Juror fluent in Spanish to evaluate a Spanish language program, or a Juror with a background in science may be matched with a title about rainforests. Each Adult Juror is contacted to affirm that he or she is available and can meet deadline requirements before a title is sent out. As a rule, Jurors are asked to evaluate two titles at a time and are given two weeks from the date the title is received to complete their evaluations. Most Jurors find the online evaluation forms the easiest and most effective way to complete the evaluation. They may be found at You may also mail them to our office at the following address: KIDS FIRST!®, 112 W. SAN FRANCISCO STREET, SUITE 305A, SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO 87501.

PLEASE NOTE: All correspondence and returned product or any queries should be sent to this same address.

Title due dates are listed in the cover letter that accompanies each shipment. Evaluations should be emailed, mailed, or faxed to our office by the requested deadline. If evaluations are faxed, please also mail the hard copy to our office.

NOTE: CQCM strongly recommends that all jurors photocopy their evaluations should any materials sent to us be lost in transit.

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