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Turning your TV Time into Quality Time

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Turning your TV Time into Quality Time
May 6, 2004 Issue #4
Christine L. Pollock, Editor
Ranny Levy, Publisher [email protected]

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1. Letter from the President
Letter from the Editor
Readers’ Comments
2. New Endorsements
3. Media News
4. Family and Parenting News
5. Why Attend a Facilitator Workshop? by Christine L. Pollock
6. Navigating the Children's Media Landscape
7. Member News
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Welcome to KIDS FIRST!® NEWS. All articles are by Coalition for Quality Children's Media unless otherwise noted.

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die. --Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear Friends,
So much is happening at KIDS FIRST! that it’s mind-boggling.

Right on top of the list is the expanding tour of our KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festival! We were honored to partner with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival which hosted our full festival last month and the Newport Beach Film Festival which featured one of our award-winning titles, from Scholastic and MGM Home Entertainment, “Stellaluna,” which won the Outstanding Family Entertainment Award. Our Denver Film Society partner just received commendation for being the “Best Kids Event” after their first month of monthly programming. The monthly program also continues in Houston and Richmond, VA. For info, refer to

Our big news this week is that we’ve just added a 16 city mall tour to our already busy festival in collaboration with the Just Play Games Festival This festival will reach more than 180,000 people every weekend in the Mills Malls locations. That means that our Festival will be coming to more than 60 cities this year - quite a jump for us! Stay posted for times and dates.

Of course, none of this happens without seeing new titles from the producers who contribute to the KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festival. Our next submission deadline is May 10. Producers and distributors, please remember to send in your new titles. There is an application form on our website to submit them online. Our audience is growing by leaps and bounds and we want your title to be included.

Another thing that’s new and special is a relationship we’ve established with The Spiritual Cinema Circle. We are an affiliate of the Circle, along with a number of people whose work you probably know, such as Jean Houston, Neale Donald Walsch, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, Kenny Loggins and many others. This is sort of a “DVD of the Month Club” that features films with a positive messages. When you join the Circle, you will receive two enlightening, heart-ful movies every month which you keep, they don’t have to be returned. As an affiliate member, a portion of your membership supports KIDS FIRST! To join, go to

We are also reinstating our online Juror training which we discontinued a couple of years ago. We are greatly in need of Jurors for ages 0-2 and 2-5 but all Adults who represent all ages may participate. For more information and to register, go to

I’m thrilled to share all these nifty things with you and hope that you will have the opportunity to attend one of the festivals near you. Please let us know what you think of it.

I send you the best wishes for this wonderful month of May. I’m celebrating the 33rd birthday of my dear son, Sam and the 3rd birthday of my grandson, Aden.

Best wishes and be well.


Ranny Levy

Dear Friends,

We have so much to celebrate this month. The sun is out, flowers are blooming, it’s national physical fitness month again, and my four-year-old found the first toad of the year at our house.

During the winter, my kids and I were fortunate enough to evaluate the video, Toucanz Trail (see the review in our endorsements). At the first signs of warm weather, we went outdoors to make our own obstacle course out of string. The kids played on it until the next snowfall a week later. You can see a picture of our kids on the course at

We at KIDS FIRST!® are watching the film festival schedule grow rapidly. Producers, please note that our deadline for submission of titles for our fall festivals is coming up soon - May 10! The KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festival will be touring more than fifty cities this year, between June of 2004 and July of 2005. For an updated list, check the festival page ttp://

We are excited to announce that a celebrity has selected us to receive a generous donation based on their recent participation in season two of Bravo’s ‘Celebrity Poker Showdown.’ You can watch the game on Bravo every Thursday night at 9:00 p.m., beginning May 27 at 9 p.m. EST/PST. The show will run through August.

Have a wonderful month!

Christine Pollock, Editor

Video/DVD-Ages 2-5

*** ALL BY MYSELF: TAKING CARE OF MY PET, VOL. 2: Encourages children to get involved and participate in the family responsibilities of having a pet. Adult Juror Comments: Wonderful production that encourages kids to be responsible and motivates them to do the job by themselves which instills a sense of pride and satisfaction of a job well done. Buddy the Ladybug as host is terrific. Content on the mark. Well produced. Kid Juror Comments: Kids loved it. "It taught us how to take care of pets, to be kind, to not hurt the animals." Even the youngest wandered around a bit but became attentive during the animated segments. They tapped their feet, danced, and played drums to the music. Video. 30 min.; $14.95; Age: 2-5. ALL BY MYSELF, INC.

** FOLLOW JADE! LET'S VISIT CHINESE KINDERGARTEN: Introduces Mandarin Chinese to children in an engaging and interactive way. Kids will spend the day with children at a Chinese kindergarten, while they learn greetings, numbers, counting, colors, songs and more. Adult Juror Comments: Polished presentation holds interest with bright colors, enthusiastic children and animated effects. Very good selection of relevant vocabulary. Repetitive format appropriate for targeted age. "Introduces Chinese in a brief, understandable way." Kid Juror Comments: Older kids enjoyed it and asked to see it again; youngest viewers lost interest. "I like the kids. They smiled and helped us say the words." "It's fun to learn. We could memorize more." "I like singing to the music." "We liked the numbers." Video. 29 min.; $19.99; Age: 2-7. MASTER COMMUNICATIONS.

*** THOMAS & FRIENDS: NEW FRIENDS FOR THOMAS: New to the island of Sodor
are three new engine friends and mighty construction vehicles. Adult Juror Comments: Very appropriate for this age. Theme is about accepting new friends.Shows how trains and trucks help each other and make new friends with new vehicles. Entertaining. Popular characters with the children. Some are naughty which delights the kids. Kid Juror Comments: Loved it. Especially boys. "I want to watch it every day." "There are no bad guys or attacks." "The engines were nice to each other." Enjoyed the music. "The song is fun." And, they're surprised. Some gasped when the bridge collapsed. The youngest danced. VideoDVD. 35 min.; $12.98; Age: 2-5. ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT.

Video/DVD-Ages 5-8

(writer/illustrator Don Freeman) longs for someone to take him home from the department store. He thinks that finding his lost button may help, so he searches the store when nobody’s around. Includes: Yo! Yes?; Here Comes The Cat! Adult Juror Comments: This is a nice thematic presentation of children's classics. "Corduroy" is excellent; shows good problem solving skills. Exclusive to DVD: "The Rainbabies"; Read Along; Interactive Menus; Story Selection. Kid Juror Comments: Held children's interest. They enjoyed seeing books they knew in animated form. Liked the special effects. Encourages reading and literacy. Children who know the books are intrigued by the videos, those who see the videos want to read the books. DVD. 54 min.; $14.95; Age: 3-8. NEW VIDEO GROUP, INC.

** ESCAPE A GO-GO: Join Skree and Wkewke as they make a friend and conspire to escape the factories of Globocrud to follow their dreams of becoming a band. Adult Juror Comments: Artistically ambitious. Technically and visually fascinating with catchy rock music that can be overwhelming. Fragmented editing makes a simple story line hard to follow. "The point of the story gets lost in changing colors, music and flashing pictures." Kid Juror Comments: Responses ran hot and cold. Either they "got it" or weren't engaged at all. "It's funny. I like the cool robots." "They play awesome music." "The robots were tired of working hard for nothing." "Too much flashing and noise and stuff going on." "Too loud." DVD. 30 min.; $14.99; Age: 4-8. EAT YOUR LUNCH.

*** PICK ME UP! FUN SONGS FOR LEARNING SIGN LANGUAGE: A compilation of 20 original songs to help teach children over 200 American Sign Language vocabulary words, including an activity guide with pre-written curricula for parents and educators. Enhanced CD with video clips. Adult Juror Comments: Cool! Great! Really fun. Great variety of music styles - everything from Frank Sinatra-esque to Caribbean style music. Plays music in the CD player and also has activities for the computer. Great resource for teachers. "We need more resources like this." Kid Juror Comments: Loved it. Enjoyed learning the signs and dancing and doing the movements. They thought the diaper song was particularly funny. It's hard to keep up with all the songs - there are 20 of them - offering lots to come back to time and time again. Audio. 52 min.; $36.95; Age: 2-7. SIGN2ME/NORTHIGHT, INC.

** THERE GOES A RESCUE HERO: Join Dave on the job with real-life firemen, paramedics, rescue workers and a rescue dog. Go along on this fun-filled adventure to learn all about Rescue Heroes. Adult Juror Comments: Examines the life and stories of firefighters and police. Some stories are too long, some are condescending, most are interesting and show the diverse jobs of rescue heroes. Dave's slapstick, and sometimes unsafe behavior is unappreciated by adults. Kid Juror Comments: Enjoyed it. "It was funny. We liked the funny guy who tries to fit in." "We learned a lot about rescues. They were goofy but fun to watch." "It shows that both girls and boys can be rescue heroes." "The sound was not great and it's a little slow at times. DVD. 30 min.; $9.95; Age: 3-8. POWER TO CREATE.

Audio CD- 5-8

** LOVE YOU FOREVER, THE BEST OF ROBERT MUNSCH: Featuring the #1 New York Times best-selling book. Showcases the author performing 13 of his most popular stories. Adult Juror Comments: Unique stories with excellent narration and sound effects. Boisterous, entertaining and amusing. Questionable antics: some bathroom humor and kid characters don't always do what they are told. "I think it's all in fun and not something kids will imitate." Kid Juror Comments: Really tickled them. They wanted to hear it in the car, when they got home, and again in the car with Dad - in the garage. "Great!" "It is really funny. They kids don't always mind, but it is still funny." "I want to hear more stories by the same author." Audio. 60 min.; $15.99; Age: 5-8. THE CHILDREN'S GROUP.

Video/DVD-Ages 8-12

*** DISNEY'S HOLES: The award-winning best-seller comes to life in this phenomenally fun adventure-filled movie, starring Emmy Award winner Shia LaBeouf. Filled with humor and heartwarming messages of friendship and teamwork, Holes is a treasure everyone will dig. Adult Juror Comments: Excellent. Lots of action and excitement. Music and modern language enhances appeal. Switching back and forth on the scenes could be confusing to some. Good talking points - especially about the curse. "One of the best movies I've seen in a long time." Kid Juror Comments: Great! "It's a movie I think everyone would enjoy. It has funny places that made me laugh and places that made me feel sad." "It switches back and forth between two stories." "Stanley thought because there was a curse on the family he got into trouble." DVD. 117 min.; $29.99; Age: 8-18. DISNEY FEATURE.

** MAGICFRANK'S: THE KEY TO CARD MAGIC: Shows 21 tricks with a regular deck of cards. How to have the card picked, end up in your wallet, shoe or even in the deck box. No props needed, uses regular deck of cards. Adult Juror Comments: Shows a lot of different card tricks. All are pretty classic magic, nothing that would easily date the program or offend any particular group. Low budget production, commendable. Pretty repetitious. Good pace. Kid Juror Comments: Great series for kids interested in learning magic tricks. Some are pretty difficult. "I'd have to watch it over again if I wanted to learn a trick." "You have to listen carefully in order to get all the instructions." "The demonstrations are clear." DVD. 56 min.; $19.95; Age: 7-12. MAGICFRANK.

*** SANTA CLAUSE 2: Tim Allen reappears in the hilarious sequel. Embracing Christmas and the magic of family with heart, warmth, fun and charm. Classic holiday entertainment. Adult Juror Comments: Real feel good movie. High quality. A fake Santa takes over making the toys while the real Santa is off looking for a wife. Shows elves and legendary figures of all races and genders. Incorporates Tooth Fairy, Mother Nature, and others. Kid Juror Comments: Loved it! Want to see it again. Loved the inexperienced reindeer. "Even my friends that don't celebrate Christmas would like this." Understood everything, even that Santa's son couldn't talk about his father's job. Offers a positive view of the future. DVD. 104 min.; $29.99; Age: 8-14. DISNEY FEATURE FILMS.

*** TOUCANZ TRAIL OBSTACLE ADVENTURE: A fun fitness video that leads kids through an imaginary obstacle course including challenges like rope climbing and running through tires. The kids in the video demonstrate most of the moves and an animated trail map reinforces their progress. Adult Juror Comments: Well produced, good pace. Suggestions for the backyard obstacle course using yarn are creative and simple. Kids are invited to engage - from setting up their own course to determining the number of jumps. Good gender role models. Kid Juror Comments: Big hit! Even the four-year-old joined in. They loved the climbing wall. During the bicycle movements, one boy said, "I see a tree up ahead." Some exercises they recognized from school. A bunch of kids are planning an obstacle adventure for the spring. DVD. 42 min.; $19.99; Age: 6-12. AVID IDEAS.

Audio CD and CD-ROM 8-12

* MIA'S LANGUAGE ADVENTURE: THE KIDNAP CORNER(CD-ROM): A captivating role playing learning adventure and a fun way to learn Spanish or French. Proposes three levels of difficulty adapted to the child's age or knowledge. Adult Juror Comments: Lots of games, excellent characters, excellent graphics. Use is frustrating. Difficult, slow, sound poor, no help offered, and once you begin you cannot get out without escaping and starting all over again. Very frustrating. Kid Juror Comments: It's okay. The beginning story was fun. Kids had a difficult time some characters only speak Spanish or French and it's not translated. They loved the mystery solving. Complained that it's too slow and they didn't learn the other language. "I got bored." CD-Rom. WIN/MAC; min.; $19.95; Age: 6-10. KUTOKA INTERACTIVE.

*** THE WORLD'S VERY BEST OPERA FOR KIDS IN ENGLISH(audio CD): 14 best-loved arias performed in English. Includes excerpts from Rossini's The Barber of Seville, Puccini's Madame Butterfly, Verdi's Rigoletto, and more sung by Michael Schade, Jean Stilwell, Allan Monk, Tracy Dahl, Daniel Taylor, Suzie Leblan, and more. Adult Juror Comments: Fun CD with beautiful music. Wonderful orchestra. Words translated into English makes it easier for the kids to understand what it's all about. Musical quality is very good, perfect for this audience. The accompany booklet is useful and informative. Kid Juror Comments: Loved it, liked it, some didn't care for it at all. "I think my friends would like the stories." "It's very intense, lots of loud singing." Audio. 72 min.; $15.99; Age: 8-18. THE CHILDREN'S GROUP.


Why Attend A Facilitator Workshop?
By Christine L. Pollock

The theater in the Explora! Children’s Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico, looked like a mini-jungle. Plants filled the stage area of the room in preparation for an upcoming play. It was a welcoming atmosphere for those arriving at the KIDS FIRST!® Facilitator Training on April 16, 2004. Attendees flew and drove in from Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma City, and New York for this in-depth media workshop.

We all know that media frequently tell more than one story. It is important to recognize this so we do not blindly fall into subliminal traps. How do we get our children to catch the hidden messages behind the obvious message of the media?

KIDS FIRST!® has a clearly defined mission--to educate children about the media they are exposed to. This includes defining what is real and not real in media.

At the Facilitator Workshop, one learns how to teach children important concepts in critiquing media on their own. In addition to defining what is real in media, the attendees will eventually teach children to understand the impact of media violence on behavior, to explore the difference between gratuitous and non-gratuitous violence, to recognize unsafe and unkind behavior media and see the harmful effects media can have on viewers. They will also be taught to recognize stereotypes and understand their inaccuracy, unfairness, and prejudice.

After the training is over, the attendees will be ready to facilitate ten one-hour lessons to the children so the children, themselves, can become Junior Film Critics and can even participate in local Film Festivals. The children might even be inspired to explore media as a personal career option.

At this workshop, the attendees were there for many different reasons. Some were educators who wanted to use the information in their school systems, some were running their own film festivals, others wanted to use the information for Girl Scout troops, some wanted to teach home school groups, and others wanted to develop programs for their local museums.

Patricia Decker and Lynn Doyle were two of the women at the workshop. Patricia is the Theater Program’s Manager at Explora. She plans, designs, and presents quality theater experiences that reflect the institution’s mission for visitors.

Patricia states that she decided to have the KIDS FIRST! Facilitator Workshop because the Explora! Children’s Museum wanted to show films and have a Junior Film Critics Club. They open their first film festival on June 5 and 6, 2004.

Lynn Doyle had very different reasons for attending the training. She does not work for schools, museums, or film festivals. Lynn is a fiber artist, mother, and graduate student. She also works with Girl Scouts. Lynn decided to take the Facilitator Workshop because, “I value the forward thinking / proactive role of education that KIDS FIRST!® instills in our youth. Also, I had used films as a medium to illustrate art concepts to youth as an artist-in-residence and it was very effective.”

Lynn and Patricia took some time out from their busy schedules to talk about their experiences at the Facilitator Workshop.

Question: What benefits were you expecting from the training?
Patricia-Our expectations were to gather information and create a hands-on approach to our Jr. Film Critics Club.
Lynn-A better world–-I believe if we educate Americans about acceptance and tolerance through the choices they make, our world will become a better place for everyone.

What age groups/family types are you trying to reach?
Patricia-We’d like to show age appropriate films to 2-5; 6-8; 9-12; 12 -15 year olds and families in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. [We are also
looking for films in Spanish].
Lynn-The workshop materials can be applied to all ages, but the format was written for ages 8-12.

How does it benefit your museums to hold festivals and have Juror training sessions?
Patricia-We believe the benefits will be increased visitor-ship, adding films to our theater programming, the Junior Critics will benefit students by having them watch films and television with a critical eye.

Did the workshop go as you expected?
Patricia-It was better than I expected!
Lynn-Yes and no. I got training, which I expected, yet the workshop was interactive and as a result, more fun than I expected.

What is the general feedback from the museum employees who went to the workshop?
Patricia-Our staff liked the training and learned new things from the training too.

Would you recommend the training process to others?
Patricia-Yes. The training was good and helped us think of ways to make the information “hands on” and enjoyable for the students who will attend.
Lynn-Yes, because of the perspective it provides about the power of film media as an industry

Was the price reasonable?
Lynn-Yes, the price was great. I got a video and written references, lunch, snacks and a great movie: ‘The Loretta Claiborn Story’!

What have you learned about KIDS FIRST!® through your interactions with the
Patricia-I learned that KIDS FIRST! is an organization that truly is interested in having children and young adults become better viewers of film/TV. I was impressed with the tools I learned and the discussions that I’ve had with other staff. We are looking forward to the Junior Critics Club and our first Film Festival in June.
Lynn-As we enter the 21st century, KIDS FIRST!® Is a very important opportunity!

A majority of the group at the Explora! Facilitator Workshop posed for a group photo. It can be seen at

Navigating the Children's Media Landscape-A Parent's and Caregiver's Guide
from Cable in the Classroom

This report released by National PTA and Cable in the Classroom provides tools to help parents take control of TV viewing and other media activities. Authored by the American Institutes for Research, the report offers:

• a guide to help families develop a comprehensive media plan that allows them to take greater control of their TV viewing, Internet and other media activities

• a chart with how to use media to support age appropriate development

• ideas and strategies to help parents and caregivers select and use media in ways appropriate for their children

For full report go to:

KIDS FIRST!® Film and Video Festival Submissions
Submit your title for KIDS FIRST!® endorsement and for the KIDS FIRST!® Film Festival 15 Fall ‘04 Festival Late Deadline - May 10

New for Video Business Readers
It looks like a magazine, but has no paper. Check out Video Business online and turn the pages with the click of your mouse. To view the April 26 issue of Digital VB, please click here:

Choose Your Own Adventure!® Opened the NASDAQ
Many congratulations to KIDS FIRST!® Honorary Board member Shannon Gilligan, and her husband, Ray who signed an interactive DVD deal for Choose Your Own Adventure!® with Lean Forward Media. In April, Lean Forward Media beat 500 entrants in a business plan contest. As part of their winnings, they were given the opportunity to open the NASDAQ market on April 27, 2004. More information and photos at:

The End of an Era
At the age of 85, Mary Mc Grory died following a stroke. She was “the best liberal newspaper columnist of the latter 20th Century.”

Kids’ TV In China
China Central Television’s Kid’s Channel was launched at the end of December, 2003. They cover education, games, entertainment, and more. Information from Prix Jeunesse

Videos By Youth
Open Transmission celebrates free speech in youth all over the country. Check out:

May is National Fitness Month
Need ideas for drills and tips and techniques? MyCoachOnline has streaming videos from some of the best coaches in the world.

New Yearbook 2003 From The International Clearinghouse On Children, Youth and Media
To order, please send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected] For more information about the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media, see their home page:

From Connect for Kids:

Despite Concerns About Childhood Obesity, States Neglect Phys. Ed.
More state legislatures are targeting junk food in public schools to remedy an epidemic of childhood obesity, but few are strengthening flabby physical education programs.

Draw To Celebrate the American Academy of Pediatrics
For its upcoming 75th anniversary celebration, the American Academy of Pediatrics invites boys and girls in grades 1-5 to participate in a national art contest. The Grand Prize winner and his or her parents/guardians will be invited to attend the 2004 AAP National Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco, October 9-10, for the launch of the year-long 75th anniversary celebration.

“My Teacher Is The Best” Essay Contest
Do you know a public school student or teacher who deserves to win a new laptop computer? is running a second annual "My Teacher is the Best" Essay Contest, open to public school students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Winners receive a new laptop computer for themselves and one for their teacher.

This is Your Brain on ... TV?
A new article in Pediatrics, "Early Television Exposure and Subsequent Attentional Problems in Children," examines the first-ever study linking early television watching with later attention and concentration problems. Researchers from the University of Washington found that, for children age three and younger, every hour of television they watched led to a 10-percent increase in the likelihood of attention problems at age seven. Even before their first birthday, kids watch more than two hours of television a day.

Slip-Sliding Away in School
The National Women's Law Center charges the Bush Administration with actions and proposals that threaten women's hard-won progress in school, work, the military and retirement. Despite Title IX's successes in equalizing girls' sports in schools, for example, females at all levels in the education system continue to face barriers to non-traditional fields of study. Despite repeated requests, the Department of Education has refused to investigate the pervasive exclusion of women from traditionally male career education and math and science programs.

Pop Culture Politics
Wrestlers are putting out issue papers. Hip-hop coalitions are holding “get out the vote” rallies. MTV stars are urging young fans to vote. Is pop culture a good tool to increase political participation among teens and young adults? To explore the issue, Connect for Kids enlisted help from five Children's PressLine New York correspondents.


KIDS FIRST!® Film Festival Touring Schedule:
June 4 - 6: Explora! Science and Children's Museum, Albuquerque, NM
June 16-20: Kidflix, Tampa, FL

KIDS FIRST!® Film Club Monthly Programs:
February 7 - February 7, 2005: Denver Film Society
February 16-May 21: Community Cinema (Houston)
March 20 - September 20: Children's Museum of Richmond
Other Events:

May 10: Manhattan Neighborhood Youth Channel is seeking a Outreach Coordinator. This full-time position with full benefits has a starting salary of $32,000. This position requires evening or weekend work for community events. Send your resume, cover letter, and three references in by May 10 to Hye-Jung Park MNN Youth Channel 537 West 59th St. New York, NY 10019 or email [email protected]

May 20: Girl Talk at the Pixie Sage Center on Long Island, NY, for 11-and 12-year-old girls who want to join peers in discussions about growing up. Topics range from anger to body image and friendships. Girl Talk meets the last Saturday of every month from 4-5:30 p.m. For more information, contact Kitty Gill at 631-757-1013.

June 25–28: AMLA’s 2005 National Media Education Conference. “Giving Voice to a Diverse Nation.” A Major feature of NMEC 2005 will be a media arts strand, focusing on the efficacy of media literacy and media arts on student achievement. Please contact either Karen Zill, Conference Chair, at [email protected], or Kara Clayton at [email protected]

June 28-July 3: Through Her Eyes: Women of Color Film Festival 2004 in New York City. Information at or call 212-501-3842.

July 5 –22: At the Pixie Sage Center on Long Island, NY, for sixth to eighth-graders. Work with professional songwriters to create an original CD and more. The first session is July 5-22 and the second session is August 2-26th. For more information, contact Kitty Gill at 631-757-1013.
October 14-16: Ryerson University, Toronto. The Fourth Interdisciplinary Conference on The Evolution of World Order addresses high-priority global issues. More details at

October 21-22: KIDS FIRST!® Fall Meeting
We're inviting the CQCM Board, Trustees, Members and Sponsors to attend this meeting. We’d like to invite you to share your expertise with this high-level audience. We're seeking session proposals that describe industry trends and issues in-depth, describe up-to-date research in children’s media, and successful strategies for fulfilling the mission of the CQCM.

The first morning will be dedicated to reviewing the successes and failures of the previous two years and our plans for the upcoming year. The first afternoon will examine unique and current information that help broaden our knowledge of this industry as it applies to KIDS FIRST!®. The second morning we are seeking presentations about specific products from independent producers or studios that CQCM should be aware of. The second afternoon, we will split into three groups for informal discussions while exploring some of the cultural and outdoor activities available in Santa Fe. Then, we will convene for a plenary session analyzing the new ideas and directions discussed previously. All sessions will be highly interactive, and speakers should offer
presentations designed to engage attendees.

*** MEMBER NEWS ****
Please welcome our newest Independent Producer Members:

Owners of Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise.

Producer and distributor of educational and informational DVDs

VISIT OUR MEMBERS' SITES ******************


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