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A Collaboration of More than 17 Million Concerned Adults

Goals: A. Teach children to become critical media users; B. Help adults recognize the importance of teaching children critical viewing skills; C. Help children identify and be aware of outstanding media programming; D. Develop programs for children with special needs such as low-income, hospitalized and at-risk children.

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The Coalition for Quality Children's Media is a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
EIN: 85-0398632

The Coalition for Quality Children's Media is a national, nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization, founded in 1991, whose mission is to teach children critical viewing skills and to increase the visibility and availability of quality children's media.

We achieve our mission through three main projects:

1. KIDS FIRST! is our media review initiative. We evaluate, rate, and endorse films, digital media, TV shows, and other media using volunteer, community-based juries of adults and children from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We offer our ratings and reviews to consumers for free on our website, blogs, social media, YouTube Channel, and through partnerships with other online and print publications.

2. KIDS FIRST! Film Critics is a program that puts kids up front and center. Our 65 tween and teen reporters review the latest films and other media pre-release, interview talent from those shows, and explore behind-the-scenes of programs in development.

3. KIDS FIRST! Film Festival partners with established film festivals, children's museums, and other venues to co-host film festivals and stand-alone events for kids and families.

We believe that all children deserve to have access to high-quality media that will help them grow and learn. CQCM is committed to making that happen.

Coalition for Quality Children's Media is supported by major entertainment industry leaders, teachers, librarians, media professionals, lobbyists, policymakers, child advocates, educators, parents and families nationwide. Support comes from national nonprofit organizations including the National Association of Family And Community Education, Daddying Advocacy Organization as well as publishers who publish reviews by our KIDS FIRST! reporters including Kidsville News, News-o-matic, Grand Magazine, Voice America’s Press Pass and that cumulatively reach an audience of over 5 million with each release.


KIDS FIRST! Endorsements
Adult-Approved and Kid-Recommended

KidsfirstKIDS FIRST! is our program that evaluates, rates, and endorses children's media. Ourcommunity-based juries of child development professionals, teachers, parents, and concerned adults, as well as children from diverse geographic, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds, use a rigorous set of criteria to determine which media is best for kids.

A KIDS FIRST! endorsement is a seal of approval that parents and educatorscantrust.Itmeans that the media has been carefully reviewed and found to be age-appropriate,devoid of unsavory behavior and entertaining.

Our product reviews reach an audience of 3 to 5 million people monthly through our website,newsletter, social media, and media partners. We also offer a variety of resources for parentsandeducators, including:

  • A searchable database of KIDS FIRST!-endorsed media
  • Tips for choosing age-appropriate media
  • Guides to teaching children how to make good media choices

We are committed to helping parents and educators make informed decisions about the media their childrenconsume. If you are looking for a trusted resource for children's media, KIDS FIRST! is the place to go.

To submit a title for endorsement, go here.

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KIDS FIRST! Film Critics
Smart Kids Make Smart Consumers kffc

KIDS FIRST! Film Critics: Giving Youth a Voice

The KIDS FIRST! Film Critics are a diverse group of over 65 young people from 15 state and 3 international countries who review the latest films, TV shows, digital programming, and other media rated PG-13 or younger. They attend press screenings, junkets, and premieres; interview talent on the red carpet; write and videotape their reviews and interviews. Their coverage reaches an audience of over 5 million people per release through the KIDS FIRST! website, e-zine, YouTube channel, weekly radio show, social media and through affiliations with other publishers.

The KIDS FIRST! Film Critics give youth a voice in the media landscape. They provide a kid-friendly perspective onthe latest releases, and their reviews help families make informed decisions about what to watch. They play an important role in educating young people about the media and how to act as critical consumers.

Here are some of the things that make the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics unique:

  • They are young people who are passionate about media.
  • Coming from all over the country and the world, they represent a diverse range of viewpoints.
  • They are trained to write and videotape reviews that are clear, concise, and informative.
  • They are committed to providing a kid-friendly perspective.

Are you a kid who loves movies? Do you dream of interviewing celebrities? Do you love making videos?
If you are interested in joining our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team, please click here. We have quarterly auditions for new members to our team.

To receive our latest reviews, subscribe to our weekly e-zine, KIDS FIRST! News.  You can view our most recent reviews here.

KIDS FIRST ! Film Critics Boot Campboot camp

All the team members of our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics begin with a six session boot camp.

During this boot camp, you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful film critic such as...

  • How to watch and critically analyze films
  • How to write clear and concise film reviews
  • How to interview talent on the red carpet
  • How to improve your on-camera skills
  • How to build your confidence and self-esteem

The KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Boot Camp is a great way to learn about the film industry, develop your critical thinking skills, and build your confidence.

Benefits of becoming a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic:

  • Learn how to watch and analyze films like a professional.
  • Improve your writing skills.
  • Meet and interview industry professionals at press junkets and on the red carpet.
  • Learn how to perform on-camera and work with a greenscreen.
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Make new friends and collaborate with others who share your passion for movies.

For more information about the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Boot Camp, visit here. Our camps fill up quickly and are filled on a first come, first served basis.

KFCAKIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions
#1 Rated Podcast on the Voice America Network

Currently our podcast is on hiatus as we restructure it.

The #1 kids show on Voice America, KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions is a bi-weekly podcast founded in 2011. It is hosted by the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics who review the latest films, TV shows and digital media, interview talent and discuss a multitude of issues relevant to children's entertainment.

Our KIDS FIRST! reporters give you the latest entertainment news for kids, by kids. Our directors handle assignments for the kids, but the show is hosted entirely by our tween and teen reporters - ages 9 to 19.

Voice America Network is the largest internet radio channel with over 7 million listeners a month. Visit KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions to listen to our latest podcast.

If you're interested in listening to KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions, you can find it on:

  • Voice America Network
  • IHeartRadio
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts
  • And many other platforms

So what are you waiting for? Tune in today! KIDS FIRST! Coming Attraction 

KIDS FIRST! Film Festival
The World's Largest Children's Film Festival KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival showcases new and films from independent and student filmmakers worldwide. All films are either in English or subtitled in English. The festival is committed to providing children with access to high-quality, age-appropriate films that are uplifting and inspiring.

To qualify for the festival, films must meet the KIDS FIRST! criteria, which include:

  • No gratuitous violence
  • No racial or cultural bias
  • No inappropriate sexual behavior
  • No replicable unsafe behavior
  • No condescension towards children

In addition, films must have an uplifting message and give a sense of hope for the future.

The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival partners with more than 40 venues that host screenings year-round. Annually, KIDS FIRST! films are seen by more than 70,000 viewers nation- and worldwide.

More about the Festival;
Submit a Title;

Host a Festival.

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