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Christine Pollock, Newsletter Editor
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Turning your TV Time into Quality Time
December 7, 2004 Issue #13
Christine L. Pollock, Editor
Ranny Levy, Publisher
[email protected]

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The Coalition for Quality Children's Media is a national, not-for-profit organization founded in 1991. Because we believe that media profoundly affect children, our mission is to 1) teach children critical viewing skills and 2) to increase the visibility and availability of quality children's programs.

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Welcome to KIDS FIRST!® NEWS. All articles are by Coalition for
Quality Children's Media unless otherwise noted.

In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.--Albert Camus

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays!

As we enter this season of hope, I am reminded of a film I reviewed this past month for the Kids for Peace Film Festival which is a component of our KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festival. It was an excellent title showing how children around the world have similarities and we all share a prayer for world peace.

The KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festivals are filled with many amazing titles like that one. Films that keep you thinking long after you have left the theater. I am thankful to KIDS FIRST!® for providing programs like this for our children.

Now, kids are going to have another opportunity to receive our quality titles–without even leaving their house! Our new KIDS FIRST! DVD of the Month Club will deliver quality programming to the mailbox ever month. This month KIDS FIRST!® is opening registration for members and affiliates of the DVD of the Month Club. As the holidays approach, consider a gift membership to the club for your loved ones. More information is in my article below.

Also, don't forget to check out our web store that sells only our endorsed titles. Search by age or topic. The store address is

If you have comments on titles we have endorsed; notices of awards, publications, and products; or suggestions for articles...drop me at line

Have a safe and blessed holiday season!
Christine Pollock, Editor

Dear Readers,

December always seems to pass so quickly doesn't it. Maybe it's the entire fall season that passes quickly. Since our last newsletter in which we announced the launch of our new html newsletter, we've introduced a new design on the KIDS FIRST! homepage ( Many thanks to Netman and the crew at the Netcave for making this all happen. It's been years since we've had a new look and we're thrilled to have created this one.

One of its blessings of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family members who we rarely see such as my Canadian friend Rae who dropped in last week. The last time I saw her was three years ago when we spent a cold and rainy November weekend in Montreal visiting art galleries and cafes. Rae is an accomplished who just produced a beautiful CD of her poetry set to music. She and I discussed the difficulties of marketing niche CDs such as this. I told her about our new KIDS FIRST! DVD of the Month Club and how it will enable us to introduce niche, hard-to-find children's DVDs to the general public and how people look for titles other that what's available in the mass market. She looked at a DVD on my desk called Raven Tales which we've just endorsed and asked about it. I explained that this is the sort of programming we'll offering in our DVD of the Month Club and online store. She immediately got it and before she left, purchased a copy of Raven Tales for a friend's Christmas gift. As she walked away, I smiled at the thought that KIDS FIRST! was facilitating this interaction between an unknown independent producer and someone looking for an unusual gift.

So, my friends, we are working to create all the backup support necessary to launch this program for you in the spring. As in Chris's letter and article below, we are looking for other like-minded organizations who would like to be affiliates with us. This will be our primary form of marketing so we are compensating our affiliates to the greatest extent.

We will begin signing up members in January but the Club won't actually start until April. For those who sign up early, we'll include a special bonus DVD with their first month's shipment as a way to express our thanks for believing in us.

Please remember to check out our KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festivals and Film Clubs that are playing near you. We've got 17 different events going on throughout the month of December with some fantastic Holiday programming from Paramount, MGM and others. Check out our website for locations and venues.

All of us at KIDS FIRST! send you our very best wishes for the Holiday Season. Be well, be happy and we'll talk with you in January.

Much love,
Ranny Levy

Thanks for all your hard work! I enjoy your website and newsletter. I wonder if you have any family friendly websites or TV shows you recommend for headline news. I have been having trouble finding anything without gory photos or extreme opinions. Any tips you have would be appreciated. Thanks! Janice

Recommendations from Ranny and Christine:
For younger children (and older), check out The Scholastic site has lesson plans and activities to go along with the news.

For grades six through twelve, check out for grades 6-12.

Another good site is

And TIME magazine has a site for kids at with current news.

Yahooligans for children is a bit lighter, but still worthwhile.

On TV there is a show called "Teen Kids News" that is part of Weekly Reader. The web site explains it and gives local channels and times.

One of my favorites is Their "Today's Papers" reviews the headlines from the nation's top five papers and tells what spin each puts on the daily news.

***THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND MORE CHRISTMAS STORIES-Video. Offers a bilingual learning experience in a playful, interactive and multi-sensory journey using objects found in a child's natural environment to maximize on his or her language development. read more

***THE SNOWY DAY AND MORE EZRA JACK KEATS STORIES-DVD. Rare glimpses of a child alone, engaging in imaginative play, allow children to project their own experiences and stories. read more

***FAMILIES OF ISRAEL- Video. This documentary takes the viewer through a typical day in the lives of two families living in Israel, showing their way of life, family interaction, foods, and celebrations. It visits their countryside, cities, communities, schools and homes. read more

Video/DVD-Ages 0-2
** MY BABY CAN TALK - FIRST SIGNS. A series of videos that gives parents and babies the ability to bridge the gap between the time a baby can communicate with their hands and the time a baby can speak, reducing frustration and encouraging positive interactions. Adult Juror Comments: High quality presentation. Very well laid out. Bold colors and soft textures, beautiful music, bright examples. Calming and not overwhelming. Planned to the most minute detail. Excellent tutorial instructs parents on how to help the learning process, and to have reasonable expectations. Kid Juror Comments: Loved it and asked to see it again. Repeated the signs and got up and acted like animals. The little ones danced while older ones talked about the pictures. Liked the repetition, music, pace. Some really loved the booklet that came with the DVD showing the signs. Some lost interest after a few words. DVD. 45 min.; $19.95; Age: 1-3. BABY HANDS PRODUCTIONS.

Video/DVD-Ages 2-5
** TRUSTWORTHINESS/CONFIABILIAD .Complete with inspiring songs and delightful humor, teaches about making healthy choices. The characters Groark and Mugsy learn the importance of honesty and trust in building good relationships. Adult Juror Comments: Personality plus! Colorful and amusing. Ethics for kids. Characters have real-kid traits, warts and all, and struggle with real-kid dilemmas in a tactful and caring way. Great script gives viewers time to contemplate the right action. Greek philosopher statues giving advice is cute, original. Kid Juror Comments: Even older kids were won over by the story and issue treatment. "Those kinds of things happen to us." "I wish I could have a neat toy like that, but stealing is wrong." "He knew his friend would like him best when he gave him that expensive present." "The statues were cool, the way they moved and talked." DVD. 22 min.; $69.95; Age: 3-7. LIVE WIRE MEDIA.
Video/DVD-Ages 5-8

** FABLES OF BAH YA BAH 2. This sequel brings four meaningful tales to life. Each teaches a lesson such as not straying from your family, crime never pays, be kind to the poor, and learning from your mistakes. Each fable ends with a song that reinforces the moral of that fable. Adult Juror Comments: Artistic production of fables set in countries around the world. Imaginative use of animation - lots of camera angles, rich colors, expressive characters, delicious graphics. Stories give clear moral guidance enhanced with simple, catchy songs. Kid Juror Comments: Really struck a chord in some kids. "They were from different, foreign places but they feel the same as me." "Cool! I want to watch it again." "I want to travel to faraway places." Not all kids could relate: "They really weren't like anyone we know." Video. 60 min.; $20; Age: 4-8. FINE MEDIA GROUP, LLC.

Video/DVD-Ages 8-12
** THE PARABLES OF JESUS. Jesus used parables - short, simple stories with morals - to colorfully teach the masses lessons. Presented here, in a medium children relate to, are three of the best loved parables used by Jesus to illustrate the value of hard work and being responsible with the things we are given. Adult Juror Comments: Entertaining way to educate kids about the bible. Easy to follow. Morals are pointed out clearly. Requires some situations be shown in order to teach lesson: cruelty toward servants was repeated several times with footage of whipping. Depiction of hell could be frightening to sensitive kids. Kid Juror Comments: Appreciated the intent. "It made stories from the Bible have reality to us." "Kids would like the stories even if they aren't Christians. They are just regular stories with good lessons." "The location that wasn't heaven added a lot. I never could imagine what that looks like so it was interesting." DVD. 30 min.; $34.95; Age: 8-12. NESTFAMILY.

** WORTHY IS THE LAMB. Through vivid animation, young viewers can experience the Passion of Jesus Christ and witness the fulfillment of ancient prophecies. After enduring the trial and crucifixion with Him, they will understand that Jesus willingly submitted to his death for our salvation. Adult Juror Comments: Worthy telling of biblical story. Accurate and realistic. Helpful narration. Full of sadness and hatred towards Jesus. Fast moving, at times confusing. Introduction is above the target age and scrolls by too quickly for adults to read aloud. A bit gruesome; animation makes it less threatening. Kid Juror Comments: Responded appropriately. "I liked how it showed what the disciples did. They weren't all good to Jesus." "It's too sad and scary for little kids." "The guy who betrayed Jesus reminds me of a kid in my class." "It was not as gross as it would be with real people." "It could help people believe in Jesus." DVD. 30 min.;$34.95; Age: 8-12. NESTFAMILY.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol © 1998 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Animation Inc. All Rights Reserved.- 76 min.
Anabelle tells the story of how her two favorite guardian angels saved Christmas. Theatrical Release - 1998. Starring the voices of: Steven Weber, Dom Deluise, Sheena Easton, Ernest Borgnine, Bebe Neuwirth, Charles Nelson Reilly. Director: Paul Sabella. Ages 5-12. From MGM Home Entertainment. read more

Our Big Home: An Earth Poem - 30 min.
Based on the book by Linda Glaser and illustrated by Elisa Klevin. This book reveals a much larger concept of home - the earth, where we all share the same water, air, sun, soil, sky and more. LeVar introduces us to Craig Kielburger, the teenage founder of Kids Can Free the children, a global youth group run by kids, whose members take an extraordinary journey to the poorest section of Nicaragua to build a school. Meet a variety of kids who volunteer to help make the world a better place. Ages 5-12. read more

Chanuka at Bubbe's - 30 min. While this colorful group of puppet characters prepares for the holiday feast, the past comes alive as Bubbe (grandmother) relates the story of Chanuka: the fight between the Greeks and Maccabees, and the miracle of the burning oil. Provides an excellent introduction to the story of Chanuka. Promotes cultural awareness for non-Jewish and Jewish children alike. Ages 3-11. From Monterey Home Media. read more

Kwanza for Young People (And Everyone Else!) - 27 minutes - Audio Recording
Introduces the listener to Kwanza's seven principles using a collection of original songs sung by both children and adults. Conveys positive messages in simple, illustrative and inclusive language. It doesn't just teach about the holiday but about general decency for everyone. Ages 6-12. Charphelia Records. read more

String of Little Pearls-13 min.
"Little Pearls" are "tiny films" that open hearts and minds. In documentary film style, these short 30-second television spots, feature real people and animals as role models for living. This sampler shows pieces that have aired in the United States and England. The purposes of these Pearls are: 1) To create "media that matters" which offers simple, loving messages that can inspire, educate and empower viewers. 2) To communicate to as many people as possible the wonder and beauty of this planet and this life; to mirror the beauty inherent in our lives. 3) To present real people and thought-provoking ideas that plant seeds of hope and change. 4) To invite viewers to connect with their deepest, most authentic selves.5) To raise awareness about the human condition, social issues and the natural world through the socially responsible use of television, video, film and Internet media. For ages 7 - Adult. read more

Where the Red Fern Grows - 86 min.
Disney presents Wilson Rawls' unforgettable classic story about a boy and his dogs, which has been loved for generations. Now all the adventure and simple wisdom of the cherished novel come alive in the all-new movie "Where the Red Fern Grows." What 10-year-old Billy Coleman (Joseph Ashton) wants most in the world is a hunting dog. After two long years of hard work, he saves up enough money to buy a pair of redbone hound pups, and it's love at first sight! Before long, Billy trains "Old Dan" and "Little Ann" to be the finest hunting team in the valley. As the inseparable trio chase the wily "ghost raccoon" and confront danger together, Billy learns the meaning of loyalty, courage and perseverance. Directed by Lyman Dayton and Sam Pillsbury. Featuring songs by Wynonna and Alison Krauss, and starring Ned Beatty, Dabney Coleman, Kris Kristofferson and recording sensation Dave Matthews in his film debut. Based on the novel by Wilson Rawls; screenplay by Doug C. Stewart, Eleanor Lamb, Lyman Dayton and Sam Pillsbury. "Where the Red Fern Grows" is a timeless tale of love and friendship that will entertain and inspire the entire family. Original release date 2004. Ages 6-12. From Buena Vista Home Entertainment. read more

All By Myself, Inc.
Kudos to Carmela, Michele and Jill. Highlighted in TIME Magazine in September and the Wall Street Journal in October, these entrepreneurial mothers have also been on "Inside Edition" and CNN Financial News' "The Flip Side" ( To top off the year, Jill has been invited to be a speaker on one of the panels at the California Governor's Conference.

Dawn Westlake
Congratulations to Dawn for the nomination of "A Life of Death" for a Golden Horse in Taipei-the equivalent of an "Oscar" in China!

What's New at Big Idea?
Big Idea treats Veggies like royalty in the 25th VeggieTales release Duke and the Great Pie War, a lesson in true love based on the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi. The episode bows March 5 and 8 in the CBA and general markets respectively.

I Wrote That!
Announcing the I Wrote That Commercial! IWT will be selling their new 2-volume DVD on television. The commercial will air for two weeks starting December 3, 2004 on Nickelodeon and Oxygen Network. This first weekend is vital to the success of the launch. They need your help. If you live in St. Louis, watch these networks between the hours of 6 AM and Midnight.

Reel Grrls Program Announcement
Application Deadline: December 17, 2004. SEEKING twenty grrls to come to the Seattle area (ages 14-18) to WORK with professional MEDIA artists from February through April, 2005, to create VIDEOS about IMAGES of YOUNG WOMEN in the MAINSTREAM media. The REEL GRRLS will create work that REFLECTS their LIVES in the new MILLENIUM and DECONSTRUCT the images of women in FILM, music VIDEOS, fashion MAGAZINES and TV. Pick up an application at the Metrocenter YMCA, or call Lucia at 206.382.5332 to receive one. More information at

E-Motion For Kids
E-Motion for kids is dedicated to inspiring children's self-expression through the use of movement, original music and playful environments. Their DVDs and videos tap into children's natural love of music and dance.

Peabody Award Call for Entries
Deadline-January 14, 2005. Entries from original broadcast, cablecast and webcast programs presented in 2004 are welcome. For more information and online applications, go to

Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship
Deadline: January 28, 2005- The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences invites applications for the $10,000 first annual Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is intended to support and encourage an aspiring upper division or graduate student to pursue a career in children's media that furthers the values and principles of Fred Rogers' work. In addition to a monetary award, the scholarship recipient will be assigned a mentor from the Television Academy's Children's Programming Peer Group who will work with him/her during the academic year. The scholarship is open to upper division undergraduates and graduate students (Masters or Ph.D.) of accredited colleges or universities. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment, either through coursework or experience, to any combination of at least two of the following fields: early childhood education, child development/child psychology, film/television production, music and animation. Applicants must also have the ultimate goal of working in the field of children's media. Particular attention will be given to student applicants from inner-city or rural communities. See the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Web site for complete program information.

Fred M. Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media at Saint Vincent College seeks Executive Director.
The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership of the Rogers Center as a major new initiative at Saint Vincent College. She or he must thoroughly understand the genesis, purpose, finances, objectives, constituencies, and potential of the Rogers Center and, building upon an informed understanding of the Center's mission, further articulate and promote a sustaining vision for the Center to the public. Other ongoing responsibilities include program development, fund-raising, external relations, advocacy, and building partnerships in the child development and media arenas. Prospective candidate materials or candidate recommendations should be submitted via email to Laurie Nash ([email protected]) and Sarah James ([email protected]) for consideration.

TV Forums for the Disabled
¡REACH OUT, a TV forum for disabled viewers, has debuted as Asia's first interactive channel. It is also on the Internet. Read More

Mourning Margaret Hassan
A video earlier this month appeared to show the murder of an Iraqi hostage. Care International worker, Margaret Hassan had worked in Iraq for most of her adult life, serving the people of Iraq. Read More

Families USA Reaches Out
To honor the life and legacy of the late Senator Wellstone, Families USA—the national organization for health care consumers—established the Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice in 2004. The Wellstone Foundation hopes to expand the pool of social advocates from minority groups, especially Black/African American, Latino, and American Indian communities. Read More

New Media Smart E-Newsletter For Parents
The National PTA and Cable in the Classroom have partnered to launch a free email newsletter offering parents and caregivers tips for media-smart families, plus six to eight family-friendly cable program recommendations and 2 family-friendly broadband web site recommendations. Sign up at

DVD of the Month Club
by Christine L. Pollock

What should we get our kids for Christmas? Each year is more challenging as the children get older and their hobbies intertwine with dollar signs. Have you noticed that as the kids age, the markets tempt them with goodies that draw them away from the family? Electronic games hook them into another world. MP3 players entice them to plug in their earphones and escape into a different reality. What affordable gift can we give our kids that will keep them happy and keep us knit together as a family unit? KIDS FIRST!® has the perfect solution to our problem.

It's a subscription to the KIDS FIRST!® DVD of the Month Club! With its affiliate program, this club offers benefits to everyone involved, from gift-giver to gift-receiver. "What in the world is an affiliate program?" you might ask. Good question. It's a fancy way of saying that you (or the group you have signed up under) will receive cash for every product that is sold to someone you have signed up.

For example: each group that joins as a KIDS FIRST!® affiliate will receive $1.50 per member per month. If your local school wanted to use the DVD club as a fund-raiser and thirty families joined the club through the school, the organization would receive $45.00 each month ($1.50 per family) from KIDS FIRST!®.

This new program of the Coalition for Quality Children's Media (CQCM) will be sending out its first titles in April, 2005. According to Ranny Levy, founder of CQCM, the club will be "a perfect way to service the niche market of what KIDS FIRST!® is really geared for–people who are concerned about what their kids are watching."

Ann Church, Senior VP of Marketing, adds, "This is something that can introduce subscribers to our media so they get really comfortable with what we are providing." This leads us to a good point. What does KIDS FIRST!® provide that is unique?

The KIDS FIRST!® DVD of the Month club provides titles specifically for children. Every month subscribers will receive approximately three hours of programming appropriate for children, and this programming will have been screened for the KIDS FIRST!® criteria. This means that each title will have no gratuitous violence or sexuality; no physical or verbal abuse; no bias in terms of race, gender, culture or religion; no condescension toward children and no unsafe behaviors.

The initial launch will provide titles for the six-to-twelve age group. Some will be fiction and some non-fiction. All the titles will come from independent producers, so don't expect to find these treasures in Wal-Mart. If a subscriber falls in love with a title, s/he can easily obtain extra copies for gifts and personal use. Each DVD club title will be available through the KIDS FIRST!® web store at

The DVDs will be delivered for $19.95/mo plus $2.95 for shipping and handling, with discounts for annual gift memberships. This is a perfect gift from grandparents for their grandchildren. Media literacy advocates can purchase memberships for their local school or library. The DVD Club will run on a "negative return option" basis, similar to music clubs. This means that products do not need to be returned and the subscriber can cancel at any time.

Best of all, the DVD of the Month Club offers one of the best affiliate programs out there. Libraries, schools, homeschool groups, Sunday schools, daycares and Girl Scout troupes (etc.) can greatly benefit from steady flow of income from the affiliate program. While building a great personal library of quality media, each subscriber will be helping their own local association in addition to supporting the not-for-profit KIDS FIRST!® program.

Registration for affiliates begins December 1, 2004. Subscribers can sign up after January 1, 2005. Billing for both affiliates and subscribers won't begin until products are shipped in April of 2005. Bonus products will be sent to members who sign up early.

As you go over your shopping list this holiday season, consider this worthwhile gift. Share your kids' excitement when the mail carrier arrives. It's a gift that parents, librarians, and daycare providers will cherish because they know that every month top quality children's media is coming right to their homes, hassle-free. Plus, by giving this gift, you help KIDS FIRST!® continue its mission of educating, nurturing and entertaining the children of the world.

You can sign up for the KIDS FIRST!® DVD of the Month club by going to the KIDS FIRST!® web site (, or calling the KIDS FIRST!® office at 505-989-8076.

KIDS FIRST!® Film and Video Festival Schedule:
Join us as we travel around the country with film festivals. Find out when we will be in a town near you. For details read here
Alamogordo NM, Flickinger Center for the Performing Arts, Weekly.
Alamogordo NM, Otero County Film Commission, Annual Festival, February 2005 (tent).
Albuquerque NM Explora Science Center and Children's Museum, Monthly.
Boston MA, Children's Museum, Every Thursday.
Brookline MA, Coolidge Corner Theater, Every Saturday.
Dallas TX, USA Film Festival. Annual Film Festival.
Denver CO, Denver Film Society, Every Saturday.
Fargo ND, Fargo Film Festival, Weekly. Annual Festival.
Forest Grove, OR, Forest Theater, Daily.
Fort Wayne IN, Fort Wayne Cinema Center, Weekly.
Houston TX, Houston Children's Museum, Daily.
Indianapolis IN, Association of Children's Museums, Annual Conference.
LaCrosse WI, Children's Museum of La Crosse, Every Friday & Saturday. Annual Festival.
Los Angeles CA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Weekly starting in 2005.
Mariposa CA, Rural Media Arts & Education Project, Weekly.
Nashville TN, Belcourt Theater, Weekly. Annual Festival, February 2005.
New Orleans LA, Louisiana Children's Museum, Weekly. Annual Festival.
Newport Beach CA, Newport Beach Film Festival, Annual Festival.
Oklahoma City OK, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Quarterly.
Orlando FL, Downtown Media Arts Center, Weekly. Annual Festival.
Portland ME, Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, Fundraiser for Barbara Bush Child.
Salt Lake City UT, Salt Lake City Children's Film Festival, Annual Event.
Santa Barbara CA, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Annual Festival.
Santa Fe NM, KIDS FIRST!® Film Festival, Annual Event.
Tampa FL, Kid Flix, Annual.
Vancouver, WA, Kiggins Theater, Daily.

Other Events:
December 7-8, 2004. International Film Festival Summit, The Hudson Hotel, New York City. Dedicated to providing resources, information and avenues of communication for industry professionals, vendors and anyone committed to the Film Festival Industry. It is committed to the idea that Film Festivals are an important cultural celebration, a powerful voice in our society and increasingly play a vital role in connecting not only the local communities they serve, but the world globally. To register go to

June 25-28: 2005 National Media Education Conference, San Francisco's Renaissance Parc 55 hotel. "Giving Voice to a Diverse Nation" in San Francisco. The Alliance for a Media Literate America (AMLA) is committed to promoting media literacy education that is focused on critical inquiry, learning and skill-building. This national, grassroots membership organization will be a key force in bringing media literacy education to all 60 million students in the United States, their parents, their teachers and others who care about youth. Information is available at

To add your event to this list, please send a notice

Become a Coalition for Quality Children's Media Member
*** If you've found our e-zine and web site helpful, please consider becoming a member of KIDS FIRST!® Members help underwrite the various projects of this organization. The Coalition for Quality Children's Media's relies on the generous support of its members and donors to support its programs. An individual/family membership is only $25/year. An organizational membership is $100/year. An independent producer membership is $200. To join, go to: or contact our office at 505.989.8076.

VISIT OUR MEMBERS' SITES ******************
Please visit our website for an up-to-date list of Coalition members by clicking here:


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**************ABOUT CQCM AND KIDS FIRST!®***************

KIDS FIRST!® is the not-for-profit Coalition for Quality Children's Media's initiative that evaluates and rates children's media - videotapes, CD-ROMs and television - using a highly acclaimed method that has been praised by parents and educators alike. It utilizes professionally designed criteria and evaluation tools and engages a volunteer jury comprising child development professionals, teachers and parents nationwide and children of diverse geographic, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. KIDS FIRST!® endorsed titles appeal to people around the world and include many programs on topics important to children's development. KIDS FIRST!®-endorsed titles are available on CQCM's award-winning Internet site, in the KIDS FIRST!® Film and Video Festival and in reviews we provide to more than 75 publications.

CQCM evaluates feature films, television programs, videos, CD-ROM, DVDs and audio recordings. For an application form and application deadlines, visit our website at, call our office (505.989.8076) o
Coalition for Quality Children's Media, 112 W. San Francisco St., Suite 305A, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

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