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July 10, 2002

"There is no such thing as a failure; just those who quit too soon." Ben Franklin

Dear Friends,

Happy July. I hope your summer is going swimmingly well and your gardens, actual or metaphorical are abloom. I'm so delighted because the lavender that I planted two summers ago in my big herb garden is now a huge 2 foot bush, not bad for a drought-ridden desert!

My dear mother passed away two weeks ago on June 23 and I've been cutting lavender every morning and placing it beside her photo. I thank all of you for your heart-felt words of sympathy. She was a wonderful woman whose contribution to my life was infinite. The thing I am most grateful for is how she always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, even when they sometimes seemed pretty realistic. When I switched my major in college from engineering to dance and theater, my mother is the one who convinced my dad that it was the right decision. She had remarkable strength and protected her children like no one else I've ever known. I so appreciate that.

Having shared this with you I hope you'll understand that I've been delayed in finalizing some of our planned activities. We are still planning a training workshop in late August in Albuquerque for our Junior Film Critics Club Facilitators but I don't have a date or location yet. We are seeking teachers, librarians, early child development specialists, and interested parents to participate. The workshop takes one day, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There is a minimal fee of $59 which covers all your materials. For more information, call 505.989.8076. We are also working on a workshop in the New York City area and will have information for you about that soon.

We are making an urgent call to producers for donations of videotapes
to aid children who are Arizona fire victims, particularly those affected by the Rodeo Chediski Fire at the Fort Apache Indian Reservation and other residents in need in the area. This fire has had a terrible impact on a population already suffering incredible poverty. Unemployment, which stood at 62% before the fire, has increased, as the largest employer in the area, a lumber mill, has been made inoperable by the fire.

KIDS FIRST! is partnering with K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations) for this efforts. K.I.D.S. reports that 440 houses and their contents were destroyed and that more than 7,700 people were forced to evacuate with less than 30 minutes notice.

We are asking producers to donate from 5 to 10 copies of any video, DVD, CD-ROM, or audio CD that has been KIDS FIRST! endorsed. These programs will be send to agencies serving the children and families affected by the fire. It is important that only KIDS FIRST! endorsed programs be donated since the Coalition has guaranteed that all programs donated will meet our baseline criteria. If you wish to donate quantities greater than 10 per title, please contact me so that we make proper arrangements for them to be distributed.

Donation are tax-deductible. Under Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code corporations may take federal income tax deductions for qualified ontributions at up to 200% of the count (basis) of the merchandise. The formula for the tax deduction under this regulation is quite specific: Donors may deduct cost, as carried on their books, plus half the difference between cost (basis) and the fair market value. The amount of the tax deduction, however, cannot exceed twice the cost. For details, visit Of course, as is the case with any financial matter, your company should consult it's own tax advisors before proceeding. Your donation will be acknowledged by K.I.D.S. Their tax identification number 13-3300271.

Please contact me to request a Donation Form. Do not ship your products to the Coalition. They should be shipped directly to St. Vincent DePaul in Phoenix whose address is: Karen Crawford, Society of St. Vincent DePaul, 426 West Watkins, Phoenix, AZ 85002, (602) 254-3338

It is important that your products reach St. Vincent DePaul no later than July 31.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. I promise you your contribution will make a difference in these children's lives.

Much love,
Ranny Levy

**** NEW RELEASES ****

Kids movies now at theaters: Lilo & Stitch, Scooby-Doo, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Emperor's New Clothes (PG), "Hey Arnold! The Movie"(PG) and "Mr. Deeds" (PG-13).

Coming soon to video or DVD: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Air Bud-Seventh Inning Fetch, Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Bob the Builder - Celebrate with Bob, Peter Pan Return to Neverland (Aug), Monsters, Inc. (Sept)

New music release: Animal Crackers in My Soup, Bob The Builder: The Album

UPDATE ************************************************
Our KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival 2002 Fall Tour will be going to the following cities and theaters. Mark your calendars.

October 5: Warner Quad, Ridgewood, NJ
October 12: Mamaroneck Playhouse, Mamaroneck, NY
October 19: Soundview Cinemas, Port Washington, NY
October 26: Chelsea Cinemas, New York, NY
November 2 - 9: Cinema Café, Santa Fe, NM
December 7 - 14: Camera 3: San Jose, CA
December 26-29: Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
tba: Tampa:

Please, if you have time that would allow you to volunteer for our NY area Festivals, please let us know. We need people to help assemble goodie bags, to staff information tables at the events, to help disseminate flyers in each of these neighborhoods, and for adults who are interested in training to become Facilitators for our Junior Film Critics Club.

****** New KIDS FIRST! Endorsements ******


*** 2002 GROLIER MULTIMEDIA ENCYCLOPEDIA DELUXE The 2002 Encyclopedia provides easy access to 77,000 articles as well as an atlas, dictionary, and thesaurus. The learning experience is enhanced with thousands of videos, illustrations, web links, and more. Adult Juror Comments: Complete and extremely easy to use. Short, to-the-point articles, photographs, video clips, dictionary and thesaurus. Web links provided for online users. Helps users without Internet access can learn how to navigate the web. A great tool for students. Kid Juror Comments: All of them - including youngsters with lower level reading and computer skills - found it easy to use. "There really weren't any difficult parts." "It is so extensive." "It gives us all we need to do our homework. My school should have this." CD-Rom. WIN/MAC; $29.95; Age: 10-18. SCHOLASTIC ENTERTAINMENT

AGES 2-5

*** JAY JAY THE JET PLANE: FUN TO LEARN! Jay Jay and his airplane pals have three adventures when they practice counting in mid-air, learn to cooperate by taking turns on the runway, and take their first trip to the library to see how books can make the imagination soar. Adult Juror Comments: Sophisticated and innovative. Interactive learning lessons in a supportive and encouraging tone. Cutting-edge animation and live action. Cute, rhyming songs coordinate with content. Features a story teller who signs the story in ASL. Kid Juror Comments: Sat at complete attention for the whole video, and showed no disruptive behavior afterwards. "The airplanes are nice to each other, and take turns and share." "I like the lady who talked with her hands." "Sign language is fun." "Juggling is really cool." Video. 40 min.; $12.95; Age: 2-5. COLUMBIA TRISTAR HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

* REAL WHEELS TRUCK ADVENTURES Truck drivers Dave and Becky open the doors to the ultimate world of big wheels in this collection of truck movies. Takes a look at how trucks fight fires, build roads and keep our cities clean. Shows one truck whose only job is to tow the Space Shuttle. Adult Juror Comments: Humorous and informative; creative use of instant replay and slow motion. Lots of good vocabulary. Exhibits some slapstick behavior that one would not want kids to imitate, such as bickering, fighting and getting hosed; Dave and Becky also disobey orders. Kid Juror Comments: Most enjoyed it, asking a lot of questions and playing that they were trucks afterwards. Boys liked it best. "Trucks! I like big trucks!" "I did not like the garbage truck. It was so dirty." "It taught me not to play with matches." "It's cool." DVD. 90 min.; $19.98; Age: 3-5. WARNER HOME VIDEO.

** SHANA BANANA - MUSIC AND FUN FOR KIDS! Filmed at various locations in the Tampa Bay area and in a "Banana Shack" treehouse, nine songs written and performed by Shana Smith are presented with twelve children in this interactive production. Adult Juror Comments: Infectious energy and music. Fresh and snappy and not slick. Features regular, real-looking kids of all sizes, shapes and kinds who are all treated with respect. Incorporates animation and puppetry. Provides social and educational lessons. "Loads of fun." Kid Juror Comments: Sang, jumped, danced like popcorn and loved going bananas. "I want to watch it again. Let's watch it right now!" "Ooga Booga is scary. Fast forward through it." "I love Shana! She is a good teacher." "I really like her funny faces." Video. 36 min.; $14.95; Age: 3-5. SHANA BANANA ENTERPRISES.

** THOMAS & FRIENDS: BEST OF THOMAS Features eight Thomas the Tank adventures, including when Thomas got his own branch line; when he and a dragon play a trick on Percy; and when the engines prepared for a very special visitor. Adult Juror Comments: Sweet and colorful. Quiet story with expressive, charming train characters. Not overly detailed. Content and presentation well suited for younger attention spans. Gives an action outlet without a violence component. Kid Juror Comments: Kids who already like Thomas were keen on this video. "We all like Thomas." "It was funny." Most understood the messages in the stories: "I give help when someone needs it." "Thomas helps Jame and the other trains when they get hurt or scared." Video. 46 min.; $12.98; Age: 2-6. ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT.

** THOMAS & FRIENDS: BEST OF JAMES Known for his scarlet coat and high-falutin' attitude, James is a useful red engine. Features eight adventures, including the time James got a little rough with the Troublesome Trucks, when his joke on Gordon backfired, and when he got stung by a bee. Adult Juror Comments: Sweet, simple stories with little lessons. Wonderful short clips are perfect for pre-schooler attention spans. Expressive characters use good manners and are constantly sharing. Advanced vocabulary can be understood from context. Informative. Kid Juror Comments: Most watched it through to the end, then wandered off to play with their trains. "It's good. I like the trains. And Thomas was there." "The trains treat each other nice. They are friends." "He's going to crash! He's going to fast!" Video. 46 min.; $12.98; Age: 2-6. ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT.

** THOMAS & FRIENDS: BEST OF PERCY Known as the junior member of the railway with a spunky personality, Percy has been a faithful friend of Thomas. Features nine adventures, including when Percy pretended to be a ghost, and when he got in a sticky situation after an argument with James. Adult Juror Comments: Captivating animation and charming sets. Music follows the story, sometimes adding a light touch. Thoughtful stories merge easily into each other. Emphasizes responsibility. Good vocabulary and language. "Clean and fun with good little lessons." Kid Juror Comments: Loved it. Some sang between clips and rocked to the beat throughout. "I like how it had a lot of movies." "I want to watch the choo-choos." "The trains played tricks on each other, but they helped each other too." "I liked the jelly on their faces." Video. 48 min.; $12.98; Age: 2-6. ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT.

Ages 8-12

** WHISPERS: AN ELEPHANT'S TALE Whispers, a baby elephant who gets separated from his mother during a hunting attack, endures another tragedy when Groove, his surrogate mother, is killed. He develops strength and coping skills to survive, and is eventually reunited with his mother. Adult Juror Comments: Beautifully composed. Excellent cinematography; actual elephants filmed in the wild in Africa have human voices and personalities. Informative, suspenseful and highly emotional story about dealing with loss. "Unlike any child's video I have ever seen." Kid Juror Comments: Touched them. Responded with a variety of emotions from fear to happiness. "We liked seeing the animals that we learned about in school." "I liked seeing different personality types and different actions, just like people." "It was really realistic." Video. 89 min.; $14.99; Age: 8-12. BUENA VISTA HOME ENTERTAINMENT/DISNEY.

AGES 14-18

** O. HENRY'S THE LAST LEAF Two young struggling artists become best friends when one is stricken with deadly pneumonia. She is convinced that when the last leaf falls from the ivy outside her window she will die. Narration combined with live acting brings O. Henry classic to life. Adult Juror Comments: Effective presentation of a great short story. Organized simply and dramatically. Elicits historical times, yet is contemporary in understanding human values. Portrays friendship, hope and persistence. Most appealing for those studying literature. Kid Juror Comments: Teens with literary coaching appreciated it; without coaching it didn't hold their interest. "It was very believable in a historical context." "It moved too slowly." "It was very engaging." "It was out of date." "It was as good as it needed to be." Video. 25 min.; $24.95; Age: 14-18. MONTEREY HOME VIDEO.

*** SHAKESPEARE'S SOLILOQUIES A troupe of actors, in various stages of rehearsal, present some of the bard's most poignant speeches that have earned a place in the history of theatre and in all of literature. Includes soliloquies from Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and The Merchant of Venice. Adult Juror Comments: Exceptional. Professional, friendly production makes Shakespeare's works accessible and non-painful. Effective camera work and lighting. Contemporary treatment makes timeless human issues relevant. Perfect accompaniment to studying Shakespeare. Kid Juror Comments: Drama students were captivated; others were less involved. "Powerful." "Dull." "I didn't always understand the words but it was easy to get around that and figure it out." "Hamlet's speech was neat. I could feel it as he spoke. He was really cute." Video. 40 min.; $24.95; Age: 14-18. MONTEREY HOME VIDEO.

** BABY WHISPERER, THE VOLUME 1 Based on the best-selling Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg, teaches parents how to calm, connect and communicate with their newborn child. Provides simple, accessible programs that parents can begin before and after the baby is born. Adult Juror Comments: Well produced. Relaxing; peaceful and soothing tone. Logically organized. Information is clearly outlined, each section is short and to the point. Offers common sense and practical options to choose from. Shows fathers as equal caregivers. Kid Juror Comments: DVD. 71 min.; $14.98; Age: Adult. TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT.
** AUTISM AND THE NEW LAW (N/). Addresses the components of the Advancement of Pediatric Autism Research Act, a law passed to find more effective treatments and a cure for autism. Adult Juror Comments: Upbeat, sensitive and reassuring presentation. Accurate; appropriate language. Use of both parents of autistic children and professionals is effective. Promotes acceptance and respect for autistic children. Supportive, hopeful and encouraging. Kid Juror Comments: Video. 30 min.; $49.95; Parenting. EDVANTAGE MEDIA, INC..

MEDIA NEWS *****************************
**** Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

The recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom were awarded yesterday. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation's highest civilian honor. It was established by President Truman in 1945 to recognize civilians for their service
during World War II, and it was reinstated by President Kennedy in 1963 to honor distinguished service. Among the recipients are several media and entertainment personalities including:

Fred Rogers, the host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for over three decades. . Mr. Rogers is an ordained Presbyterian minister and the recipient of numerous awards over his career including induction into the Television Hall of Fame in 1999.

Bill Cosby, one of the most popular television performers of the 1980's with the success of The Cosby Show, which revolutionized the portrayal of African Americans on television. Cosby's career has included stand up comedy, the adventure show, I Spy, situation comedies and children's programming that highlighted his interest and dedication to education.

Placido Domingo, world renowned opera singer, conductor and arts administrator. He has performed in 118 different roles, has led opera performances at the Metropolitan and the Weiner Staatsoper, and has conducted the Chicago and London Symphonies. Currently, he serves as Artistic Director of the Washington Opera and the Los Angeles Opera.

Katharine Graham, renown publisher of the Washington Post whose career was marked by publishing stories such as the "Pentagon Papers" and the burglary at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex. Graham served as Chairwoman of the Post until 1993.

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation who's credited with leading the company's growth as the most successful microchip manufacturer. Dr. Moore and his wife Betty have been active philanthropists, establishing the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in 1995 with a multibillion-dollar contribution. The Foundation funds projects in education, scientific research, the environment, and San Francisco Bay Area projects.


Hollywood is being asked to make classic movies more accessible to over 28 million deaf individuals in the United States! During the "The 1st Annual Classic Movies for the Deaf Roundup," studios and producers are being urged to donate classic films so that they can be open-captioned for the deaf audience! The roundup is sponsored by the Captioned Media Program ( according to national director Bill Stark.

Stark says, "We are offering to caption any classic film for our collection. We will also provide captioned masters to the participating studios and producers."
The Captioned Media Program, a nonprofit organization funded by the U.S. Department of Education, provides free-loan open-captioned videos, DVDs and other media for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

The CMP collection features over 4,000 English- and Spanish-language videos, DVDs and other media including special-interest and educational titles. "But not as many classic movies are available anywhere with captions" says Stark, "even if they have appeared on TV."

Open captions are like subtitles and provide the viewer access to all of the information on the audio track. Open-captioned videos do not require any encoding equipment, just a VCR and a television. The CMP is great for all ages. Teachers use CMP videos and their accompanying lesson guides in the classroom with great success. Students have long counted on the videos for help on research projects. And at home the videos make it possible for the whole family to enjoy a program or movie. For more information about the Captioned Media Program, visit the Web site at or phone 1-800-237-6213.


Alliance for a Media Literate America announced the results of its first board election. Congratulations to returning president Faith Rogow and treasurer Joe Behson and to directors, Amy Aidman, Kara Clayton, Abby Kenigsberg, Lynn McBrien, Al Race and Scott Sullivan. For more information visit

Parent and Family News *****************************

*** The Secret of the Enduring Role Model: A Nancy Drew Mystery***

For those of us who still have childhood copies of a Nancy Drew mystery or two tucked away in the attic, news of the death last week of Nancy's creator, Mildred Wirt Benson, unleashed a flood of memories about the intrepid teenage detective. Story at

***** Students Find Their Voice Through Multimedia *****

Ninety-six percent of the predominantly Latino student body at San Fernando High School (Los Angeles USD) have no access to computers at home, and 83 percent perform below grade level. However, the students of the San Fernando Education Technology Team are learning to produce documentaries, music, and Web content on pressing social issues. They are also learning advocacy skills and going on to college at impressive rates. Teacher Marco Torres believes that all students must have access to educational technologies. "I see kids that don't traditionally do well in school succeed because this was another way for them to express themselves. ... Working in this program has completely changed the students' outlooks, their lives," says Torres. For the complete story, go to <>

***** Five-Year-Old Injures Baby While Imitating TV Wrestling Move *******

In a case that clearly shows how young children are affected by what they watch, a 5-year-old child severely injured his 22-month-old cousin while imitating a violent wrestling move. The child performed a "pile driver" move in which he placed his cousin's head between both of his knees, lifted the infant's body, and then dropped to the ground. "This is one of the only cases reported in the medical literature showing a direct effect of television violence on children," study author Dr. Norman A. Silver of the Children's Hospital of Winnipeg in Canada told Reuters Health. "The case study does show that imitation of television causing severe injury can and does occur."

***** Earth to Advertisers: Violent TV Programs Reduce Memory for Ads *****

A recent study in the Journal of Applied Psychology shows that an audience watching TV programs laced with violence and sex recalls 67 percent fewer brands than an audience that watching programs with "neutral" content! "Watching violence and sex impairs the memory," says Brad Bushman, a professor at Iowa State University and the study's author. Instead of thinking about cereals and shampoos, viewers of titillating programs are thinking about … violence and sex. For more information, visit


The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has conducted a new survey on Teens, Sex and TV that examines television's role in young people's sexual decision-making. One interesting finding is that many teenagers have actually talked with parents about sex based on viewing something on television. For a more information go to: http:///

WNET, the New York City PBS station has added some media literacy content to its education web site Ed Online. During the month of July, the site features: Teach It: Lesson Plans: How to Edit A Film; Introduction to Storyboarding; Learn It: Students showcase of the Digital Clubhouse Network; Watch It: info about Reel NY, film festival. For more information, visit

**** Producer
News ****

Job Opening: Thirteen/WNET New York: Youth Outreach Coordinator. Responsibilities: Facilitate workshops, manage the literacy component of the station's Ready to Learn service, coordinate production of the "Parent Matters" newsletter, supervise volunteers and interns, organize the annual Reading Rainbow Young Writers contest, assist in the preparation for the Teen Leadership Institute, and be responsible for monthly mailings, database maintenance and content development for the department's web site. Must speak Spanish and be PC proficient. Submit resume and cover letter with salary requirements to: Manager, Employee Recruitment & Communications, Thirteen/WNET New York, 450 West 33rd Street - 6th Floor, New York, NY 10001, Fax: (212) 560-1350, email: [email protected]

PBS: Ready to Learn Training Manager. Responsibilities include: Provide support to Ready To Learn Coordinators and stations in the selection and acquisition of professional development experiences by identifying sources of existing training opportunities and developing, managing, and implementing new training opportunities. Requirements: 5+ years experience in the development, management, and delivery of local, regional, and/or national professional development training and/or continuing education for educators, teachers, early childhood educators, public television professionals, or similar audiences. BA in early childhood education or adult education preferred. Submit letter of interest, resume, and salary requirements to: PBS, ATTN: HR/Recruiting, 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria, VA 22314, email: [email protected]

Independent Television Service (ITVS)
Deadline: August 15, 2002
ITVS is currently accepting applications for grants through Open Call 2002, which provides funding for programs that will bring new audiences to public television as well as expand civic participation by bringing new voices into the public discourse. To be eligible, independent producers or independent entities producing television, film, or video programs must: be at least 18 years old; be a citizen or legal resident of the U.S. or its territories; and have some previous film or television production experience in a principal role (producer, co-producer, director, or co-director) as demonstrated by a sample tape. For complete application guidelines and materials, visit the ITVS Web site at

*** GIVE AWAYS ****

One of our partners for our KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival is United Parenting Publications. They own magazines in 27 different cities and seem to always be involved in an event of some sort in one of those. If you ever have stickers or other give-aways with your company's name on them, let me know and I'll connect you with a kid's event where you can get them distributed. Y

Become a Coalition for Quality Children's Media Member ***

If you've found our e-zine and web site helpful, please consider becoming a member of KIDS FIRST! Members help underwrite the various projects of this organization and are a critical component of our success.

The Coalition for Quality Children's Media's relies on the generous support of its members and donors to support its programs. An individual/family membership is only $25/year. An organizational membership is $100/year. An independent producer membership is $200 - $10,000 / year. For more information, visit our website ( or contact our office for an application form, 505.989.8076.

Resouces ***********************

******* KIDS FIRST! Book ***
Our book, A Parent's Guide to the Best Children's Videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs, featuring reviews of more than 1800 KIDS FIRST! endorsed videos, DVDs, TV shows, and CD-ROMs is available now. To order your copy, call our office, 505-989-8076 or send your request, to kfnews@ You can view sample pages of our book at http: //

***** Pride and Joy: Media Literacy and the Early Years****
This new 52 page issue of "Telemedium: The Journal of Media Literacy" is available from the National Telemedia Council. This issue contains thoughtful articles critiquing children's television; web sites for young children; exploration of controversial material in the Teletubbies; Mister Rogers; Disney, and a host of other media for children. Writers include Faith Rogow; Idit Harel, founder and CEO of MaMaMedia;, Hedda Sharapan, Associate Producer for Mister Roger's Neighborhood; Joanne Cantor, author of "Mommy, I'm Scared"; and others. To order 608.218.1182 or e-mail [email protected].

VISIT OUR MEMBERS' SITES ******************

Thanks to our KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival 2002 Sponsors: Edwards Theatres, LA Parent Magazine, Orange County Parenting,, Parents Guide Press, Walt Disney Home Entertainment, PAX-30, Paramount Home Entertainment, The El Capitan Theatre, Rhino Home Video, Artmatten Productions, Devine Entertainment, Embassy Suites,, Productions La Fete and to supporters: Anchor Bay Enterprises, Backyard Enterprises, Big Idea Productions, Child Magazine, Children's Media Project, Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment, Noggin, Nomadic Pictures, Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video.

EVENTS and NEWS ***************

Rod Steiger, who was nominated three times for Academy Awards and won in
1967 in the category best actor for his role in "In the Heat of the Night," died yesterday, July 9.

July 27 - Aug. 2 New York City and the mountain campus in Boone, North Carolina, will offer two sessions in Media Literacy by the graduate program at Appalachian State University. For more information, visit for more details.

July 15-18, Ithaca, NY: Project Look Sharp is announcing its annual Summer Media Literacy Institute for K-12 educators July 15-18 and August 12-15. For information, contact Eileen Jacobs at Project Look Sharp: [email protected] 607-274-3471

Oct 2 - 5: 2002 NAMAC Conference. The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture NAMAC (, WA For information, visit

October 6-10 The World Conference of women Religious and Spiritual Leaders, An Initiative of the Millennium World Peace Summit, Geneva Switzerland. 212.715.1526 Http://;
email: [email protected]

KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival Fall Tour:
October 5: Warner Quad, Ridgewood, NJ
October 12: Mamaroneck Playhouse, Mamaroneck, NY
October 19: Soundview Cinemas, Port Washington, NY
October 26: Chelsea Cinemas, New York, NY
November 2 - 9: Cinema Café, Santa Fe, NM
December 26-29: Santa Barbara International Film Festival presents the KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival, Santa Barbara, CA

To add your event to this list, please sent a notice to [email protected]


There was a farmer who grew award-winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won a blue ribbon. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it.

The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors. "How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?" the reporter asked.

"Why sir," said the farmer, "didn't you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow
good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn."

He is very much aware of the connectedness of life. His corn cannot improve unless his neighbor's corn also improves. So it is in other dimensions. Those who choose to be at peace must help their neighbors to be at peace. Those who choose to live well must help others to live well, for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches. And those who choose to be happy must help others to find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all.

Author Unknown
Hope you enjoyed this little story as much as I did. If you have one to share, please send it on. RL



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