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October 9, 2002

"An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it" (Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Dear Friends,

First, I'd like to extend a heartfelt welcome to our three new National Board Members, Larry Balaban of Genius Products, Mary Lou Bono of Rhino Home Video, and Marcela Davidson-Aviles, Founder of Blackboard Entertainment. All three of these people have been active supporters of KIDS FIRST! for many years. Their election to our National Board is really a formal way of acknowledging the commitment and contribution that they've already made and allowing them the opportunity to help the Coalition grow. On behalf of the Trustees, National Board Members, and Coalition for Quality Children's Media Members, welcome aboard!

Our first festival of our fall tour was last weekend in Ridgewood, New Jersey at the Warner Quad Cinema. A special thanks to all those who made it a success: The Paramus Girl Scout Council and their girl scout volunteers, MagicFrank, Kathy Byers, and our Coalition for Quality Children's Media East Coast board, volunteers and festival staff.

The Festival moves on to the Mamaroneck Playhouse in Mamaroneck, NY this weekend, October 12 and then to Soundview Cinemas in Port Washington on October 19 and finally to the Chelsea Cinemas on 23rd St in Manhattan on October 26. We'll also be in Tampa at the University Area Community Center October 26-Nov 1 and in Santa Fe from November 2 through 9.

For a complete festival schedule and film synopsis, please visit

Our thanks also to the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York for hosting a training session of their leaders on September 28. We had a full house with 29 Girl Scout leaders from the five New York boroughs. What a group! We've developed a Junior Film Critics patch with the New York Council which girls from any council will be able to earn once they've finalized the artwork for it.

For our Santa Fe readers, we are showing pre-festival screenings at the Cinemacafe in St. Michael's Shopping Center West. Our Grand Finale will also be at the Cinemacafe November 2 - 9. Check out the nifty Halloween selections this month at

We are extending our October 11 deadline for new submissions for the spring festival and book to October 30. If you have a new title that you want evaluated and endorsed by KIDS FIRST!, this is your chance to get it in and have the possibility of its inclusion in the KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival 2003.

Enjoy your month. See you in New York on October 26, opening day for the World Series. Be sure to stop by the festival to see The First of May, featuring a cameo appearance by Joe DiMaggio.

Much love,

****** New KIDS FIRST! endorsements ******
We have a lot of new endorsements to share with you. There are so many wonderful new titles, it's difficult to select only a sample for you. For a complete list, please visit our website (


*** MUSIC FOR BABIES: PLAYFUL BABY - Provides a range of tonal values and musical experiences such as melodies and rhymes for babies to listen to. These selections are designed to be stimulating. Adult Juror Comments: Pleasant. Very suitable for infants and highly enjoyable for adults. Music is well performed. Selection provides musical and rhythmic consistency. Familiar songs are played in different ways, i.e.. a lullaby is played in a formal, instrumental version. Kid Juror Comments: Older kids jumped up and down, clapped and sang. Little ones cooed and smiled, looked to see where the music was coming from. All loved the animal sounds and kid laughter. Liked hearing it for background music during playtime. Audio. 60 min.; $15.95; Age: 0-5. ADVANCED BRAIN TECHNOLOGIES.


** BABY GENIUS: A TRIP TO THE SAN DIEGO ZOO- Introduces children to the world of animals. Music is played to live footage of the zoo animals and kids as they journey through the colorful park. Adult Juror Comments: Great photography of animals and toddlers. Lots for kids to watch and ask about. Good pace; good transitions between different animal types. Non-narrative format benefits with adult or older sibling in a dialog with toddler or pre-schooler. Kid Juror Comments: Kids were mesmerized. Music seemed to appeal to the babies and they liked the animated figures popping up spontaneously. Interaction with adult or older child was necessary in order to keep them engaged. They enjoyed the songs and danced along. Video. 39 min.; $12.99; Age: 1-4. GENIUS PRODUCTS.

Ages 2-5

*** BLUE'S CLUES: READING WITH BLUE - Whether you're reading words or stories, there's nothing like reading with Blue, the big blue detective dog. She's got plenty of good things to read in these two exciting episodes of Blue's Clues. Adult Juror Comments: Wonderful. Imaginative and fun, professional and visually engrossing. Encourages kids to think and learn and follow directions in an easy progression - and have fun doing it. Shows sign language. "it will become a daycare favorite." Kid Juror Comments: Just loved it. Asked to
see it again. Many went to get a book to read as soon as it was over. "I like to learn new words." "Blue takes us on an interesting trip." "I had to watch carefully." "I like the elephant." "I like Blue!" Video. 50 min.; $9.95; Age: 2-6. NICKELODEON.

** CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM (SCHOLASTIC VIDEO COLLECTION). A collection of four animated adaptations, including the title tale about a coconut tree that tries to hold all the letters of the alphabet. Also features "Trashy Town," the 1968 classic "Rosie's Walk" and "The Caterpillar and the Polliwog." Adult Juror Comments: Classic stories about animals, cheerful music. Enjoyable for adults and kids. Stimulates language development and motivates adults to read more expressively to children. Good alphabet learning. Tells where trash comes from and how it's collected. Kid Juror Comments: Children liked learning about baby animals maturing such as caterpillars turning into butterflies and polliwogs into frogs. "I liked the music, it made me want to dance." They enjoyed it and asked for it again and again. Video. 25 min.; $9.95; Age: 2-7. NEW VIDEO GROUP

*** MAGGIE AND THE FEROCIOUS BEAST: ADVENTURES IN NOWHERE LAND - Maggie loves to go on adventures. She has found she can take her imaginary friends Ferocious Beast and Hamilton Hocks the pig with her to Nowhere Land. Whether painting, playing in the snow, singing, or exploring new places, they always have a good time. Adult Juror Comments: Marvelous. Fanciful, visual and imaginative. Fine music and animation. Short, interesting episodes include an author's name to make format more like a book. Great examples of caring and friendship. Shows alternative ways of settling disputes. Kid Juror Comments: Really enjoyed it. "It was funny. They kept smushing things." "The duck scared Ferocious Beast away. Then they were friends." "I liked when Maggie shook her globe and real snow came down. How did that happen?" "I wish I had a friend like Ferocious Beast." Video. 39 min.; $12.95; Age: 2-6. COLUMBIA TRISTAR HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

** MY BEST ENGLISH, VOL. 1 ALPHABET - .Child host Scout and Guin, the penguin puppet, introduce toddlers to the letters of the alphabet. Features three songs, graphics, live images, and classical music. Adult Juror Comments: Humorous, pleasant and whimsical. Good diversity of people and animals. The penguin puppet is kid-friendly. Makes good use of real objects along with animated ones. Makes learning letters fun. It could be the start of associating sounds with letters. Kid Juror Comments: Kids enjoyed this. They sang along to the alphabet song and danced to the music, especially "Wheels on the Bus." For kids who are ready for beginning phonics, it's perfect! Video. 32 min.; $16.95; Age: 2-5. IMAGE FACTORY, INC.

** WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE..AND OTHER MAURICE SENDAY STORIES - Max is a young boy who sails off to an imaginary island inhabited by strange creatures, only to become their king. Includes two other Maurice Sendak stories, "The Nutshell Kids" and "In the Night Kitchen." Adult Juror Comments: Fun to see familiar books come to life. Some animation is not full motion. These stories respect children's imagination and their need to feel powerful without violence. This age loves stories that resolve danger comfortably. Great music by Carol King. Kid Juror Comments: Liked some parts, others were scary. Everyone loved "Chicken Soup with Rice." Younger kids were genuinely frightened by the monsters. Older kids who were familiar with Sendak's books liked it best and appreciated the fantasy. Video. 30 min.; $9.95; Age: 3-7. NEW VIDEO GROUP, INC.

*** VEGGIE TALES SING-ALONGS: JUNIOR'S BEDTIME SONGS - A collection of 15 sleepy-time tunes sung by Junior Asparagus and his Veggie pals. Includes familiar favorites such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and classics like Brahm's Lullaby. Adult Juror Comments: Good presentation. Songs are performed by a child which is enjoyable. These are classic tunes altered a bit with religious overtones. Not offensive though. Whole presentation is sweet, loving, and soothing. Kid Juror Comments: Definitely engages the kids. Kids readily sing along, stopping to listen to the changes in the lyrics. They asked for some tracks to be replayed in order to catch the new lyrics. Audio. 60 min.; $6.98; Age: 2-5. BIG IDEA PRODUCTIONS, INC.


AGES 5-8

** HAMTARO AND THE HAM-HAMS VOLUME 1 - When 10-year-old Laura moves to a new town, she's not the only one who has to make new friends. Her pet hamster, Hamtaro, also needs to get used to his new surroundings and find new hamster buddies, "The Ham-Hams." Adult Juror Comments: Imported flavor and unusual characters. Colorful Japanese animation. Good, inclusive portrayal of friendship. "The hamsters have a social life with each other, and a relationship to their child owners that is similar to ones real kids have with
adults." Kid Juror Comments: Most were glued to the set, intrigued by the different animation. "It was all about friendship and how to ask someone to a part of your group." "I liked the tunnel part." "It was cool when the mouse was exploring." "It taught how to make someone happy." Video. 75 min.; $12.98; Age: 4-10. VIZ COMMUNICATIONS.

** LITTLE DOGS ON THE PRAIRIE: LYIN', CHEATIN' AND A HOT LOLLIPOP - With a Wild West setting, fun songs and lots of humor, seven prairie dogs show the value of honesty in three different tales. Adult Juror Comments: Catchy music, catchy accents, bright colors and cute characters deliver valuable but understated moral lessons. Just enough music and bible quotes to make it right for older kids. Scriptures are explained but no religion is pushed. "I loved this video." Kid Juror Comments: Watched attentively, tapping toes to the music, and talked about it in detail afterwards. "It showed people can be sneaky and bad. They didn't make God happy." "Good music! I can hear all of it." "I like the Yippie I oh Hi." "The whole thing was good." Video. 35 min.; $14.99; Age: 5-9. FANCY MONKEY STUDIOS.

* ROCKETS (CAPTAIN COSMOS COSMIC THEATER).Captain Cosmos introduces his passenger, a young girl, to a couple of early television's science fiction shows. He answers her question about rocketry by launching a miniature rocket. Adult Juror Comments: Age-appropriate, informative, educational. Child actor was not engaging. Encourages young kids to think in terms of science and generates an interest in exploring rockets. The space ship travel was not realistically portrayed. Kid Juror Comments: Those interested in the subject were most intrigued. "Made us more interested in learning more about rockets and how they are launched." Kids liked the footage from Space Patrol, a 1950's TV show. They did not care for the child star. Video. 20 min.; Age: 5-9. NI-COLA PRODUCTIONS.

** UNDER THE WAVES EPISODE 3: STRANGE CREATURES - Join Olympic champion Mike Barrowman as he and his friends discover the fascinating creatures that live underwater. This mix of comedy, education and live underwater footage makes learning about the sea entertaining. Adult Juror Comments: Strong educational content. Humorous and appealing. Effective use of picture inserts. Kid narrating helps make the video child-centered. Great underwater shots. "I like the review section where the viewer gets to re-learn what was presented." Kid Juror Comments: Underwater creatures intrigued them. "Neat pictures." "Mike thought the aliens in comic books were cool, and Sharon showed him even cooler sea animals." "It was good, we learned about all kinds of fish." The puffer fish was a big hit with all. Video. 30 min.; $19.95; Age: 5-8. CARIBBEAN PRODUCER SERVICES.

AGES 5-12

** AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP (AMERICAN GOVERNMENT FOR CHILDREN).What makes an American citizen? How can you be a good one? What are the rights and responsibilities of citizenship? Includes interviews with
government officials and other Americans. Shows how contributing is an important aspect of citizenship. Adult Juror Comments: Citizenship through the eyes of yesterday, today and tomorrow is at the core of this quick paced documentary. Includes short original news footage of the suffragettes and Martin Luther King Jr. Gives useful ideas for participating in your community. Kid Juror Comments: Informative, more geared for classroom use than home use. "I never knew woman had to fight to vote." "I know people vote but I didn't know why." "There were kids "just like us" working to help our country be a better and cleaner place for everyone." Video. 23 min.; $29.95; Age:

*** FAMILIES OF RUSSIA (FAMILIES OF THE WORLD).Explores daily life in rural and urban Russia through the eyes of two children. This live-action program acquaints other children with the customs of Russian culture, including foods, celebrations, family interaction, schools, homes and more. Adult Juror Comments: Enjoyable peak into the lives of children from another culture. Narration by children is especially appealing. Really one of the best multi-cultural titles around. Stories are believable and engaging. Documentary style. Kid Juror Comments: Most loved this though some commented: "My friends wouldn't like it because they don't watch this kind of video." "I liked the kids telling us about their lives. They aren't that different from us!" "My favorite part was seeing how wooden bowls are made." Video. 30 min.; $29.95; Age: 6-12. MASTER COMMUNICATIONS.

** RECHENKA'S EGGS (READING RAINBOW).Host LeVar Burton finds out that an egg is everything it is cracked up to be. The CD-ROM features interactive activities, parent resources, printable worksheets and more. Adult Juror Comments: Charming story, interesting video and fun games. Easily installed and easy to use for most. Entertaining but may not be interactive enough to sustain repeated use. Spurs interest in books and reading. "Wonderful, informative teaching tool." Kid Juror Comments: Enjoyed by all. "I liked the games the best." "It was a lot of fun." Some had technical problems. "We couldn't get the sound right." "I had to quit Adobe and restart. It was okay once I got started." Everyone was spellbound by the wax decorating process. CD-Rom. ; n/a min.; $19.95; Age: 4-10. GPN/Reading Rainbow.

** SCOOBY-DOO'S ORIGINAL MYSTERIES - Features the first five Scooby-Doo episodes aired, including the series pilot. Episode titles are What a Night for a Knight; Hassle in the Castle; A Clue for Scooby-Doo; Mine Your Own Business; and Decoy for a Dognapper. Adult Juror Comments: Wholesome fun with mystery. Full of creativity, imagination, and teamwork. It shows some unsafe behaviors but not in such a way that kids are likely to imitate them. Engaging and entertaining for kids and adults alike. Kid Juror Comments: Scooby's always a hit with the kids. Several wanted to take this tape home to watch again. "Even though Shaggy is depicted as less smart than the others, when he does something right, even if by accident, the others praise him. That's cool." Video. 110 min.; $19.98; Age: 5-12. WARNER HOME VIDEO.

AGES 8-12

* BIG FAT LIAR - Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes star as a couple of friends who embark on a cross-country quest to get even with a conniving, high-powered bully. In the process, they learn the importance of honesty and ethics. Adult Juror Comments: Funny, addresses realistic problem about whether or not to lie. Has a little mystery, romance and comedy blended in. Some unsafe behavior but not replicable except for running away and some pranks. Kid Juror Comments: Enjoyable; easy for kids to relate to. "It's funny and has lots of action." "I laughed all the way through." " I liked the stunts and the effects." "You could tell what they were going to do with Marty." Certainly not believable. Video. 87 min.; $22.98; Age: 8-12. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOME VIDEO.

** HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE Adaptation of the book. Harry Potter learns on his 11th birthday that he is the orphaned son of two powerful wizards and possesses magical powers of his own. He is sent off to wizard school where the fun and adventure begins. Adult Juror Comments: Funny, whimsical and classic. Good triumphs over evil. Incredible fantasy with witchcraft and wizardry in a non-replicable fashion. Children are respectful in their boarding school environment. Some violence but not gratuitous. Scary for itty bitties. Kid Juror Comments: Enthralled; younger ones snuggled in their older sibling's laps. This age understands this is make-believe. They enjoyed the magical content and the adventure. Asked, "Are wizards real?" "How will Harry and his friends get pass the 3-headed dog." Video. 152 min.; $26.99; Age: 8-12. WARNER HOME VIDEO.

*** ICE AGE A quartet of misfits unexpectedly, and reluctantly, comes together in a quest to return a human infant to his father. Braving boiling lava pits, ice caves, freezing temperatures and a secret, evil plot, these "sub-zeros" become the world's first heroes. Adult Juror Comments: Smart, complex - and silly. Cool colors and fluid animation. Original storyline demonstrates loyalty, friendship and bravery. Broad humor uses sight gags and goes overboard at times. Language appeals to adults but is not above kids' level. Kid Juror Comments: Liked by all, but especially boys (and men). Loved the animal movements and voices. "The sabertooths move in an evil fashion." "I like the way Diego and Manny sound." "It's not too talky." "The squirrel chasing the nut is hilarious." Video. 82 min.; $24.98; Age: 7-15. TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

*** SADDLE CLUB, THE At Pine Hollow Stables, Stevie, Carole and Lisa seem to have it all: beautiful horses, an amazing coach and acres of trails. Their world is changing as they approach adolescence, but the girls in the Saddle Club know that they will always have each other. Adult Juror Comments: An excellent film that addresses life situations realistically. Shows kids facing everyday issues - friendship, communicating, boy and girl relationships - and handling them in a positive way. Deals with birth and death with the horses. Kid Juror Comments: Enjoyable. Good diversity shown. Prompted kids to discuss situations in their own lives and think about ways to address them better. Girls enjoyed this more than boys. Video. 85 min.; $19.98; Age: 8-12. WARNER HOME VIDEO. 0-7907-6710-4.


** MOVE 'N GROOVE KIDS VOLUME 1 Dance and exercise program based on creative movement philosophy. Teaches action words as well as movement. Adult Juror Comments: Great training tool for teachers and parents. Good movement ideas; great multiracial mix of kids shown. Teacher demonstrate trust by allowing kids to jump over her. Could be used by kids and parents together but doesn't work for kids on their own. Video. 26 min.; $19.95; Age: Adult. KSK VISUALS INC.

** PLAYTIME FOR YOU AND ME - A baby's development depends on love and interaction. This program is designed for parents to interact with their baby with simple playtime activities that are designed to encourage development of cognitive skills. Adult Juror Comments: Four specific programs follow a logical progression based on a child's development level. Content well organized and accessible through direct links. Sophisticated but uncomplicated. Targets middle-class parents. "Shows what cool things babies CAN do." Kid Juror
Comments: DVD. 130 min.; $39.95; Age: Adult. BABY PLAYTIME.

*** SO SMART! FIRST WORDS DVD (SO SMART!).Using simple stories and Broadway-style songs, this open-ended format uses different scenes to teach 30 different words. King Otis helps kids understand the value of sharing. Adult Juror Comments: Slow and simple. Beautifully constructed with perfectly suited vocabulary and images. Interactive game shows similar content in a different format, good for parent and child interactions. Wait between images is very slow. "Best infant program I've seen." Kid Juror Comments: Very interested at first. Pointed at pictures and attempted words. Danced to the music and giggled at animal pictures. Some lost interest. We found that short user sessions worked best. DVD. 30 min.; $19.98; Age: 0-2. The BABY SCHOOL COMPANY INC.

AGES 12-15

** CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE: PERMANENT RECORD -.The first TV series filmed on-location in school for an entire year is designed to help teens navigate the universally stressful freshman year. Each episode is built around a major event as told through the eyes of a cross-section of different students. Adult Juror Comments: Fast paced, reality TV-type production effective for middle-schoolers. "Real students speaking openly and honestly about test-taking, grades and self-improvement helps those entering high school deal with emotional and social issues. Kid Juror Comments: Related to the students and topics. "I am experiencing the same thing. It is both accurate and believable. But it is not entertaining." "The camera work is really good. Fast and rapidly produced." "It made me think about my own scholastic experience." Video. 25 min.; Age: 12-15. WAM! AMERICA'S KIDZ NETWORK.

** TABLE TALK: REAL FAMILIES FACE REAL ISSUES Shows families discussing various issues with a goal to provide a dialog template that helps families interact more meaningfully. Uses family dinner time as an opportunity to discuss and work out family issues. Adult Juror Comments: Well produced. Addresses touchy subjects such as homework, respect, and curfews. Helps adults learn how to listen to their kids. Promotes self esteem. Shows kids how to discuss concerns and issues with adults. Needs to be handled carefully. Kid Juror Comments: Enjoyed by the kids. They could relate to their own experiences. Shows different families with different problems. "Taught me how to talk to my parents." "This would help adults learn how to talk to their kids." Video. 60 min.; Age: 8-12. WAM! AMERICA'S KIDZ NETWORK.

MEDIA NEWS *****************************

***** Sesame Streets first Gordon dies ****
Matt Robinson, the first actor to play the character of Gordon on "Sesame Street," has passed away. For details, please go to

*** Haim Saban in Talks to Buy Jim Henson Co. ****

According to a recent story in Reuters, billionaire investor Haim Saban is in talks to buy Muppet-maker Jim Henson Co. for a reported price of $100 million. Munich-based EM.TV paid $680 million for Henson in February 2000. Mr. Saban made his fortune with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and selling Fox Family Channel to Disney.

Parent and Family News *****************************

The following four articles are from Connect for Kids (
**Helping Kids Interpret Media
It's impossible to keep kids away from aggressive advertisements, unsavory images, stereotypical programming and biased news reports. The best you can do is help your children or teens learn how to think on their own—teach them to be their own storytellers, to ask questions and to stay informed. The PBS Parents site has a new section, Growing with Media, where parents can get age-appropriate tips for monitoring computer time for preschoolers or using the Internet to best advantage for homework.

**PBS Launches Reading Rockets Web Site
This new Web site, a companion to the PBS Reading Rockets television program, translates the research on reading readiness for parents and gives friendly tips for helping preschool children get ready to read. It also offers links to key organizations and initiatives—and an interview with an 8-year-old who talks about what it's like to be a student who is unable to read.

**Early Childhood Advocates Share their Lessons Learned
The Communications Consortium Media Center can help advocates make a stronger case for the kind of comprehensive and systematic investments that enable families to provide good care and early learning opportunities for their children, from birth to kindergarten. Be sure to check out the Q&A section.

**A Good Start in Life: Understanding Your Child's Brain and Behavior
This "how-to" book combines sensible parenting guidance with clear explanations of research findings on what's happening in the baby's developing brain from birth to six. Authors Norbert Herschkowitz and Elinore Chapman Herschkowitz explain how developmental milestones—achievements like pointing to a picture or distinguishing right from wrong—are connected to what's
happening behind the scenes in a baby's brain. Cost: $22.95 or available online.

**Political Literacy…Sifting thru the Spin
Teen reporters for this In the Mix program examine how candidates use the media to convey their positions on the issues, and how young voters can sift through the spin to get good information on where the candidates stand. Find it under the Shows section.

The following article is from The Lion & Lamb Project
***Buffy the Video Game: Violent Death and Fetishes

Here is another example of taking a brand name, and then pushing the envelope. In this case, the TV program Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been transformed into a video game. While the Buffy TV series did have at least some plot and character development, Buffy the video game (rated "T" for Teen) "is all about killing things," writes the New York Times reviewer. "Bad guys just don't die the way they used to," he adds." Buffy and another new game called The Mark of the Kri "take things further, with an almost fetishistic approach to violent death."

Describing Kri (rated M for Mature), the reviewer notes: "The game's protagonist, Rau, is a burly fellow who will beat one man to death, slit another's throat with such force that the head flies off, and, in a particularly horrible sequence, places his sword under someone and then slowly slide him down the blade." For more information, go to You will have to register to view the New York Times online, but registration is free.)

**** Producer
News ****

We are extending our October 11 deadline for new submissions for the spring festival and book to October 30. If you have a new title that you want evaluated and endorsed by KIDS FIRST!, this is your chance to get it in and have the possibility of its inclusion in the KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival 2003.

April 10 ­ 13, 2003, in Taos, New Mexico.
Established as an artists' colony more than a century ago, Taos is known for its eclectic mixture of cultures, traditions and philosophies. It is in this light festival organizers program over 150 new independent films and videos from around the world, including features, documentaries, videos, and shorts during the four-day festival, creating a multi-cultural rendezvous of film and video artists. Highlights include: Tributes; Hispanic and Native American programs; as well as a comprehensive Media Forum that offers attendees panel discussions, workshops and demonstrations focusing on the state of media.

Of special interest is the TAOS LAND GRANT AWARD of 5 acres of land to be awarded to a narrative, documentary or experimental film or video, 70 minutes or longer, which takes a fresh approach to storytelling and/or the cinematic medium.

Entries should have been completed within 18 months of festival. Formats: 35mm, 16mm, video. Entry fee: $25 ­ $50 (There is no entry fee required for international submissions, including Canada & Mexico) Entry Deadline: January 10, 2003. (Only 1/2" VHS/PAL or DVD submissions accompanied with an entry form are accepted). Contact: Kelly Clement, Director of Programming.
For a downloadable entry form, go to their web site or, contact: Taos Talking Pictures - Submissions 1337 Gusdorf Rd., Ste. B
Taos, NM 87571 phone: 505-751-0637; fax: 505-751-7385; email: [email protected]

********CALL FOR ENTRIES *********
Tribeca Film Festival
It's time to send in your film or video project for consideration in next years event, to take place in lower Manhattan May 6-11, 2003. If you've got a short, feature, documentary, animated project, experimental film, they want to see it.
Go to for information on how to submit projects.

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If you've found our e-zine and web site helpful, please consider becoming a member of KIDS FIRST! Members help underwrite the various projects of this organization and are a critical component of our success.

The Coalition for Quality Children's Media's relies on the generous support of its members and donors to support its programs. An individual/family membership is only $25/year. An organizational membership is $100/year. An independent producer membership is $200 - $10,000 / year. For more information, visit our website ( or contact our office for an application form, 505.989.8076.

Resources ***********************

******* KIDS FIRST! Book ***
Our book, A Parent's Guide to the Best Children's Videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs, featuring reviews of more than 1800 KIDS FIRST! endorsed videos, DVDs, TV shows, and CD-ROMs is available now. To order your copy, call our office, 505-989-8076 or send your request, to kfnews@ You can view sample pages of our book at http: //

*** MEMBER NEWS ****
Meet our new Board members:
Larry Balaban is Executive Vice President of Marketing and Production for Genius Productions. He joined the company in January 1999 after having served as a consultant to the company for six months. He was elected to their Board of Directors in July 2001. Before joining Genius, Mr. Balaban was president of Mr. B Productions, a non-traditional marketing firm based in New York City, specializing in TV production, target marketing and membership programs. From 1994-1997, Mr. Balaban was president of Virtual Reality Productions, where he specialized in marketing, and coordinated specialized audio productions for licensed products including Star Trek(TM), The Simpsons and the X-Files.

Marcela D. Aviles, CEO, entertainment industry executive, and attorney with experience in fund-raising for and development, production and distribution of award-winning family and children's programs for broadcast, home entertainment, television, Internet, publishing, theatrical and educational markets. Marcela also has a background in consulting and corporate legal experience in the bank regulatory area with both Federal and state agencies, law firm practice, non-profit Board membership in arts and education and extensive press and public speaking experience. She is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School and a mother of two beautiful young children.

MARYLOU BONO has more than fifteen years experience of successful innovations in the entertainment industry introducing new products, opening new markets and creating strong consumer brand awareness. She is Senior Director of Marketing Home Video for Rhino Entertainment. Her talents include marketing, advertising, consumer promotions, public relations, manufacturing, product management, sales, licensing, key account liaison, pricing strategies, trade show/event management, package design, and Internet strategies.

VISIT OUR MEMBERS' SITES ******************

Thanks to our KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival 2002 Sponsors: Edwards Theatres, LA Parent Magazine, Orange County Parenting,, Parents Guide Press, Walt Disney Home Entertainment, PAX-30, Paramount Home Entertainment, The El Capitan Theatre, Rhino Home Video, Artmatten Productions, Devine Entertainment, Embassy Suites,, Productions La Fete and to supporters: Anchor Bay Enterprises, Backyard Enterprises, Big Idea Productions, Child Magazine, Children's Media Project, Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment, Noggin, Nomadic Pictures, Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video.

EVENTS and NEWS ***************

KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival Fall Tour:
October 12: Mamaroneck Playhouse, Mamaroneck, NY
October 19: Soundview Cinemas, Port Washington, NY
October 26: Chelsea Cinemas, New York, NY
October 26 - Nov. 2: Community Development Corp., Tampa, FL
November 2 - 9: Cinema Café, Santa Fe, NM
November 15-17: Festival of Festivals, Palm Springs, CA
December 26-28: Santa Barbara International Film Festival presents the KIDS FIRST! Film, Video and DVD Festival, Santa Barbara, CA

October 11, 2002 Williamsburg, VA; Fall Literacy Institute - "Using Play-Based Curricula to Enhance Literacy Experiences for All Young Children." for more information, visit or email Lisa McKean at [email protected]

October 16-20, 2002 Hamptons International Film Festival, East Hampton, Long Island, New York Celebrating its 10th anniversary. There will be programming that families will enjoy as well as superb youth made media, curated by Children's Media Project in Poughkeepsie, NY. For more info, go to For more information about Children's Media Project, go to

October 21-22 Lion & Lamb Trainer Seminar,
If you are concerned about the new marketing trends related to video games and movies, sign up now and learn how to offer Lion & Lamb workshops in your community. The next Lion & Lamb Workshop Leader Seminar will take place October 21-22, 2002 in Washington, DC. The seminar will focus on topics such as: the ways that children learn violent attitudes and behavior through media; the sophisticated tools used to market violent video games, movies, toys, and other entertainment products to children, while by-passing their parents; and what schools and parents can do to stop the marketing of violence to children. For more information on the Seminar, please visit

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