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What to know: A motivational anti-bullying film.
Recommended age 12-18
20 minutes
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Kids definitely could relate to this. "I have seen things like this happen. I know someone like the bully Tasha." "Tasha was a big bully and there are several girls like her at my school. I have been like India where I have been put in situations where I had to make a decision what group to go with." "I liked the rapping and the way the DVD started. The music was loud but got your attention." "I have gone along with groups when I didn't really want to. I need to stand up for myself and my friends and do what is right."
Very well done. Good topic. Bullying is a real problem including the name calling and "your mama" stuff that goes on in schools. This helps illustrated how to address this problem and emphasizes that you don't need to give in to peer pressure. Very timely and accurate. Sometimes students don't realize how bad their behavior is until they are exposed. This is a much needed tool for schools. It is very well done. This is suitable for 12-18 year olds because this group has a difficult time balancing the pressure from their peers, what they have been taught at home, and the way they perceive the person they hope to become. The heroine, India, is just beginning to question the actions of her group against what she feels is right. She makes several choices, like lying, that are not ideal. But, she seems to be on the right track. She is encouraged that her actions helped Rayna and her last statement, "I'm Secret Angel, the original," hints that she feels a stronger sense of self that may aid her in her future decisions.
A motivational anti-bullying film. A popular 13-year-old's life-changing journey from "follower and bullying bystander" to "empowered secret leader."
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