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The Garfield Movie * Heartwarming Story Beautifully Animated, Great Pace And Laugh-Out-Loud Humor

The Garfield Movie * Heartwarming Story Beautifully Animated, Great Pace And Laugh-Out-Loud Humor Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt), the world-famous, Monday-hating, lasagna-loving indoor cat, is about to have a wild outdoor adventure! After an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father – scruffy street cat Vic (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) – Garfield and his canine friend Odie are forced from their perfectly pampered life into joining Vic in a hilarious, high-stakes heist. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Sydney S. comments, “The Garfield Movie is a heartwarming story with a great pace and humor that’s cleverly put together.” Carter P. adds, “The Garfield Movie is fun, heartwarming, has a great villain, stunning animation is stunning and an exceptional cast.” Alma K. comments, “I have always loved all things Garfield, so I … - read more...


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The Great American Baking Show: Season 2 * As Fluffy And Sweet As Its Bakers’ Treats

Roku Original The Great American Baking Show is the American version of the most beloved baking show on the planet, bringing together passionate, talented bakers from around the country to see who will be named America’s Best Amateur Baker.  KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Eshaan M. comments, “Season 2 of The Great American Baking Show is soon to arrive, in an attempt to capture the magic of its counterpart across the pond…and it succeeds beautifully. The Great American Baking Show is as fluffy and sweet as its bakers’ treats, and it replicates the British show’s format without feeling like a knock-off.” See his full review and interviews below. The Great American Baking Show: Season 2By Eshaan M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age … - read more...

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Are you passionate about media? Do you love talking about the latest films or TV shows? Do you imagine yourself as an entertainment reporter? Look no further. We have a place for you where you can do all that and more!We invite you to audition for our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Team here: https://www.kidsfirst.org/become-a-juror/ Fill out our online audition form. Along with your personal information (which we do not share), you'll be asked to submit a sample 200 word written review of a film or TV show and to upload a brief video about yourself to our dropbox folder. Next, our staff reviews your application and schedule an online audition. Don't … - read more...


Our Podcast is taking a hiatus right now; Please come back
After producing a weekly podcast since 2011, we are taking a little break while we restructure. Please be patience; we'll be back before you know it. Thanks, KIDS - read more...

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For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign * Inspiring To See Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan And Others Support This Campaign
For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign is an emotionally gripping documentary illustrating the power of love and determination in the face of adversity. The film follows the life of Brian Wallach and his wife Sandra in the aftermath of his ALS diagnosis at age 37. Exemplifying bravery, inspiration and hope, Brian and Sandra, continue to fight against a broken system for their own future, while seeking to build a brighter one for countless others. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Tia O. comments, “The mood, editing, and celebrity cameos make this an excellent … - read more...


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