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"It's Like Cannes, But For Kids!"


Venue Application

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, KIDS FIRST! is co-hosting KIDS FIRST! Film Festivals in partnership with established film festivals, publishers, youth advocacy organizations, film societies and other venues showcasing films made for and by children from independent and student filmmakers worldwide as well as a select group of studio films.

Please read this summary below

If it looks like we're a good fit for you, fill out the Venue Application We'll be in touch with you soon to get started.

  • Some films will only be available to screen at live screenings (and will be designated as such on our programmer’s site)
  • Other films are available for playing at online/virtual hybrid festivals. Please be sure you do not screen films at virtual events that we do not have digital rights for.
  • The festival / special events need to be co-branded with KIDS FIRST! Film Festival and your organization/festival’s name.
  • You may select to host only live events, only online events, or hybrid.
  • All partners must sign off on the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival affiliate form so we have background information about your organization and venue.


  • KIDS FIRST! Film Festival provides you with access to its curated film collection on its password protected film programmers’ site.
  • This is a collection of features and short films from indie and student filmmakers worldwide. All dialogue is either in English, or if in another language, has English subtitles. Some are non-narrative.
  • Each film will have a recommended audience age (based on reviews by our adult and youth jurors), a synopsis, and a summary of our jurors’ comments.
  • We will give you access to two folders with films.

    • Films with rights to screen at live events (600+ films)
    • Films with rights to screen at Online / Virtual events (200+ films)
  • Additionally, we will set up a folder specifically for your festival/event where our team will put films that we believe will be of interest to you. We find that many festivals appreciate this and do most of their selection from this, rather than plow through 600 films in the main folder.
  • Note that our film selection changes weekly as we have rolling deadlines on filmfreeway, so keep checking back for newer films to choose from.

All films selected must meet the KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria of

    • 1) NO gratuitous violence or abuse;
    • 2) NO inappropriate sexual behavior;
    • 3) NO bias in terms of race, gender, culture or religion;
    • 4) NO condescension toward children;
    • 5) NO replicable unsafe behavior.

  • Once you select your films for your even, we will set up a folder with your  final selections in them and allow you to download them from there. All will be in high definition mp4 format.

    • We ask that you give us up to 10 days advance notice for live events or stand alone online events.
    • For full film festivals, we ask for 2 months advance notice.

Responsibilities for Your Organization

  • Select films for your festival from the KIDS FIRST! curated collection. Make your final selection of films by your deadline.  
  • Publicize your event.
  • Co-brand your event with KIDS FIRST! Film Festival in all promotional materials, using the 30th anniversary KIDS FIRST! Film Festival logo, when applicable.
  • Agree to not duplicate, edit or modify any of the films provided by KIDS FIRST!  
  • Coordinate online events with KIDS FIRST! as necessary.  
  • For live events: Provide appropriate venue and acceptable technical equipment for quality projection and manage live events.
  • All live screenings must take place at the venue/s provided in your agreement with KIDS FIRST! If you wish to add screenings at other locations, you need to request permission in writing from KIDS FIRST!  
  • Managing live streaming events at virtual festivals - Q&A, round tables, opening, closing ceremonies, etc.
  • Provide an accounting from live screenings with

    • number of attendees per screening
    • press clippings and/or links to online publicity

Responsibilities of KIDS FIRST!

  • Provide access to the KIDS FIRST! Film Programmer’s Site for selection of films
  • Provide access to the filmmakers for each film selected in order to secure promotional images or other needed assets for their film’s screening, or setting up interviews.
  • Publicize your festival to the KIDS FIRST! national audience via social media, the KIDS FIRST! website, newsletter, YouTube Chanel and publishing partners.
  • Coordinate all aspects of online events with the platform host

    • including uploading films and pre-recorded interviews
    • scheduling live streaming events
    • audience voting
    • generating box office reports, as needed
  • KIDS FIRST! can manage live streaming events for a fee.
  • Provide full accounting of all revenue received online and the distribution of funds.

Our Online Platform provides

  • Streaming of films at HD 1080p Live Stream
  • Eventive provides interactive live chat during live broadcast to help viewers with technical issues.
  • Seamlessly integrates live and pre-recorded content.
  • Manages audience voting
  • Geoblock films, if needed
  • Provides piracy prevention
  • Festival films may be watched on TV, mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Offers custom branded screening rooms
  • Can collect donations and sell merch, if desired
  • Sell event tickets and multi-event passes
  • Provide event analytics

Ordering Process

Once you make your selection of films from the KIDS FIRST! Film Programmer’s Site

  • Notify KIDS FIRST! of your selections and the times & dates of your screenings. Send to [email protected]
  • KIDS FIRST! will add them to your final selection folder for live events.
  • KIDS FIRST! will add them to the Eventive platform for virtual events
  • We will connect you with the filmmakers so you get artwork, talent bios, etc. to your specifications.
  • Remember to meet your deadline in sending us your selections so no one is scrambling at the last minute.  
  • For assistance in programming, please contact us at [email protected]

Publicity Logistics

  • Whenever you use the words KIDS FIRST! please remember that it should always be in all caps, two words, an exclamation point at the end.
  • Please remember to include the 30th Anniversary KIDS FIRST! Film Festival logo when you are promoting the festival, including your print program, website, social media, press releases, and similar.   
  • When you promote this event on social media, tag KIDS FIRST! and we will repost. Links to our social media are all on the KIDS FIRST! homepage, www.kidsfirst.org.

Contact Us

Please contact our office for more information. Call 505-989-8076 or email us at [email protected]

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