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I've had an amazing experience with KID FIRST! so far. I absolutely love it! I remember when I first joined. I was nervous, but everyone was super welcoming. Ranny is extremely kind to everyone. I also love that it doesn't take up school time; so there's always time for movies, interviews, radio shows and school. Actually, being part of KIDS FIRST! helps me develop my critical skills in a different way from my regular classes. I love the feeling of being part of something that is helpful and inspiring for other kids. Doing interviews, meeting amazing people I admire and reviewing films is fun and also a challenge. All my KIDS FIRST! peers have different personalities and we are all free to be ourselves. KIDS FIRST! has a special place in my heart. Zoe Cannella, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Zoe Cannella, Lin Manuel Miranda
Zoe C. and Lin-Manuel Miranda

I found KIDS FIRST! by online research and never imagined it was going to be a total life-changing experience for my daughter. After a whole year, KIDS FIRST! is not just a way of living for us and is a great experience for all the other kids that are part of this organization. As a media member, I understand the hard work required to be a film journalist and to work in the entertainment industry. I'm grateful that Ranny gave us such a warm welcome. We share our love for films and she encourages us everyday to be better. Mariana Medina Cannella, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic parent

Nathalia Jackson
Nathalia J. and

Thank you doesn’t even begin to describe how thankful Nathalia and I are. What an amazing experience KIDS FIRST! has been for us. I highly recommend KIDS FIRST! to others interested in becoming a film critics. My daughter Nathalia’s written and oral communication has developed and continues to evolve, with help from the KIDS FIRST! staff. Their training program has provided Nathalia the necessary tools to help her articulate her views, share and exchange her impressions and have fun while learning. 

Thank you Ranny - How do you do it all!? You are truly a Superhero. You are simply AMAZING! We have truly learned so much from you. Thank you for the prompt responses via email, text and phone. You are always a phone call away! Thank you for making it all happen for my daughter.

Thank you Ranny & KIDS FIRST!, Connie Chavarria & Nathalia Jackson 

Sandy Kenyon, Na'im Smith
Na'im S. with Sandy Kenyon, WABC Eyewitness News Anchor
Mel Brooke, Keefer Blakeslee

Keefer B. interviewing Mel Brooks

I was originally a KIDS FIRST! client, as a producer of family friendly films.  I loved what I saw them do, having young people review our films, and I was so impressed with the kids' thoroughness and skill in reviewing films.  And I loved the media exposure KIDS FIRST! got for our productions. When my twin girls came of age I knew I wanted them to go to KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Boot camp and learn the trade.  They loved it, made a lot of great friends, and had fun learning the discipline of viewing, reviewing and reporting on a film property.  I love the confidence they gained in critically thinking about a movie, all while improving their writing skills, and becoming more and more comfortable delivering their reviews via video.  Not a small task for a 10-year-old!  KIDS FIRST! truly gives them skills for a lifetime!! Susan F., Parent of two KIDS FIRST! Film Critics

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At the heart of KIDS FIRST! are our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, ages 8 to 22 who review films, TV shows and digital media geared for children and families. Rather than having adults tell kids what to watch, KIDS FIRST! gives kids a voice, allowing kids to tell other kids what is (and is not) important, excellent, interesting, engaging and worth spending your own money on.

Steven SpielbergOur KIDS FIRST! reporters attend press screenings and junkets, red carpets and other special events for all the latest films, TV show and digital media rated G, PG and PG-13. Their written and videotaped reviews reach more than 5 million viewers per show.

KIDS FIRST! trains kids to become film and TV critics, interviewers and influencers. We provide coaches, editors and technical personnel to teach and assist our reporters in developing their skills, talents, dreams and goals in the far-reaching world of media.

Learning and Fun Can Be One!
While you are watching and reviewing films, your parents and teachers will love the skills that you are honing such as...

  • Improved critical thinking skills
  • Improved writing skills
  • Develop oral skills through interviewing celebrities on the red carpet and at press junkets
  • Building self-esteem as they learn and grow
  • Learning how to view all media with a critical eye
  • Acquiring team building skills as they work collaboratively with other KIDS FIRST! reporters
  • Improved vocabulary to make their reviews more interesting
  • Improved listening skills in order to have the best possible interview
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I want to give KIDS FIRST! a shout out, as it's been four years now that our daughter, Abigail has been a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. We see tremendous growth in Abigail's reporting, particularly in being more articulate and poised. Some of her highlights – which are many – include interviewing numerous talented people like Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Kevin Hart, Zooey Deschanel, Weird Al Yankovic, Bella Thorne and many others. Attending red carpets and press junkets have been exciting and often, being the only kid reporter among top reporters is pretty cool!

Abigail Zoe Lewis and Justin TimberlakeReviewing, reporting and being invited on the set of shows like Disney Channel’s T.O.T.S., Just Roll With It and other productions have made Abigail feel she has contributed positively to this world. It has also been really incredible to see Abigail's reviews published in the Huffington Post and other places. As any parent, we love when our child is happy and feel good about who they are. KIDS FIRST! has been like an extended family for us and has given Abigail something very special personally and professionally in her heart. Thank you Ranny for all you do and for giving kids a voice in this world where kids' voices matter and can make a difference!
Fondly, David Lewis, Parent; Photo: Abigail Zoe L., Justin Timberlake at Trolls premiere

Ryan Rivera and Mark WahlbergWhy I put my child in KIDS FIRST!?  My son loves the art of filmmaking. He used to watch me edit videos and he took a genuine interest. When he watches a movie or a show, he always had an opinion.  He also likes being in front of the camera.  When I saw they were going to do a KIDS FIRST! Boot Camp in NY, I signed him up.  What he got out of that boot camp was more confidence to be able to voice what he did or didn't like about a film, DVD or anything.  He knew that even though he is young, he has a voice and that his opinion is important.  But KIDS FIRST! reinforced that idea.  He also writes more than he used to, thanks to the reviews he has to write, which is great.  After the boot camp was over, he decided to join the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team. Since then, he has gone to many screenings, interviewed directors and producers from Disney, Warner and many more studios, has been interviewed online, reviewed movies and DVDs, and traveled to Indianapolis to cover an event for KIDS FIRST!  It's been a great experience for him. An experience he wishes to continue to grow and learn from and I get to enjoy seeing his growth. The KIDS FIRST! team have been a great source of support and mentorship to my son.  We love KIDS FIRST!, Cynthia R., Parent; photo: Ryan R. and Mark Wahlberg

Morgan FreemanGerry began submitting his student films to KIDS FIRST! when he was 9 and joined the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team three years ago. Last spring, Gerry was invited to present some of his film ideas to Morgan Freeman’s production team after interviewing Freeman on the red carpet three times in six week’s time. Gerry’s feature length film on bullying has been picked up for distribution thanks to his KIDS FIRST! connections. He has completed over 100 reviews and is now working on reaching 200! n Gerry’s mom recognized that the program’s benefits go beyond film critiquing. “Your program not only teaches kids how to be better communicators, more pleasant company and knowledgeable movie gurus, it gives them so much more. These kids will be able to socialize and speak properly, write great essays, participate intelligently in debates and become confident leaders.” Gerry is currently enrolled in a production workshop at YouTube Space LA, representing KIDS FIRST! as one of only 10 channels accepted. Kate O., mother of Gerry O., Los Angeles, CA; Photo: Gerry O. and Keefer B. interviewing Morgan Freeman

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