Who are our current KIDS FIRST! Film Critics?

Jude A.

Jude AJude Hudson A. (age 15) lives in Washington DC, has three brothers, four dogs and two birds. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic he loves reviewing movies and interviewing talent. He bikes a lot, climbs trees, and when goes to the movies. He is definitely a Marvel fan and his favorite film is Avengers: Endgame, because "it's amazing that 22 movies went into creating this giant conclusion of the whole series." His favorite actor is Jim Carry, because he is so silly in every film. If other actors acted like him, people would just think they’re weird, but Jim Carry pulls it off. His favorite film critic is his teacher, Mrs. Jacoby because she exposed him to KIDS FIRST! Jude’s greatest accomplishment is getting a job with KIDS FIRST!, because he loves reviewing movies. He also really likes helping animals and studying biology. He hopes to become a marine biologist. But, in case you didn’t get it yet – Jude really LOVE MOVIES!

Nyara A.

NyaraNyara A (age 13) lives in the Bay Area of California, has one brother and a dog named Tiny. She loves acting and singing and joined KIDS FIRST! to learn more about the industry from behind the scenes. She absolutely loves the entire Harry Potter series, because the films transport her into a magical world. Emma Watson is her favorite actress because she is incredibly talented and also committed to making the world a better place. Nyara had the opportunity to perform in the San Francisco Opera’s production of Hansel and Gretel. They practiced for several months and put on eight evening performances for over 2000 people each time. That experience made her fall in love with acting and performing. She continues to act on stage and on the screen and also loves to ski, dance, read, and plays piano, guitar and tennis. She aspires to be a Broadway performer when she is grown. She loves reporting for KIDS FIRST!

Anna Clara B.

anna clara bAnna Clara B. (age 12) lives in Recife, Brazil, has a sister who lives in Texax and has three Beta fish. She joined KIDS FIRST! because she loves watching films, meeting people and interviewing them. In an interview with a youth reporter from the USA, she learned about KIDS FIRST! and said I would be fantastic for them. In her spare time, she sings, goes out with friends and watching her favorite series and movies. Her favorite subject is science and her hobbies are singing, dancing, dubbing characters, interviewing and acting. His favorite actress is Anna Kendrick because of her amazing work and the films she has voiced like Trolls. Also, her first name is Anna. Her favorite film critic is Brazilian Heitor Augusto, because he is very professional and loves what he does. Anna aspires to be a singer, actress, reporter and voice actor when she grows up.

Hanadie B. K.

Hanadie B KHanadie B. K. (age 11) lives in Los Angeles, CA, is an actress, podcaster, author and aspiring motivational speaker. She joined KIDS FIRST to build a community with like-minded tweens and teens, to better understand how the entertainment industry works, and improve as a writer, media personality and speaker. She is building her brand as the Kid-preneur Coach, helping kids create their own businesses. She hopes to help hundreds of kids like herself start businesses, launch podcasts and become published authors. She is excited about how her acting career is blossoming and the success of her podcast and books. Her podcast is available on all streaming platforms and her books have sold over 15,000 copies. They are available at most online retailers, bookstore, and big box stores.  Hanadie is a foodie who prefers to watch movies versus TV series, plus she loves to swim, listen to music and cook.

Samantha B.

Sammi BSamantha B. (age 11) Lives in New York City, goes by Sammi and has a dog named Bella, a cat named Jazzy and some fish. She was drawn to KIDS FIRST! because she has a lot of thoughts about films and wanted a platform to express my opinions and help others.  She loves watching movies, making art and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Her favorite film is Ferris Bueller's Day Off because she loves how she always wondered if he would get caught for skipping school. Her favorite actor is Alec Baldwin. “He is particularly funny in his Trump videos and as the voice of Boss Baby. She can’t name her favorite film critic because she loves “All of the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics! She is quite proud of performing live in her theater program’s production of Godspell. Her goal is to perform on Broadway or be a special effects makeup artist or a veterinarian. She loves cosplaying her favorite characters.

Allison B.

Allison BAllison B. (age 15) lives in Chicago, IL and has an older brother and a dog. She joined KIDS FIRST! because she think kids deserve to have our opinions heard. Also, this is a great experience to work with smart, interesting people, and learn about the entertainment industry from a different point of view.  She plays the guitar and likes reading, watching movies and visiting Six Flags. Her favorite film is Almost Famous, because the story is interesting and unpredictable and the soundtrack is just amazing. Her favorite actress is Emma Watson, because she gives such emotional depth to her characters, while still keeping them fun and light hearted. Allison’s greatest accomplishment (so far) is earning a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She would love to continue being an actor when she is older. And, la voila, she just booked her first TV show! (more on that later)

Calista B.

Calista BCalista B. (age 18) lives in Southern California. Her friends call her Callie. She is vice president and co-founder of Nintendo Club at her high school, is in animation club and theater. She is an actor and loves doing comedy. She has landed roles with DreamWorks TV and "London and The Muse" which was lauded at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Calista is equally passionate about writing and film in general. As a critic for KIDS FIRST!, she says that she "breathes film and TV." Calista also enjoys writing original stories, drawing her own original characters and reading about mythology. Callie has been a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic for almost two years and loves it! Her favorite movie is Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse. She has Asperger's Syndrome and hopes to change the world’s view on autism.

Zoe C.

Zoe CannellaZoe C. (age 13) lives in the greater Miami area of Florida.As an actor, she is known for Cootie Katie (2018). She has a dog and her friends call her Zozo. She loves films as well as playing, singing, auditioning, dancing, playing guitar and doing crafts. Her favorite films are The Greatest Showman, La La Land and Miracles from Heaven. Her favorite actors are Eddie Redmayne,  Millie Bobby and Emma Stone because she loves how they stand out in their films. She aspires to become an actress when she grows up. Her favorite film critics are Evangeline Lilly and Calista B. She joined our KIDS FIRST! Film Critic at age 9! Zoe's playlist is here.


Kyla C.

KylaCKyla C. (age 12) lives in Boston and has a younger brother. She appreciates films of all different genres and often writes movie reviews for fun, so joining KIDS FIRST! was a natural thing next step where she is expanding her writing and interviewing skills. Kyla also loves to sing and act and has been in 15 musical theater productions, and enjoys being on stage and on-camera. Reading is a favorite hobby. She read all seven Harry Potter books in about nine days! Kyla’s favorite film is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 because of its action and adventure, plus some of her favorite actors are in it. Her favorite actress is Emma Watson who is also a feminist and an environmentalist. “I love that she models for companies that make clothes in an environmentally safe way. Kyla aspires to become an actress -- maybe play Hermione when they remake Harry Potter. She also plays soccer and plays the recorder, ukulele and piano. She deeply cares about the environment, particularly global warming.

Ashleigh C.

AshleighAshleigh C. (age 18) lives in DC and has two sisters - one a twin.  She loves that KIDS FIRST! offers her a voice for her opinions about entertainment. Her favorite film is Just Go With It because of its comedy, inspiring actors and clear message. Her favorite actor is Chris Evans, for his acting and his contribution to ending political discourse like a real-life Captain America. Danai Gurira is her favorite actress, for her portrayal of a strong African American female in The Walking Dead. Ashleigh became president of her high school speech and debate team after taking first place at the VA High School League Speech and Debate tournament. She is a co-researcher at George Mason University, studying Youth Participatory Action research and an advisor for Bridge USA’s High School Program for retooling civic/political discourse in today’s youth. She does cross country and teaches young girls about STEM through an all high school female-led non-profit organization named Posse Empowerment.

Ava C.

avacAva C. (age 13) lives in Atlanta, GA. She joined KIDS FIRST! because she likes going to the movies and discussing them with others. In her free time, she hangs out with her friends, spends time with her family and posts TikTok videos. Her favorite movie is The Prince of Egypt, because of the music and the story of how Moses helped free his people from slavery. Her favorite actress is Zendaya, because she is versatile and plays many different roles. Her greatest accomplishment are maintaining good grades at school. When she grows up, she aspires to be an actress and entrepreneur. One thing you should know about her: she is shy, but once you get to know her, she is very talkative, funny and silly.

Miguel Angel C.

Miguel C.Miguel Angel C. (age 13) lives in Miami, Florida with his cat and his two older siblings. In his free time he loves being with his family, playing board games, watching  movies, making jokes and laughing together. He is socially active with his friends and likes going to the mall to catch up and have fun. Miguel aspires to be an actor and has acted since he was four years old. One of his favorite films is To All The Boys I Love because he loves comedic and romantic movies. His favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and his performance in Titanic is outstanding. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic team member he looks forward to meeting movie industry people and learning more about what goes through an actor’s mind when creating a character. His greatest accomplishment is that three of the shows he has worked on are now on Netflix.  

Dominic D.

dominic digravioDominic D. (age 12) lives in Upstate, NY, with his parents, brother and many pet. His family is involved in animal rescue. He is a Boy Scout, which gives him the opportunity to interact with the natural world. Dominic enjoys watching & analyzing movies. His favorite film is A Wrinkle in Time, because it is filled with exploration and scientific concepts that make you critically think. His favorite actor was Cameron Boyce who he started watching on Disney shows as a young child. His greatest accomplishment is being an inventor. In fact, he appeared on The Tonight Show and Wonderama showcasing his invention “The Shortie No More 360” shoes, which give short kids, like himself, four inches of extra height! He's a professional actor, a competitive dancer and model.  He enjoys school and playing piano; his favorite subjects are math and science.  Dominic is a good friend to others, has a HUGE heart, and always put others first! 

SaniyaRain F.

SaniyaRain F.SaniyaRain F. (age 14) lives in New Jersey. She loves movies and joined KIDS FIRST! in order to be more engaged in the entertainment industry. She loves meeting new people and talking with them. In her free time, she likes playing with dolls, roller skating, riding her bike, dancing and playing on computers. Her favorite film is The Grinch That Stole Christmas because she feels that Jim Carrey’s performance is so incredible and he finally gets a heart. You might guess that Jim Carrey is her favorite actor! She is most proud of having won trophies for dancing and cheer leading. But is most proud of being on the honor roll five times. She has been in four independent films and loves acting as well as making her own movies. She would also love to be an entertainment reporter, just like what she’ll be doing with KIDS FIRST! Film Critics.

Katie F.

Katie FKatie F. (age 13) lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and has a younger brother. She loves writing, watching films, going to the theatre, singing, dancing, acting and talking. She likes to make TikToks and write imaginary stories.  Her favorite film is Tick, Tick, Boom!, which is about famous theatre writer Jonathan Larson. Her greatest accomplishment (so far) was being on set in the Netflix original film Outlaw King. She learned so much from participating for 18 days. She has recently become a Musical Theatre Ambassador for Urdang College in London, UK. This academy is one of the UK’s first choices for further educational training in the performing arts conservatoire. In the future, you just might catch her as a performer on The West End and on Broadway, as she has set her sights on those. She absolutely loves all things musical! Some of her favourites being Hamilton, Six and Heathers.

Mikella G.

MikellaMikella G. (age 16) hails from New York City. She loves acting, singing and dancing so she thought joining KIDS FIRST! would be a lot of fun and a great experience to get to interview people, and write reviews on films and TV shows. She also loves to bake, play guitar, practice makeup and travel. Her favorite film is Titanic, because of its interesting storyline, great acting, its romance aspect and the action-packed, tragic tear-jerker ending. Leighton Meester is her favorite actress. She plays the iconic Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl (one of her favorite shows) and other films. "The way she goes from playing Blair, someone with a huge personality, to other types of characters, shows what a truly is an amazing actor she is." Her greatest accomplishment was getting into a performing arts high school for musical theater. She aspires to become an actor and singer,and hopes to travel and see the world.

Deena H.

Deena H.Deena H. (age 14) lives in Wichita, KS. She joined KIDS FIRST! because she wanted to expand her journalism skills and improve her interviewing and writing skills. Deena loves to having family game night with her family, or just hanging out. Her favorite film is Akeelah And The Bee, because she feels that youth can relate to it today, particularly the lack of support from people around us. Her favorite actor is Keke Palmer. “I grew up watching her in many different movies and she is very inspiring to me.”  She is proud of having passed the KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Boot camp and joining the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team. Deena aspires to be a model and motivational speaker when she is older.  She loves doing pageants, acting as a runway model, and loves going to school both in person and online. Also, she can proudly say that this summer she took her first college summer class (at the age of 12). We think she’s terrific!

Madeleine H.K.

madeleineMadeleine H.K. (age 10) lives in the San Diego area. She has a dog, a fish and lives with her two dads. She joined KIDS FIRST! because of her love of movies and sharing them with her friends, fans and movie lovers. She loves reading, math, drawing, socializing with friends and playing the piano. She is also training at tennis, synchronized swimming and ballet and has performed in four productions of The Nutcracker with two professional ballet companies. Her favorite movie is the live action/animated comedy film, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life because of its overactive, imaginative humor and sad, touching premise. Hilary Duff is among her favorite actors for her ability to feel the role of her characters and make them better. Her love of animals makes her want to be a veterinarian, and overcoming her fear of rollercoasters has been the most rewarding accomplishment.

Nathalia Marie J.

Nathalia JNathalia Marie J. (age 13) lives in southern California and has a younger brother.  She has acted in South Central Love, Blue Laces and Burt and the Wall Children. She enjoys hiking, attending church, taking day trips, dancing and eating BBQ. She is an active volunteer and believes in the importance of giving back. Her favorite film is Miracles from Heaven, an American Christian comedy. Her favorite actress is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, who is a great role model, brilliant on screen and a strong, powerful and loving person. Nathalia is an excellent student and plans to attend UCLA majoring in cinematic arts. She also has an interest in fashion and has launched a clothing line called Naji. What she enjoys as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is meeting new people, voicing her opinions about films and being the best she can be. “I am ready to accomplish so much more and see what God has in store for me!” .

Alexis J.

Alexis J.Alexis J. (age 11) lives in Los Angeles, CA and has a younger brother and a dog.  She likes swimming, ice skating, playing with toys and watching movies with her brother. Her favorite film is Sonic the Hedgehog, because the main character is super cute and even has a superpower. “It is so hilarious watching him run around fast using his superpower and exploring the world.  Her favorite actors are Emma Watson and Elizabeth Gilles. She loves their acting and that they are both great singers. Her biggest accomplishment so far is appearing in a Disney Now Commercial. She aspires to be a great actress or singer when she grows up. As you can see she is a very outgoing person and enjoys being on camera.


Alma K.

Alma K.Alma K. (age 12) was born is Israel and moved to the U.S when she was four years old. She currently lives in New York City, has two younger brothers and is fluent in three languages - English, French and Hebrew. She wanted to become a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she thought it would be a good experience. She loves watching movies and writing. Put those together and this is a dream job! In her free time, she like reading, writing novels, playing Settlers of Catan with her family and, of course, watching movies! When she grows up, she wants to be an actress and an author. She is proud of the steps she has taken to accomplish her dream - lead roles in school plays, a supporting role in an off-Broadway show, and always, always writing. Another thing she is proud of - and this will sound nerdy – is her grades.

Eshaan M.

Eshaan M.Eshaan M. (age 15), lives in Houston, TX, loves watching movies and telling stories. KIDS FIRST! allows him to explore storytelling within the realm of movies. He likes providing a reliable retelling of his movie watching experiences with audiences. Eshaan also loves musical theatre, playing videogames, spending time with family and friends, writing, exploring new cuisines, traveling. Eshaan is a huge fan of the Bourne series and his favorite actor is Matt Damon because most of Damon’s films are masterpieces, thanks to his believable acting and hard work. Peter Travers from The Rolling Stone is a favorite film critic. Eshaan reported for Time for Kids magazine in 2019-2020 and one of his highlights was covering the Democratic Debate in Houston where he enjoyed talking with then Senator Kamala Harris. Eshaan plans to explore a career in the humanities. He loves reading and writing of any kind and is tons of fun! Online portfolio. Eshaan's playlist is here.

Josephine M.

Josephine MJosephine M. (age 16) lives in London, England and loves singing, dancing and reading. Josephine is a presenter and interviewer, an upcoming actress and model. She enjoys being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she loves doing film reviews and interviews and really wants to make a change in the world. She enjoys shopping with her friends, reading and watching movies. Her favourite film is Safety, because it is about family and how two bothers bond through thick and thin. Zendaya is her favourite actress because she is inspirational, never gives up and is culturally aware. Josephine is very proud of things she has done, among them interviewing wonderfully talented children and teenagers. Josephine enjoys writing and hopes become an editor for Girls Mag in the future. Being a part of KIDS FIRST! is a step towards achieving her dreams and aspirations and she looks forward to interviewing actors, directors, producers and other entertainment professionals.

Ella M.

ella MElla M. (age 11) lives in Texas. She joined KIDS FIRST! because she loves its mission plus, she loves watching movies and talking about them. If you let her, she’ll talk about movies ALL DAY LONG! She also loves to craft, sing, dance and make funny videos. She loves Marvel movies -- Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avengers: Endgame are her favorites, because they bring all the characters from Marvel into an epic action-packed battle. Her favorite actress is Zendaya because she is a triple threat and she loves all of her work. She loves all her fellow KIDS FIRST! teammates because they have the best reviews for kids' content. She is super proud of pursuing her dreams and working hard towards accomplishing her goals. One of her greatest accomplishments was being signed to Collier Talent Agency and booking her first acting job.  She aspires to be an actress, singer and doll crafter when she grows up. She is also obsessed with learning different languages. She is now studying Spanish and French.

Jolleen M.

Jolleen MJolleen M. (age 18) comes from southern California. She and her parents and her younger brother watch movies together, play sports and travel.  She gets together with friends to talk, play games and shop.  She also enjoys reading, singing, playing guitar and dancing.  The magical creatures and spells of the Harry Potter films create a whole different world, making them her favorite movies. Emma Watson is her favorite actress because of her acting skill and intelligence. Magic is interesting in food, too. She likes tempura ice cream. Not only does it taste good, it does seem magical to fry something frozen.  She has done well in a singing competition and hopes to keep on singing, even while planning to be a doctor. One thing she loves about being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is how it has allowed her to meet and interview celebrities in person.

Avalon N.

AvalonAvalon N. (age 12) lives in Iowa. She loves to watch movies and thought joining KIDS FIRST! would be a great way to voice her opinion on a larger scale. She also loves to act, sing, dance, practice ninja warrior, read, jump on trampoline, skiing and snowboard. Her favorite films are Disney musicals, including Descendants, Zombies, High School Musical and Teen Beach Movie. They have lots of songs she loves. Two of her favorite actors are Sofia Carson and Peyton List, because they are in a lot of shows and movies that she watches and she loves their performances. Her greatest accomplishment so far is writing a screenplay for her version of Descendants 4 with song lyrics and tunes. Also, getting the part of Lucy in Narnia the Musical.  She aspires to act, sing and dance when she grows up, especially if it is for Disney Channel. She likes to be involved in lots of activities and wishes she had time to do them all.

Giana N.

GianaGiana N. (age 11) lives in Philadelphia. She has two sisters, including one twin. She loves watching and commenting on films so joining KIDS FIRST! is a great opportunity to do both. She enjoying dancing, singing and cooking.  Camp Rock 2 is one of her favorite films because she loves Disney movies and loves musicals even more.  Her favorite actor is Grant Gustin, known mostly for his performance in The Flash, but he has been in many more films. He is a great actor because he makes his characters believable. Her favorite actress is Candace Cameron Bure. Since first grade, she has had the opportunity to take accelerated classes in school and that makes her very proud. When she grows grow up, she wants to be a successful actress. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is baked macaroni and cheese.

Maica N.

MaicaMaica N. (age 14) lives in Philadelphia. She loves being on camera because she plans on working in the entertainment industry as an actor, singer and/or dancer. She also loves watching films and TV shows and pointing out little things that people may not notice at first glance. KIDS FIRST! offers her an opportunity to write film reviews, watch new movies and shows, interview stars, and get herself out there. She likes to dance, sing, write songs and scripts, and act at home. Among her favorite films is Spider-man, because balancing a normal life and being a superhero is an intriguing concept. Actors she admires include Zendaya, Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh. She loved Zendaya on the Disney Channel, because she seems so humble. Her favorite show is The Flash as she loves all the actors on the show. Her favorite KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is Nathalia, because she speaks so confidently and enthusiastically. She is proud of releasing her first single this year, “No Matter What.”

Calee N.

Calee N.Calee N. (age 12) lives in New York City and has one brother and two dogs. She enjoys being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she loves getting to watch films before anyone else, interviewing celebrities and loves being on camera. She enjoys acting, playing sports, dancing, singing and spending time on the beach with her dogs. Her favorite film is Ghostbusters because “it makes me laugh and scares me just a bit.” Her favorite actor is Melissa McCarthy, who she became a fan of after watching Ghostbusters. She also loved her in the KIA commercial. One of her greatest accomplishments is getting the top score on the NYS Math Test for her school district and grade. She is proud of being cast as Gloria in the play Madagascar Jr., hopes to star on Broadway one day and would love to work for NASA. Her favorite subject is math!

Kira O.

Kira OKiraKira O. (age 10) lives in New York City. She loves wolves and has a 1 ½-year-old puppy named Orion. In her free time she likes to play Roblox with her friends, Tekken with her Dad and go to the beach. She also likes to draw, read, watch YouTube and dance. She loves opera goes to summer opera camp. Some of her favorite actresses are Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp; she likes that they all play strong, but quirky women. Her favorite movie is Turning Red, because it's about growing up and how your life changes during puberty. She looks forward to being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic so she can learn more about the entertainment industry. One of her proudest accomplishments is being responsible enough to help care for her baby god-sister. An interesting fact about her is her heritage, which is a mix of Puerto Rican, Native American, African American, Italian, French-Canadian and Irish.

Makena P.

MakenaMakena Nicole P. (age 12) lives in Oregon. She has a brother and a Labradoodle dog named Chloe. She thinks that KIDS FIRST! offers her a great opportunity to meet different people through her experiences and  possibly even run in to some stars! In her free time she loves to sing and dance, hang out with friends and family, play basketball and volleyball and listen to music. Her favorite film is the Aladdin re-make with Will Smith as Genie.  “It is funny; the music is great; all the actors are well cast. Her favorite actress is Jennifer Lopez, because she is talented in so many ways. Another favorite actor is Will Smith, because he always puts a smile on her face.  She dreams of one day meeting him and his son, Jaden.  She is proud of all the musicals that she has done, eight so far!  Also, she’s proud that her basketball team made it to state last year. She would like to be an actor or a surgeon when she grows up. Last, her name means “happy one” in a Kenyan dialect, which goes well with her since she likes to smile a lot.

Ayden P.

AydenAyden Grant P. (age 13) lives in Alabama and has an older sister who is a nationally ranked high school basketball player. He likes watching movies and talking about them with friends and family.  He likes to write stories, collect superhero action figures and take MMA classes. His favorite film is Avengers: Endgame because of its gradual build up to the ending. It isn’t unrealistically happy, which is similar to real life, plus, it leaves room for spin-offs. Tom Holland is his favorite actor. He is a huge Spider-man move fan, because it is the one series that is most like the comic books and cartoon character. He really likes the film critic Eric Carter. Even though he doesn’t always agree with him, he likes his arguments. Ayden performed in his first play in children’s theater. He remembers not being nervous and, most importantly, remembering all his lines. He aspires to be a writer and director of film and TV shows and really wants to create his own cinematic universe.

Ethan X. P.

Ethan pEthan X. P. (age 13) lives in Miami and has three siblings and three pets. He enjoys being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because he likes interacting with new people and enjoys working in the entertainment business. He swims competitively for Coral Springs Swim Club, enjoys watching movies and playing video games. His favorite film is Incredibles 2 because it's a funny movie and he waited a long time to discover what Jack-Jack’s super powers were. His favorite actress is Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things). “I think she is an amazing actor. At her young age, she has the responsibility to portray a young child with super powers.” His greatest accomplishment was filming an Arabic film named Aisha’s Garden because he had to learn Arabic and this was his first acting job. He is proud of getting onto a competitive swim team and aspires to be an Olympian, a marine biologist and an actor. Ethan is very disciplined.

Samantha P.

SamanthaSamantha P. (age 11) lives in the Washington DC area with her sister, a dog and a hermit crab. She likes playing piano and guitar, singing, baking and sports - notably lacrosse and tennis. She is most proud of winning awards for making movies and writing songs. She auditioned for KIDS FIRST! Film Critics after her short film A Halloween Sleepover was selected for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. She realized that this would be a fun, interesting way to learn about filmmaking.  Most recently, her short film The Power of Play won a People's Choice Award at the Ocean City Film Festival, her song Quarantween won Outstanding Interpretation for Musical Composition in the Reflections Arts Competition, the music video for Quarantween was an official selection in the Green Screen Film Fest, and A Halloween Sleepover earned an Honorable Mention in the Fear Faire Film Festival. Her favorite movie is Hunger Games and her favorite actress is Emma Watson. When she grows up, she aspires to become a performer or creator of some sort.

Benjamin P.

Benjamin PBenjamin P. (age 16) lives in the D.C area and enjoys spending time with his family, FaceTiming his friends, doing homework and, of course, watching movies and indulging in their innate magic. He’d balk if you asked him what his favorite movie is, but most likely it would be Once Upon A Time In The West, Fantastic Mr. Fox or The Social Network. He’s been passionate about movies since he was three and fortunately, still finds new favorites. He looks up to film critics like Ann Hornaday, David Sims, Brian Tallerico and Amy Nicholson, but Roger Ebert was his gateway into the world of film criticism and, thanks for that, it’s brought him lots of joy and insight into how to appreciate and talk about the thing he cares about. He’s quite proud of the confidence he’s gained from penning the reviews he writes for KIDS FIRST! He loves reviewing movies, attending festivals and getting to talk to some very cool people, along with interacting with his fellow team members. Benjamin's playlist is here.

Rosabella P.

Rosabella PRosabella P. (age 10) lives in Jacksonville, FL, has one sibling and a puppy. She loves drawing and practicing gymnastic skills. Her favorite film is Let It Shine, because it's a spiritual film that has a great storyline about forgiveness and faith. Coco Jones is her favorite actress. She’s been following her for a long time and admires her acting, singing and dancing. KIDS FIRST! offers her a beneficial experience for now and for her future. One of Rosabella’s strengths is her ability to be ready to achieve anything life throws at her. She recently filmed a project for Toyota commercial and Mr. Rogers’ campaign on PBS. She attends fashion shows nationwide and studied at Pittsburgh Musical Theatre. Her greatest accomplishments have been learning to play the cello and the guitar. She aspires to become a filmmaker or a scientist. She truly enjoys talking and making people laugh and loves to bake for her family and friends.

Sariah R.

Sariah RSariah R. (age 12) lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her two dogs Bruce and Benny. She is a kid entrepreneur, actress and beauty pageant princess. Sariah joined KIDS FIRST! because she wants to improve as a writer and journalist, plus develop her interviewing skills. In her free time she loves to walk her dogs, watch favorite TV shows, and hang out with her friends. She is particularly fond of comedy films and scary movies. Sariah has been acting since she was nine; she has been in three state plays and a few TV shows, including Young Sheldon and Good Girls. She loves to dress up and play with makeup, and she loves listening to music. She is building her non-profit business, Fashionxpets, which sells pet clothes and the excess revenue is donated to animal shelters. She takes pictures of the shelter pets with Fashionxpets clothing on and posts them online, hoping that the animals will find their forever home.

Lindalee R.

Lindalee RoseLindalee R. (age 13) lives in the NYC area and has three younger siblings and a golden retriever named Daphne. She has been a reporter since she was four years old and loves interviewing people. She also loves dancing, going to theme parks and making music videos on TikTok. She’s a huge fan of the Descendants movies, because she loves the mix of songs and dancing. Kristen Bell, who she has interviewed, is her favorite actor. Her greatest accomplishments are when Huffington Post (2016) called her One of the Best Celebrity Interviewers! and when Netflix selected her as Official Junior Reporter for the Miraculous Ladybug series and few her to London and New York to cover fan conventions and events. She plans to continue her entertainment reporting and wants to study oceanography.

Katherine S.

Katherine S.Katherine S. (age 14) is from both Chicago, IL and Kansas City, MO. She has three brothers and nine dogs. She loves reading books, hanging out with friends, and playing volleyball. She loves all genres of movies, but she definitely enjoys sci-fi, comedy, mystery, and period pieces the most. Her favorite movies and TV shows are Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, Erased, Princess Bride, along with basically any Marvel and Star Wars movies. She joined KIDS FIRST! to improve her communication and writing skills, be exposed the the world of film, and of course, watch a lot movies.


Tiana Sheree S.

tianaTiana Sheree S. (age 11) hails from Delaware. She enjoys interviewing and meeting new people, attending press junkets, and is a natural on the red carpet. Tiana loves to travel, cook, read, write stories and watch movies. Inspired by Lin Manuel-Miranda, Tiana is currently working on a musical. Her favorite film is Encanto, so she also looks forward to interviewing Manuel-Miranda one day. Tiana was previously a TIME for Kids reporter and is a member of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. She is also a reporter with the Jr. NBA & WNBA. Tiana has been an entertainment journalist for The Kelly Clarkson Show and even interned with Access Hollywood and Thrive Global with Arianna Huffington. One of her dream assignments was covering Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, which she recently did, thanks to KIDS FIRST!! Tiana is a Distinguished Honor Roll student, a member of her school’s Student Council Student Culture Team, and an advocate for climate change and human and civil rights. Tiana plans to study journalism at an HBCU and eventually host her own national television show. 

Sydney S.

Sydney S.Sydney S. (age 12) lives in San Diego. She enjoys public speaking, being on camera and the performing arts and felt that joining KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is an opportunity to enhance her talents and give her a voice to share her ideas with the world. She studies dance, loves reading and acting, learning new things, and performing. Her favorite actress is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman and loves the films The Greatest Showman and Spider-Man: No Way Home, which she performs in. She is proud of taking third place in the district speech contest of 50 schools, while in fifth grade. Sydney would like to be a pharmaceutical scientist or do something in healthcare and sciences, while continuing to work in activism, especially in issues of equality and climate change.

Apurva S.

ApurvaApurva S.(age 13) lives in the Bay area of California.  She likes talking about and reviewing films and thought KIDS FIRST! would be a fun thing to do. She also likes to read, play ping pong, build things and do random cartwheels in my backyard. Her favorite film is Avengers: Endgame because it is action-packed and full of excitement. Her favorite actress is Millie Bobby Brown, because of her performance in Enola Holmes.  Apurva is most proud of creating her book drive called BookPocalypse; its mission is to donate books to people all over the country. She aspires to become an actress when she grows up and hopes that her experience with KIDS FIRST! will really help her with that. She’s excited to be joining the awesome team of KIDS FIRST! Film Critic


Carlee S.

CarleeCarlee S. (age 17) lives in the DC area. She enjoys being a KIDS FIRST! reporter because she loves watching movies and TV shows and loves learning more about the entertainment industry. She also likes to act, dance, read, shop and learn more about graphic imaging and animation. She has acted in short films, commercials and done extra work in several feature films and TV shows. She is an honor student and member of her school’s Technology Student Association. Carlee’s favorite movies are the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies because she enjoys spellbinding magical mysteries.  Her favorite TV shows are Stranger Things, Secrets of Sulphur Springs and Locke and Key because they hold her interest in supernatural storylines and cliffhangers. Selena Gomez, Zendaya and Emma Watson are actresses Carlee admires. Carlee aspires to work in the entertainment industry in the future.

Heather S.

Heather S.Heather S. (age 12) lives in Miami, FL. She joined KIDS FIRST! so she can expand her knowledge as an actress about the entertainment business. I love shopping,  going to acting class and watching films with her mom and discussing them. One of her favorite films is The Green Book, because Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen’s performances are outstanding. Her favorite actor is Timothee Chalamet, because he completely becomes every one of his characters. Her favorite film critic is KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Zoe C. because of her questions and how natural she is on camera. Heather is quite proud of what she has accomplished so far in her acting career and aspires to become an Academy Award-winning actress in the future. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and  an ardent fan of Disney, Marvel and Harry Potter films. We see a very bright future for her!

Keila Belini V.

Keila V.Keila Belini V. (age 10) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and recently moved with her parents to San Diego. She travels frequently to Brazil, because her mom is Brazilian. She speaks fluent English and Portuguese. Her favorite hobbies are using her imagination, reading books and playing with her American Girl. Her favorite hobbies are studying ballet and traveling the world. Because of that interest, she is three languages - Mandarin, Italian and Spanish She likes playing sports, especially tennis, golf and swimming. She loves using her imagination and reading books. Her biggest dream is to become an actress working for Disney and she think working as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic will help her to achieve that dream.

Selene W.

SeleneSelene W. (age 14) lives in the greater Miami area, has one sister and two furbabies. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critics because she loves film and theater and enjoys interviewing people. She believes this experience provides her with opportunities to learn more about the entertainment industry and meet new people. Selene plays basketball and tennis and does all styles of dance.  In her spare time, she loves to read, listen to music and plays both piano and guitar.  Her favorite film is Pride and Prejudice and she enjoys reading Jane Austen novels.  She loves to compare her favorite books to their film adaptations.  Selene aspires to use her creative talents and work in the entertainment industry. 


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