KIDS FIRST! Film Critics

Dariana A.

Dariana AlvarezDariana A. is a 13-year-old from southern California. As an actress, she is known for Lalaloopsy Kitchen (2015), Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine (2016) and Little Visitor (2013). She enjoys watching movies with her family and playing trivia when they go out to eat. Dariana is a big fan of superheroes, especially The Avengers and Captain America. Her favorite actors are Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell. When she is not watching movies, she is playing the guitar or the ukulele, going to auditions or taking a dance class with her tap competition team. Dariana also enjoys the theater and singing songs from Broadway musicals. The high points of her school life have been getting the ‘Presidential Award’ from President Obama and being voted her drama class "Leader" at school. Dariana wants to be an actress, movie director or neurosurgeon when she grows up. She sees the opportunity of being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic as a way to see more films and meet other actors.

Imani B. G.

Imani B.Imani B. (age 18) is an only child from the greater NYC area. She and her mom have very strong relationship. They enjoy conversing about various topics and watching movies or TV at home and at the cinema. During her free time, she likes to  read, engage in social media and hang out with her friends. She admires many actors, but Emma Roberts is a favorite because of her sense of humor and the type of films she appears  in. In the TV series, Scream Queens she plays Channel Oberlin and really delivers an outstanding character. Imani sees herself as a model, fashion designer and editor-in-chief for a fashion magazine when she grows up. She also plans to be involved in the entertainment business as an actress or something else. She recently transferred to a new school and has kept her my grades up really high, something she is quite proud of. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to attending press screenings and sharing her opinion with others about films that she sees.  

Morgan B.

morganMorgan B, age 14, comes from Colorado but is in Los Angeles most of the time pursuing her acting career. Morgan Bertsch is an actress, known for Kids React (2010), K.C. Undercover (2015) and We Bought a Zoo (2011). She loves Colorado where she plays in the snow, enjoys the changing seasons and enjoys less traffic. She loves California because she gets to act and swim year-round. She is an honor role student. Her favorite movies are My Fair LadyGigi, Kubo and the Two Strings, Storks and The Eagle Huntress. She loves movies of all types – animation, live action, romance, documentaries and comedies. Lucile Ball is her favorite actress and she loves watching reruns of her shows. Morgan aspires to be a actress, journalist and a reporter. Morgan loves interviewing people and learning about them. Morgan has had the pleasure of interviewing Life of Pi star Suraj Sharma and director Ang Lee., Justine Timberlake, Matthew McConaughey, Barbra Eden, Lewis Gossett Jr., Mo McRae, Michael Yo, Kate Linder and many more. She has appeared on TV and national commercials numerous times. She loves being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic and hosting KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions, our weekly radio show.

Calista B.

Calista BCalista B. is fifteen years old and lives in Southern California. Her friends call her Callie. She is vice president and co-founder of Nintendo Club at her high school, is in animation club and theater. She is an actor and loves doing comedy. She has landed roles with DreamWorks TV and "London and The Muse" which was lauded at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Calista is equally passionate about writing and film in general. As a critic for KIDS FIRST!, she says that she "breathes film and TV." Calista also enjoys writing original stories, drawing her own original characters and reading about mythology. Callie has been a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic for almost two years and loves it! Her favorite movie is Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse. She has Asperger's Syndrome and hopes to change the world’s view on autism.

Keefer B.

Keefer B.Keefer B., age 19, lives in both Los Angeles part-time and Washington state. Keefer is known for his work on Dad vs. Lad (2012), Orchid Sunday (2012) and Suspense (2014). Keefer plays the trumpet and sees as many movies as possible. Some of Keefer’s favorite films are Good Morning Vietnam and Thank You for Smoking for their comedy and commentary of society. Mel Brooks, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey are among his favorite actors because they all know how to capture audiences’ hearts with humor. He aspires to be a producer, director and cinematographer. His favorite film critic is the late Roger Ebert. "I read Roger Ebert's film reviews until the day he died and his passion for movies continues to inspire me.” As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Keefer enjoys expressing his own opinions to people who love movies because, “Movies are my life and being able express my passion for them though KIDS FIRST! is amazing.” He loves hosting our weekly radio show, KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions. Personal quotes on directing and acting: 'It's that human being part that I want to be involved with; it's the person that I want to connect with. On himself: "I finally found something that I love and I'm good at," Blakeslee says. "I finally found an outlet I adore." Keefer graduated from Orange County High School for the Arts in Spring 2019 and is off to London in the fall to attend MetFilm School, a private film school within Ealing Studios.

Ian C.

Ian CampbellIan Richard C., age 11, lives in Las Vegas, NV and has three siblings. He joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because he loves the idea of watching movies as a job and also enjoys critiquing. In his spare time, he rides his skateboard, practices with his ventriloquist dummy and (of course) watches movies. His favorite film is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, because it is exciting, action packed and suspenseful. His favorite actor is Will Arnett. He loves his humor and how he plays Batman in The LEGO Batman movie. He would love to become an astronomer when he grows up, but for now, watch him reviewing movies!


Zoe C.

Zoe CanellaZoe C. is 11 years old and lives in the greater Miami area of Florida.As an actor, she is known for Cootie Katie (2018).She has a dog and her friends call her Zozo. She loves films as well as playing, singing, auditioning, dancing, playing guitar and doing crafts. Her favorite films are The Greatest Showman, La La Land and Miracles from Heaven. Her favorite actresses are Eddie Redmayne,  Millie Bobby and Emma Stone because she loves how they stand out in their films. She aspires to become an actress when she grows up. Her favorite film critics are Evangeline Lilly and Calista B. She is very excited about becoming a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic at age 9!


Alyssa C.

Alyssa CedenoAlyssa C. (Aly) is 18 years old and lives in Miami, FL She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she loves watching movies and loves the idea of writing reviews and interviewing actors. She aspires to become and actor and singer as an adult. In her free time she likes to make make-up videos, go to the beach and watch movies. Her favorite film is Bedtime Stories, because of its beautiful message about believing in your dreams and being positive. Alyssa’s favorite actor is Millie Bobby Brown, because she shows a lot of action and is a very talented young person. As a film critic, she greatly admires KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Mitchi Contreras. Her greatest accomplishment has been being an honor roll student. You should know that she is really humble and generous, two wonderful traits. Welcome Alyssa. We love you!

Will C.

Will C.Will C. (age 10) lives in Denver, CO. He has one sister and a dwarf hotot rabbit named Coconut. In his free time he ride his bike, plays video games, writes stories and comics.  His favorite films are A Shot in the Dark, because of the slapstick humor and Shazam! because he loves the action and the humor. Chris Pratt is his favorite actor because “he’s really funny.” His favorite film critics is Josh Horowitz because he does interesting things with the actors instead of only asking questions. His greatest accomplishment so far is playing the role of Les in the musical, Newsies. He aspires to become an actor and writer of middle-grade fantasy novels. Will loves to travel and hopes to visit all 50 states.

Elle C.

Elle CohenWelcome to the team Elle C., age 11, who lives in New York City and has a pet Maltipoo named Max. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she thought it was a great opportunity to learn how to review and critique films as well as interview talent. Elle loves to read and has her own blog reviewing books. She also sings, acts, does musical theater and loves science and inventions. She is a huge fan of all the Harry Potter books and films. She has read the books six times! “There is nothing more magical!” Naturally, she is also a fan of Daniel Radcliffe. She also likes LEGOS, dolphins, sea creatures and loves to travel. She’s not going to guess where life will take her, but she loves movie scores and soundtracks, especially instrumentals. John Williams is one of her favorite composers.

Michelle C.

Michelle C.Michelle C. is twenty one years old and lives in Miami, Florida. Her friends call her Michi and she has three sisters and three brothers. She enjoys cooking, attending movies and film festivals, reading, singing, dancing, acting and even films her own makeup tutorials that she uploads to her YouTube Channel. Her favorite film series is Harry Potter because she thinks that the films bring the books to life flawlessly. Her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston because she can be hilarious in one scene and serious in another. Her favorite types of food are Italian, Mexican and Chinese. She aspires to be in the entertainment industry whether it's behind the scenes or on-camera. Her greatest accomplishment is interviewing Genesis Rodriguez at the age of sixteen. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she enjoys meeting new people, expanding her horizons in the community and interviewing talent. She is one of our bilingual reporters and her reviews appear in both Spanish and English.

Izzy C.

Izzy CruzIzzy C. (aka gamer tag "EpicIzzy65”) is 11-year-old SoCal girl raised on radio broadcasting and social media thanks to her Mom's popular LA Morning Show on KOST 103.5 FM. She's a natural on the mic and a savvy young film critic. Izzy has been featured in video content for Disney Cruise Line, Garnier Whole Blends, YouTube: iHasCupquake and more. When she's not on her horse or her surfboard, Izzy is animating her own films, writing short stories and reading graphic novels . 


Kayenta C.

Kayenta C.Kayenta C. (age 13) lives in Candler, NC. She has three (much) older sisters, four chickens, a chameleon, a rabbit and a dog. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, acting, dancing, singing and making YouTube videos. Her favorite films are Mary Poppins Returns and The Greatest Showman, because they are both amazing musicals with strong plots. Kayenta’s favorite actors are Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Keala Settle, Emily Blunt and Hugh Jackman. They all inspire her!  Her greatest accomplishment so far is winning the Sourwood Festival Singing Competition in the children's category. She aspires to be an author that writes fantasy novels for children and teens. She also wants to open a cat rescue shelter. Interestingly enough, she has an extensive collections of American Girl Dolls, Breyer Horses, a collection of needle felted objects and more books than she knows what to do with.

Nancy F.

Nancy FifitaNancy F. is 12 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA although she was born in the South Pacific on the beautiful island of Tonga. She has four siblings and would love to have a dog one day. As an actress, she is known for her work on "Jane The Virgin" (2014) and "Totally TV" (2017) and the movie: The Halloween People by Baseline Films. What drew her to KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is watching some of them in action and thinking that it would be a cool job. She loves to interact with people, watch movies and share her opinions, so it was the perfect move to join our team. In her spare time she loves hanging out with friends and doing girly things, spending time with her family cooking and vacationing, and dancing, singing and acting in front of the mirror. Moana is her favorite film because she can relate to her and loves that she is the very first Polynesian Disney Princess. Her favorite actor is Zendaya, because she loves how she empowers others. Her greatest accomplishments so far were winning the Tongan Tauolunga Pageant, being select to be on Team USA & then winning the Gold Medal in singing at the World Championship Talent Olympics 2018. Singing is her passion so she hopes to be a professional singer someday. Her favorite film critic is David Edelstein because of his work ethics and accomplishments. She absolutely loves to entertain as a dancer, singer, actress, model and host and KIDS FIRST! is glad to welcome her to our national team.

Abraham F.

Abraham FinerAbraham F. (age 14) lives in San Francisco, CA and is called Abi by his friends. In his spare time, he loves to eat, watch movies, play video games, go to amusement parks and vacation in other countries. His favorite film is Wonder Woman, because "it is the only superhero movie with a great story." His favorite actor is Eddie Redmayne. Abi's favorite food is bacom (mine too). When he grows up he would like to be an IT Manager or something like that. His greatest accomplishment so far is becoming a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. What he looks forward to most as a member of our national film critics team is being able to see movies before they come out, for free! .


SaniyaRain F.

SaniyaRain F.SaniyaRain F. is 11-year-old from New Jersey. She loves movies and joined KIDS FIRST! in order to be more engaged in the entertainment industry. She loves meeting new people and talking with them. In her free time, she likes playing with dolls, roller skating, riding her bike, dancing and playing on computers. Her favorite film is The Grinch That Stole Christmas because she feels that Jim Carrey’s performance is so incredible and he finally gets a heart. You might guess that Jim Carrey is her favorite actor! She is most proud of having won trophies for dancing and cheer leading. But is most proud of being on the honor roll five times. She has been in four independent films and loves acting as well as making her own movies. She would also love to be an entertainment reporter, just like what she’ll be doing with KIDS FIRST! Film Critics.

Damon F.

Damon f.Damon F. lives in New York City and is 12 years old. He loves watching movies and telling people what he thinks about them. He also enjoys reading, playing computer games, playing with his brother, LEGO and running. His favorite film is LEGO Batman because he Batman is his favorite superhero and he likes explosive movies that are really exciting and this one is that. His favorite actor is William Emerson Arnett because he plays Batman in the LEGO Batman movie and he likes how he plays that role. Damon aspires to be a scientist when he grows up. His favorite film critic is his brother Rohan who is also a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. One of the most memorable things he has experienced as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, is when he filmed his first review. He looks forward to reviewing more films and continuing with his life. Next year, he starts middle school.

Rohan F.

Rohan F.Rohan F. is fourteen and a resident of New York City. He and his younger brother and their parents like going to parks, New York City events and attractions and they watch movies every Saturday night. Hopefully after the movie he gets to enjoy his mom’s lasagna, his favorite food. Rohan enjoys enjoy playing sports such as soccer and baseball. His favorite movie is The Matrix. He has won a couple essay contests, enjoys reading books and watching television. He likes to play video games such as Minecraft. His favorite books are the Skullduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy and the Artemis fowl series by Eoin Colfer. His favorite television show is Doctor Who.

Alejandra G.

Alejandra G.Seventeen-year-old Alejandra G. lives in Miami, FL, is an only child and starting college in the fall. She loves to watch videos, talk and share ideas, dance, travel and have fun.  She loves sushi, Subway, arepas, cheesecake and frozen yogurt! She was accepted into the TV production program with a goal of working in the entertainment industry.  “I want to be a successful and happy woman who accomplishes her dreams and is proud of who she is." Her favorite film is The Notebook because of its unique plot, which completely drew her into the film. She admires Blake Lively as an actress because of her versatility. Her favorite film critic is KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Michelle C. who is also from Miami. Alejandra loves being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because it offers her opportunities to grow and develop skills needed to work in this industry. “I enjoy learning from all the other KIDS FIRST! Film Critics and run with it.”  

Leire G.

Leire G.Leire G. (age 15) lives in Miami, FL, has an older brother and a pet turtle. Her friends call her Larrr. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she hopes to improve what she loves - film and journalism. Also, it’s a great opportunity to meet others that share the same interest as she and learn from them as well.  In her free time, she runs and does yoga, spends time with her friends and family and watches movies. Her favorite movie is Me Before You, because the female protagonist reminds her of herself, the character development is great, and it has an original and unique love story. Her favorite actor is Daniel Day Lewis. She loves his portrayal of Reynolds Woodcock in the film Phantom Thread,  and the dedication he makes to all his roles. Her favorite film critic is Micheal Aranda wjp she watches on YouTube on Crash Course Film Criticism. Her greatest accomplishment is winning first place in state championships at FSPA for best on-the-spot package. Leira aspires to be a journalist. She enjoys writing and investigating stories and being a source to tell the world about them and would love to minor in film at NYU TISCH.

Lexi G.

Lexi G.Alexa G., (Lexi) is 13 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA. She has a younger sister and two dogs. She joined KIDS FIRST! when she saw the opportunity on a casting website. In her free time she likes to listen to music, watch videos on YouTube and Netflix, play cards and shop. Her favorite movie is Instant Family because she is really interested in foster care and liked learning more about it. She also enjoyed the humor and emotion in it. Her favorite actor is Lin-Manuel Miranda because she loves the play, Hamilton and thinks Miranda is incredibly talented to be able to write such a great musical. Her greatest accomplishment so far was being able to pull off her bat mitzvah, because she was super nervous about it and all of the surprises her family planned. She aspires to become an actress when she grows up (and we think she will do quite well in that) She absolutely love singing, acting, hanging out with friends and family and being independent. She is not shy at all and loves to take on lifetime opportunities when offered.  

Mia G.

Mia GonzalezMia G. (age 8) lives in Miami, FL, has an older brother, a dog named Harley, a turtle and a dwarf frog. She joined KIDS FIRST! because she loves doing product reviews on YouTube and thought this would help her develop her skills further. In her free time, she dances, makes YouTube videos, creates slime, draws, watches movies, practices jujitsu, bakes, writes, plays sports, model, rides her bike and sings. Whew! Her favorite film is Avengers, because it has so much action, is really funny, but dramatic at the same time. Scarlett Johansson is her favorite actor because she’s beautiful, tough, and one of the best fighters. She is most proud of writing and illustrating a short story called “Lola and the Llama” a few months ago for PBS kids and won first place! As an adult she plans to be a teach or a dance teacher. She likes helping others, being creative and performing. She has been dancing since she was three and danced competitively for two years. Watch for this young girl’s reviews as she is something else.

Ivey H.

Ivey HIveyanna H. (Ivey) is 13 years old and lives in the greater Atlanta, GA area. She has two dogs, Cheeto and Bentley. She learned about KIDS FIRST! from her mom and signed up to audition. She is very outgoing, loves animals, watching movies, acting classes, swimming, skating, jumping on a trampoline and volley ball. Her favorite films are Goonies, Kissing Booth and most Disney movies. She enjoys funny movies, scary movies love stories. Her favorite actors are Adam Sandler and Kevin James, becaue they make her laugh. Her greatest accomplishments to date are winning 2nd in her weight class in wrestling, premiere acting and competing in Jiu Jitsu. She aspires to become a physical therapist when she grows up or pursue a career in broadcasting. She is a natural leader or some may call her bossy! (lol)

Nathalia Marie J.

Nathalia JNathalia Marie J., age ten, lives in southern California and has a younger brother.  As an actress, she is known for her roles in South Central Love, Blue Laces (2018) and Burt and the Wall Children (2018).She enjoys hiking, going to church, taking day trips, dancing and eating BBQ ribs. She is an active volunteer in her community and believes in the importance of “giving back.” Her favorite film is Miracles from Heaven, an American Christian comedy directed by Patricia Riggen and written by Randy Brown. “I love this film because miracles can come true if you believe and have faith!” Her favorite actress is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, who she feels is the ultimate role model, brilliant on screen and a strong, powerful and loving person. Nathalia is an excellent student and plans to attend UCLA majoring in cinematic arts. She also has an interest in fashion and has already launched a clothing line called Naji, which taught her confidence in overcoming obstacles. What she looks forward to as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is meeting new people, discussing her opinions with others and being the best she can be. “I am ready to accomplish so much more and see what God has in store for me!”

Talia J.

Talia JTalia J. or Tali-wali as she is sometimes called, is 16 and lives in Southern Califormia.   She and her sister love vacationing with their parents, going to movies or just talking - with lots of laughing. She enjoys spending time alone with a good book or writing her own stories. With friends, she plays Wii, goes out to lunch (especially for Pho) or plays volleyball.  Her favorite actress is Emma Watson because she is a strong inspiration for young women. The Harry Potter series is adored, but her favorite film is Moonrise Kingdomfor which Talia appreciates the director’s quirky style and fine cinematography. Her keen visual sense leads her to want to be a director or writer. She has enjoyed writing and directing videos for the school yearbook team.  Being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic will give her the opportunity to find herself in the film making world.  

Sahiba K.

Sahiba K.Sahiba K. hails from the Bay area of California and joined the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics in early 2017.  She is 17 and joined KIDS FIRST! because watching movies and sharing feelings about them is one of her favorite activities. She also enjoys drawing cartoons and has played the violin for more than twelve years.  She is proud of her musical accomplishments.  She hopes to be a doctor when she grows up, one who keeps up her interest in movies and writing critiques.  She does not follow a particular critic but keeps up with Rotten Tomatoes because she thinks their reviews are accurate.  Her favorite film is How to Train Your Dragon because the animation is amazing, the story is humorous and it is so thrilling. She feels as if she is actually flying on a dragon when watching it.  Her favorite actor is Benedict Cumberbatch because he makes very different characters come to life. In interviews, he is witty and hilarious.  As a 2017 KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, her most memorable moment so far was attending the premiere of The Boss Baby  and be able to watch the movie from a reserved seat.

Ella K.

Ella KuntzElla K. (age 15) lives in Miami, FL, has a younger brother and a cat named Ginger. She loves films and loves writing, plant to study communications in college and thinks that KIDS FIRST! will really show her the real world of film and journalism. She likes to wakesurf with her dad, read books (especially older ones) and go to fun places with her friends to take their pictures. Her favorite film is Pride and Prejudice (2005), because it is beautifully  adapted from the book and the cinematography and scenery are breathtaking. Kiera Knightley and Matthew MacFayden portray their characters wonderfully. She fell in love from the first time she saw it. Kiera Knightley is her favorite actress because of how she has a way of relating to the audience, not only using her emotions but also using her mannerisms to make her characters three dimensional. Her greatest accomplishment so far is being accepted into the Performing Arts program at Doral Academy for TV Production. She aspires to be a cultural anthropologist, with a minor in Communications so she can work with a network like National Geographic or the History Channel. She is excited to begin her journey with KIDS FIRST!

Ella L.

Ella LElla L.  is 15 and lives with her family in southern California. She has a 19-year-old brother who attends U.C. Berkeley. Her family enjoys traveling to Berkeley to see him, vacations, snorkeling together and family dinners, especially sushi. With her friends, Ella enjoys watching movies, hanging out, shopping and eating pizza - her favorite food.  She aspires to be an actress or possibly a lawyer when she grows up. Her favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and her new favorite film is IT. She appreciates films that tell a story in a captivating way and actors who can portray different characters with intellectual depth, but who are easy to relate to. She enjoys being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because it offers her the opportunity to view movies more analytically, to write critically and to see her work published.

Ava Marielle L.

Ava L.Ava Marielle L. is 11 years old and lives in Las Vegas, NV. Her friends call her Binks. She has one sister and two pugs named Lula and Mimi. What made her join KIDS FIRST was looking at the kids’ video reviews. When she discovered there was going to be auditions, she decided to go for it. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, art, baking and playing video games. Her favorite film is Stranger Things because she loves love horror. It brings her into the film so fast she could watch one whole season in a day! She also likes the comedy and adventure. Her favorite actress is Millie Bobby Brown, because of her role in Stranger Things. She finds her so funny and loves that she seems to always be herself. She is most proud of being a model and being featured on a modeling website. She aspires to be a professional model and actress when she grows up. She likes acting because she is dramatic and, for a long time has wanted to be on Disney or Nickelodeon. She also loves reading and would like to publish a book sometime.  

Abigail Zoe L.

abigailAbigail Zoe L., 12-years-old, is from Orange County, CA and has appeared in multiple commercials, TV episodes and short films. Abigail is known for her recurring role as Kaylee Ehrmantraut in AMC's "Better Call Saul" and her recurring voice over work as Chipper in Disney's "Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets." Other roles include "This Is Us," "Powerless," "Criminal Minds," "Teachers," Dreamworks' animated Netflix series "The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show" and many others. Abigail has a Black Belt in Taekwondo, loves to sing, dance, ice skate and swim. Some of her favorite actors include Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz. Her favorite food is lasagna. When Abigail grows up she hopes to continue acting and be a veterinarian. Abigail is most proud to be part of the Points of Light PSA project that inspires young people to make a difference. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic she enjoys interviewing, being on the red carpet and prescreening awesome movies!

Milika Analaine L.

Milika LomuMilika Analaine L. is 11 years old, goes by Mili, and lives in the greater Los Angeles area with three siblings and her parents. As an actress, she is known for her roles on God's Gracie (2018), Just A Little Competition (2018) and Teachers (2016).She joined KIDS FIRST! because she aspires to become a reporter (Plan B). In her free time she likes making YouTube videos, reading, shopping, dancing and acting. Her favorite film is The Greatest Showman, because she loves the singing and the message. Her favorite actor is Jayden B. who started on YuTube and now is on a TV show. Her greatest accomplishment is performing on the stage of World of Dance Vegas. She loves acting, dancing and singing and would love to have her show some day. (Plan B is to be a reporter) She loves socializing and meeting new people. She is part of the Gen Z team, spreading positivity and helping other tweens. Love who they are! She is dedicated to growing her own YouTube Channel!

Lukas L.

Lukas L.Lukas L. (age 12), goes by Luk, loves to critique films and point our things that could be better in everything he watches. It’s what attracted him to KIDS FIRST! Besides watching movies, he likes to draw, knit, loves music and singing. He pretty much memorizes all the lyrics to every song he hears, the first time he hears it. His favorite film is Space Balls because it is really funny. He is not a huge fan of Star Wars. His favorite actors are Aquafina because she is so funny and Anne Hathaway because she nails every role. Lukas has two siblings, Jude and Jona who are twins. The thing he is most proud of so far is getting accepted into Orange County High School for the Arts (and we’re proud of him too).

Samantha M.

Samantha MSamantha M. is 19, lives in Southern California and has a younger sister. She enjoys taking her dogs to the beach, playing basketball and singing. She loves dancing with her friends and going to the arcade to win stuffed animals. She has over 75,000 arcade tickets saved! Her favorite film is Up because Doug, the dog, is simply hilarious. Dogs are her favorite animal and, whenever is in a film, it’s at the top of her go-to list. Her favorite food is candy! She owns two gumball machines, a crane game and a stuffed Tootsie Roll. When she grows up, she aspires to be an entrepreneur and develop a business helping people. Her greatest accomplishment is starting her own foundation, Linking Individuals Network Connections, which helps teens choose careers best suited for them. She has interviewed book publishers, lawyers and a scout for the LA Clippers on her radio show on KHTS. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to watching films and telling other kids about them so they can enjoy them as much as she has

Brad M.

Brad martinBrad M., age 18, is called B(e)-rad, hails from southern Illinos and has three siblings plus a pet tortoise. He is a huge movie and reality TV fan and plans to have a career in the film industry as either an actor, director or producer and perhaps all three. He loves working out, competing in athletic events, acting in stage plays and playing board games. His favorite reality TV shows are Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race. He’s a superhero movie fan and loves all the MCU films  His favorite actor is Cole Sprouse, who he lived in the Suite Life of Zach and Cody as well as Riverdale. Brad’s a fan of Chris Stuckmann’s film reviews because of his comedic and engaging personality. He’s quite proud of getting elected student body president, because it took a lot of effort and dedication. Brad joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic in the spring of 2019. Be sure to watch for his reviews.

Jolleen M.

Jolleen MJolleen M., age fourteen, comes from southern California. She and her parents and her younger brother watch movies together, play sports and travel.  She gets together with friends to talk, play games and shop.  She also enjoys reading, singing, playing guitar and dancing.  The magical creatures and spells of the Harry Potter films create a whole different world, making them her favorite movies. Emma Watson is her favorite actress because of her acting skill and intelligence. Magic is interesting in food, too. She likes tempura ice cream. Not only does it taste good, it does seem magical to fry something frozen.  She has done well in a singing competition and hopes to keep on singing, even while planning to be a doctor. Being a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic interests her because she will enjoy interviewing celebrities in person.

Alaia M.

Alaia M.Alaia M. (age 15) lives in Miami, FL, has a younger sister, two cats and a bird. She has always loved journalism and adores movies in all aspects! “KIDS FIRST! will allow me to join these two things I love and give me a great experience which may possibly lead to my future career.” She loves to sing, enjoys writing her own music, doing photo shoots and making mini movies with her friends and playing board games with her family. Her favorite film is The Notebook because of the lovely romance story, from the way they meet to how they find their way back to each other.  She is most proud of when she participated in The Voice Kids a few years ago. “It was an experience I will never forget. It took courage to walk up on the stage and sing. Her future endeavors will most likely be in the field of broadcast journalism, and film making. Alaia is extremely passionate in everything she does. She always puts the maximum effort into doing things as perfectly and efficiently as possible.

Jordan M.

Jordan MillarJordan M. is 13 years old, lives in Brooklyn, NY, has a younger sister and goes by the nickname J. Milly. Since she loves watching movies and aspires to be a journalist, joining KIDS FIRST! offered the perfect opportunity to get experience in the entertainment business. In her free time, she loves doing art, reading, writing and playing board games with her family. Her favorite movie is Spirited Away. She loves the artistic style and the plot, is a fan of Studio Ghibli films by Hayao Miyazaki. Her other favorite movie is the 3D stop motion animated film, Coraline. Her favorite actor is Lana Parilla who plays the evil Queen on Once Upon a Time, her favorite TV show. She also likes Ben Savage who played Cory on Boy Meets World. Her greatest accomplishment is being a Time for Kids reporter and composing a piece called Boogie Down Uptown which was played by the full orchestra of The New York Philharmonic and featured in the New York Times. She is inspired by Sandy Kenyon, whom she has met, as her favorite film critic. Across the board, her greatest strength is that she is creative in many ways. She is a composer and plays the piano and clarinet.

Kendall M.

Kendall MKendall M., age 15, is a high school student in Denver, Colorado, with a plan to become a sports analyst. He is the third of his parents’ four sons. He spends a lot of time helping his grandmother with her lawn and garden and enjoys playing sports and video games, traveling with his family and, of course, watching films.  Kendall joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, along with his younger brother in the spring of 2019. He has found that being a film critic is helping to improve his writing, radio and camera delivery skills - all are valuable skills needed for his future career.


Madison M.

Madison M.Madison M., age 14, is a high school student in Denver, Colorado with plans to become an artist.  He is the youngest of his parents’ four sons. He enjoys being the youngest as he has plenty of help when he needs it.  He joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critics with one of his older brothers in the spring of 2019 and has enjoyed getting a glimpse into the world of entertainment and some of what will be required of him in his future career.  Madison spends a lot of time helping his grandmother with her lawn and garden. Besides films, he enjoys, music, sports, hanging out with friends and traveling with his family.


Beatrice Marie N.

Beatrice NBeatrice Marie N. (B.B.) lives in South Carolina, has a younger sister and a dog named Rosie. She has starred in plays and one short film. She loves being on camera. With KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, she looks forward to reviewing films and interviewing talent. She also loves watching movies as well as creating and directing movies.  B.B. does musical theater after school and at summer camp. She also loves reading, art, exploring, roller coasters, riding her bike, swimming and going to the beach. Her favorite film is Into The Woods. because it is a musical and is so funny. Plus, it has a lot of really good actors in it like Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt. Her favorite actor is Lin-Manuel Miranda. She loves Hamilton, which he created and wrote all the songs for. She also loves his performance in Mary Poppins Returns and The Odd Life of Timothy Green. She wants to direct and act in films.  Next year her family is taking a RV trip across the USA for six months. If they are in a location where there is a red carpet event or another KIDS FIRST! event, she hopes to cover it.  She is excited to attend events outside of South Carolina. (And so are we B.B.)

Arjun N.

Arjun NairArjun N. hails from Brentwood, TN, is 17-year-old and is a high school senior. He has a younger brother and enjoys watching movies, visiting new places and taking walks with his family. He also enjoys playing video games and participating in school clubs with friends. His favorite film is Inception because it is such a mind-blowing thriller that requires multiple viewings to understand it. Leonardo DiCaprio is his favorite actor because “he delivers the best of the best.” His favorite type of food is Japanese and he aspires to become a doctor when he grows up. His greatest accomplishment so fat is representing his school and winning a medal for “duet acting” in an inter-school forensics (speech and debate) tournament. Arjun’s favorite film critic is Chris Stuckmann because he delivers great opinions and all types of film reviews. What he likes about his role as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic is getting to watch and review movies before they are released, meeting and interviewing celebrities and improving his writing and on-camera skills.

Calee N.

Calee N.Calee N. (age 10) lives outside New York City, has one brother and two dogs. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she loves the idea of getting to watch movies before anyone else, plus the opportunity to interview celebrities. And, she loves being on camera. In her free time she enjoys acting, playing sports, dancing, singing and spending time on the beach with her dogs. Her favorite film is Ghostbusters (2016) because “it makes me laugh and scares me just a bit.” Her favorite actor is Melissa McCarthy, whom she became a fan of after watching Ghostbusters. She also loved her on the KIA commercial. One of her greatest accomplishments is getting the top score on the NYS Math Test for her grade in her school district. She is also proud of being cast as Gloria in the play Madagascar Jr.  She hopes to star on Broadway one day and work for NASA. Her favorite school subject is math. We think she’s going to accomplish all this and more as she is talented and driven.

Gerry O.

Gerry Orz Gerry O., or “G” is 17 and lives in SoCal. Gerry's been a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic for four years. He is a writer and producer, known for Day of Silence (DOFS) (2012), Lucky or Not: Here I Come (2017) and The Equation of Life (2014). His love of film and desire to learn as much about filmmaking as possible led him to KIDS FIRST! where he had been submitting his own films since age 9! He enjoys watching movies, filming and editing videos and cooking and aspires to direct films as a career. His favorite film is Schindler's List because it is a masterpiece that portrays a story very few people know about and he relates to it personally. Directed by Steven Spielberg, he thinks it is a “perfect piece of filmmaking.” His favorite actor is Robin Williams because his ability to portray so many characters in both comedy and drama is unsurpassed. Leonard Maltin is his favorite film critic because of his honest criticism and outstanding writing style. His greatest accomplishments are getting his films into festivals, finishing his book and receiving the KIDS FIRST! "200th Film Review Award." Most memorable of his experiences as a KIDS FIRST! reporter are meeting Morgan Freeman and visiting Dreamworks Studios. Next up: G hopes to complete another 100 film reviews before starting college and will continue to write and create videos.

Jada P.

Jada paceJada P. (age 12) comes from Denver, CO. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critics because she saw an opportunity to express how she feels about films. Her favorite film is Ralph Breaks the Internet, because of its inspirational messages and great animation. Her favorite actor is Lin Manuel Miranda, because of how he brings his characters to life. She admires KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Nathalia J. because of how she describes a film with such outstanding attitude and vocabulary. What she likes about watching movies is that they help her relate to real life and learn how she might learn how to deal with situations different than her own experiences. She is very proud of joining KIDS FIRST!  “To be honest, I did not expect to see as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, but here I am. I’m proud of the reviews I’ve done so far and how my work steadily improves.” She dreams of becoming an actress and  has been acting for 4 ½  years. “I’m always learning and growing! I never give up.”

Carla P.

Carla PazFifteen-year-old Carla P. hails from the greater NYC area and has a younger sister. As a family, they like going out to eat and to try different types of food, shopping at the mall, biking and going to the park. She likes to hang out with her friends, listening to music, and doing community service in her town. Her favorite film is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty because it is so imaginative. Her favorite actor is Cole Sprouse whose performance on Riverdale caught her eye.  When she matures, she sees herself as a writer or music critic. Her greatest accomplishment so far is getting onto her school’s honor roll. What she likes most about being on the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team is providing her opinion about movies, as well as meeting actors, directors and seeing films before they are released.

Ethan X. P.

Ethan pEthan X. P. (age 11, Miami) has three siblings and three pets. He joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critics because he likes meeting and interacting with new people and enjoys working in the entertainment business. He swims competitively for Coral Springs Swim Club, enjoys watching movies and playing video games. His favorite film is Incredibles 2 because it's a funny movie and he waited a long time to discover what Jack-Jack’s super powers were. His favorite actress is Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things). “I think she is an amazing actor. At her young age, she has the responsibility to portray a young child with super powers.” His greatest accomplishment was filming an Arabic short film named Aisha’s Garden because he had to learn Arabic and this was his first acting job. He is most proud of getting on a competitive swim team. He aspires to be an Olympian, a marine biologist and an actor. Ethan is a fast learner. He seems to be shy, but once he knows you, he becomes very talkative and outgoing. He follows instructions and is very disciplined.

Benjamin P.

Benjamin priceThirteen-year-old Benjamin P. lives in McLean, Virginia and is a single child. He enjoys going to museums, to the movies, traveling, playing outside games, playing with action figures or LEGOs and reading. His favorite film is The Avengers because he really likes superheroes. His favorite food, like most kids, is pizza. His greatest accomplishment so far is being featured in the newspaper for his website. His favorite film critics are Roger Ebert and Ann Hornaday. As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic he likes seeing movies and helping people know which ones to see by reading and watching his reviews.

Leandro R.

LeandroLeandro R. (age 14) lives in Branford, CT, has three brothers and two dogs. He joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because he loves watching all types of movies and wants people to hear his opinion on them. In his free time, he rides his bike, plays on his tablet, watches movies and hangs out with his friends. His favorite movie is Avengers: Endgame because of its amazing script, cast, directors and crew. He loves that it has so much action, a wide range of emotion, character development, and is all done the right way. Robert Downey Jr. is his favorite actor, especially as Iron Man. Leandro’s is proud of his performance as  Cructhy in Newsies the Musical and he is now performing in Legally Blonde the Musical. Leandro is an actor, model, a bass drum player in his school’s fife and drum corps, sings in his church choir and is an alter server at church. Leandro aspires to become a great actor and writer. He hopes to write a script for a big blockbuster movie and perform in one as well. We hope he’ll achieve that and think he will.

Ryan R.

Ryan RRyan R. is fifteen years old and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has two older sisters, loves to travel and see shows with his family. He also enjoys playing with his dog, video games, watching movies, listening to music and reading comic books. His favorite film is Inside Out because of its plot and humor. When he grows up, he wants to be a film director and actor. His greatest accomplishments so far have been facing his fear of heights and having appeared on ABC News when ABC News Entertainment Reporter Sandy Kenyon aired his photograph and quoted his review for The Good Dinosaur. He was also on the news with his KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team members alongside Mr. Kenyon for Pete’s Dragon.  As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, he likes gaining a better understanding of the entertainment industry by reporting from premieres and interviewing celebrities and being able to share his opinions about films with others. Most recently, he attended a press screening and reviewed The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Brandon James R.

Brandon Ray J.Brandon James R. is 10 years old, has one sibling and lives in the greater Los Angeles area. As an actor, he is known for his roles in Sugar and Toys (2019), Fox's New Year's Eve with Steve Harvey: Live from Times Square (2018) and Her Only Choice (2018).He joined KIDS FIRST! because he loves giving his my opinions about movies and meeting new people. He enjoys playing video games, partying, going to the park, movies, building forts, playing football, watching sports and socializing with family and friends. His favorite films is Transformers (all of them) because they are full of action and he likes seeing them transform into all kinds of vehicles, dinosaurs, electronics and stuff. They also have a lot of humor. His favorite actor is Kevin Hart because he was hilarious in Captain Underpants. His greatest accomplishment so far has been becoming an actor and being on network television. He is most proud of being chosen to be Lil Steve Harvey for New Years Eve in Time Square in 2018. He would like to star in a really huge movie with Kevin Hart and make a lot of money. His favorite film critic is his dad because they always seem to fight about each other’s opinions of what they watched. His favorite thing to do is dance. He really enjoys sports too and would love to commentate for football or basketball. He loves dinosaurs and working with partners. He is very outgoing, loves to fly and be in the water. His favorite person to play with is his little sister, Ashley. He’s originally from Houston, TX and would love to do a project there. He is also a great food critic and likes to give advice about a variety of things.

Katherine Elizabeth S.

Katherine S.Ten-year-old Katherine Elizabeth S. hails from both Chicago and Kansas City, MO. She has three brothers, eight dogs and goes by the nicknames Kit Kat, Nugget or Koko. She loves making her own films, doing crafts, playing dress up, making slime, reading with her dad and playing tennis and volleyball. Katherine and her mom love to paint and play hockey together. Legally Blonde is her favorite movie, because it’s so funny and she adores Reece Witherspoon’s character Elle. Her favorite actors are Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle, Eric Stone Street and David Dastmalchian, because they are kind and supportive of the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where she lives. She also loves Rachel Brosanhan, who she thinks is one of the coolest girls. Her greatest accomplishments are her mission trips to help victims of Hurricane Sandy and Moore Oklahoma Tornados and helping family friends in need. She wants to make lots of money so she can help people and animals. Bottom line, Katherine loves to make people happy.

Sev’n S.

Sev'n F.Sev’n S.i is nine years old and lives in the greater Los Angeles area. She has 7 siblings and 1 pet turtle! She loves playing soccer, dancing Tahitian and swimming with her cousins. Wreck it Ralph is her favorite film because it has talking foods and a Candy World. Her favorite actor is Cole Sprouse whom she loved when he was on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. “He’s super cute and I love watching him on Riverdale.” Her greatest accomplishment so far is receiving numerous awards at school for citizenship, math, English and character strength. Her favorite film critic is KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Nathalia Marie J, because she is so good at reviewing films and very helpful to others. Sev’n is a straight A student, loves to shop with her mom, sing at church and loves to cook. She would love to become a featured star on Superhero movies! And, as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, she looks forward to interviewing talent.

Siaki S.

Siaki SiiSiaki S. (age 16) is a Polynesian teen entertainer, born in the South Pacific Islands of Tonga and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He is called Jack by his friends, has one sibling and one pet. He joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because he thought it was an opportunity to strengthen his skills as an actor. In his free time, he likes to play games and sports, play the guitar and the piano. His favorite film is Black Panther because of its powerful message that loyalty is royalty. Dwayne “Rock” Johnson wins his admiration as his favorite actor, because he can see himself doing what Johnson does and loves that he is a positive role model for Polynesians teen boys such as himself. His favorite film critic is KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Nathalia Marie Jackson, because she is awesome! His greatest accomplishment is leading a dance troupe of 200 kids to victory in a dance competition. Though a specialist in Hip-Hop, Siaki gained his highest recognition as a Tahitian dancer, at age 9, Siaki won Best Lead-Role Dancer at Tahiti Fete 2012, known to be one of the largest competitions outside of Tahiti. It was the fist time in San Jose Tahiti Fete history of 20 years that a child dancer was awarded this great honor. As the lead dancer, it was intense, but well worth it. He aspires to become a professional dancer in modern hip hop and perhaps an actor as well. He is fairly quiet and private, but once people get to know him, he is really funny and nice.

Veronica S.

VeronicaVeronica S. (age 15) lives in Miami, FL, has one sister and a dog. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she believes it will help her reach her future career as a film critic and would improve her writing. In her free time she likes to watch movies, play board games, cook and bake. Her favorite film is Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise. “Even though the film just follows two people walking around Vienna, the masterful dialogue and chemistry between the characters make it a film I can watch over and over.” Her favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn. “The thing I love most about her is her good nature, outside acting. She gave so many hours of her life to charity and helping those around her.” Her favorite film critic is Roger Ebert, the original famous film critic. Her greatest accomplishment, so far, is making friends at a new school.

Na'im S.

Nain S.Fourteen-year-old Na'im lives in Brooklyn, New York and is an only child. He enjoys playing video games, guitar and drums, playing and watching basketball and watching movies with his parents. His favorite films are Ride Along 2 and Central Intelligence because they are both filled with action and comedy. His favorite actor is Kevin Hart  because he is funny and he makes movies interesting. His loves Thai food, especially pad see ew. When he grows up he wants to be a famous athlete, musician, basketball player and a film critic. His greatest accomplishment is being in a kids band that has performed all around New York. His favorite film critics are Gerry and Keefer from KIDS FIRST! As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, he enjoys attending movie screenings and interviewing famous actors.

Hennesi V.

Henesi V.Hennesi V. is 18 years old and lives in Puerto Rico with two siblings, two dogs, one cat and a Macaw. Hennesi has always had a fondness in the fine arts, but her favorite thing to do is acting and being in front of the camera. She feels that KIDS FIRST! Film Critics offers her an amazing opportunity to explore that further. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, playing games or going out to touristic areas of Puerto Rico. Her favorite film is Divergent because it brings together so many different things from action to romance and humor and the plot is so intriguing. Her favorite actors are Tom Holland and Zendaya, because they both have amazing acting skills and started from the bottom to get to where they are today. Although they both very famous they’re humble and caring. Her greatest accomplishment has been acting in a movie as a speaking character. She aspires to become an actress and be a good role model for children and teens. Hennesi is multi talented. She sings, dances and is bilingual in Spanish and English. Spanish is her native language. She tries to improve a bit every day and learn from her mistakes.

Brianni W.

Brianni WBrianni W. (age 12) lives in Los Angeles, CA and her friends call her Bri. She has already been a reporter on the red carpet but looks forward to doing more of that as a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. In her free time, she loves playing with her dolls, her friends, her dad and being on Wi-Fi. Her favorite film is An American Dream, based on the life of Michael Jackson and his family. She loves how it shows all the hard work and dedication that MJ and his siblings had as they started their singing career. Her favorite actress is Ariana Grande because she’s multi-talented, very sweet and she worked with her on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat. Her greatest accomplishment so far is being nominated three times for the Young Entertainers and Young Artist Awards. Brianni is a survivor of bullying and suicide. She loves volunteering when needed and tutoring younger children.

Navah W.

Navah WallaceNavah Rell W. is 11 years old and lives in Atlanta, GA. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she wants to interview celebrities, loves watching movies, wants to be a YouTuber and LOVES sharing her opinion with others. In her spare time, she likes to eat, read, write, travel and relax. Her motto is: “eat, sleep, win, repeat.” Wall-E is her favorite film, because of how it depicts the future. Her favorite actor is Demi Lovato, because she loves her acting and singing. Her greatest accomplishment so far is being very involved in every club at school because it allows her to learn new and exciting things such as programming robots, singing, dancing, playing an instrument and speaking in front of people. All of those things help her gain confidence along with improving her reading skills. She aspires to become a writer and director in the future.

Eva W.

Eva WassomEva W. is 10 years old and lives in Detroit, MI with her parents and a dog named Lola. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she thought it would be an awesome experience, sounds fun and she loves watching movies! In her spare time she likes to ride bikes, play with her dog, read, make craft, paint, play softball and do karate. Her favorite film is The Greatest Showman and Chris Pratt wins her affection as her favorite actor. Her greatest accomplishment so far has been talking her dad into getting a dog. (Good Work Eva.) She aspires to be a chemist, an actor or a director when she grows up. What you should know about her is that she loves people and has a wonderful sense of humor. She joined KIDS FIRST! in the spring of 2019.  

Selene W.

SeleneSelene W. (age 11) lives in the greater Miami area, has one sister and a dog named Shadow. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she loves film and theater, and loves interviewing people. She believes this experience will provide her opportunities to learn more about the entertainment industry and meet new people. In her spare time, she plays competitive tennis, swims, dances, acts, reads and FaceTimes with friends  She also loves animals and taking care of them. Her favorite film is Devil Wears Prada because she loves fashion and is a fan of both Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. Her favorite actress is Anne Hathaway and her roles in both Devil Wears Prada and The Princess Diaries.  Selene’s greatest accomplishment (so far) is being on the Principal’s List at school and maintaining straight A’s. When she grows up, she aspires to use her creative talents in either acting or fashion.  

Madison W.

Madison WhitmanMadison W., Maddie for short, is 14 years old and lives in Las Vegas, NV. She has a collection of pets including five dogs, six birds, one pig, one box turtle, one bearded dragon, lots of chickens, six goats and one horse. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic since she plans to have a career in the entertainment industry as a director or producer and thought this is a good place to start learning more about the business. Among her favorite films are IT and The Nightmare Before Christmas. She is a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio’s because “he always puts on an outstanding performance that amazes me.” One thing she really enjoys about films is watching the behind-the-scenes clips and learning how everything is done. She also likes making up her own stories with interesting characters.

Raquel Y.

Raquel YoungRaquel Jeanette Y. (age 15) lives in New York City and has one dog. She joined KIDS FIRST! Film Critic because she believes there is no other organization like KIDS FIRST! that gives children the opportunity to explore their interest in film, which was the perfect reason for her to join. In her free time she likes to shop, eat out at restaurants and go to the movies. Her favorite film is The Hate U Give, because it vividly depicts a large portion of the experience of a whole culture while seamlessly including other genres such as comedy and romance. Her favorite actor is Taraji P. Henson, because she’s able to take on roles of any genre or background. Her greatest accomplishment is launching her own online retail store called Boujalae Collection. She aspires to become a civil rights attorney. Go Raquel! You rock!

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