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What to know: Brother socks happily separate amid a sibling rivalry.
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Recommended age 8-12
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This is a fun, fantasy adventure that teaches children it's okay to be unique then shows what little people can do. It does have some objectionable behavior however such as profanity, provocative women's underwear (pg 17) and lots of jokes about underwear and brassieres such as pg 38 where it says, "what I'd give to get into those pants." and also mentions an affair on page 88. Some viewers might find some of the scenes a bit crass including the one with Skidmark and Buttface pointing at the crotch on pg 57. Aside from the objectionable language and behavior, the story definitely has kid appeal. Its strength is in its strong storyline, creativity and humor. The middle pulls you further into the story and creates more conflicts as you meet more characters. You want the sock to reunite and the other old clothes to find owners. Well paced, good characters, good dialogue. Get rid of the sexual innuendos and inappropriate behaviors and KIDS FIRST! can stand behind it.
Brother socks happily separate amid a sibling rivalry. After learning the importance of family, these twins reunite to make the greatest bond in the laundry world.
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