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What to know: Very nice video that teaches about the country and culture of Panama.
Recommended age 5-8
30 minutes
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Liked it. "I thought it would be boring but it wasn't." All said they may watch it again, especially if doing a report for school. They related to Raisa and Juan, the on-air hosts. "I have the same things going on in my life - school, weekend activities, parties, etc." "I liked seeing where they lived and what their school looked like. It's different from outs." They enjoyed the costumes at the school festival and noted, "we wear school uniforms too." "We liked it and learned about a new place." "I didn't know anything about Panama before. It is really beautiful." Most thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It is well paced, very informative and shows both traditional and non-traditional families.
Liked it. "Panama is very colorful. We saw the city and country." "I enjoyed the scenes where the children were swimming. " "I didn't know anything about Panama. Now I do." "I learned a lot about the land and that the children live far from the United States." "I liked seeing the parents at work." "I liked seeing Grandma spend time with the boys after school."
Very nice video that teaches about the country and culture of Panama. We learn about the school system, games children play there and what their life is like. This is educational and entertaining. It flows easily. It follows the day in the life of a family based on a child's point of view. Very appropriate language for the audience. Nicely done, beautifully shot. Contains a bit of history.
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