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What to know: So Smart! is an award-winning brand trusted by parents for over a decade.
Recommended age 0-2
30 minutes
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Loved it. A multicultural group of Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian kids all enjoyed it. The girls seemed more transfixed than the boys but both clapped, pointed and waved at various times. Several children remembered and called out the characters' names. Several called out "Hello" when the characters said, "hello." Many counted along with the onscreen counting. Most responded when the narrator asked, "What words do you remember?" They answered, "snow, umbrella, etc." When asked how much they liked it, all said, "Great!"
Sweet, easy to understand, simple stories, some gentle rhymes (day/hurray), lovely production values and delightful, upbeat music. The narrator is easy to listen to, the characters are non-threatening. The DVD encourages the child to participate by asking questions such as, "What words do you remember?" There are a series of short vignettes including: Iggy Gets Dressed, Let's Play in the Snow, Hats for Everyone, Edward Finds an Umbrella, and Edward's New Shoes. The use of repetition helps children learn new words. Participation is encouraged by asking the viewer questions they can easily answer. This is an easy re-introduction to colors, seasons, numbers, seasonal activities and getting dressed. The characters are very likable, they behave in friendly and caring ways toward one another. They resemble children and genders are portrayed by the little girl wearing the color pink and the boy wearing the color blue. The stories are gentle and portray simple frustrations such as a child might experience in life: a button falling off, the rain coming, the snow melting, a zipper breaks. Characters are shown dealing with these little inconveniences in such a way that we can see how easy it is to replicate. Very nicely done, a plus for any toddler library.
So Smart! is an award-winning brand trusted by parents for over a decade. This new animated series, Baby's First-Word Stories, is created especially for 1 to 3 year-olds, who are beginning to explore the rich world of language. In this baby DVD, So Smart! friends Edward, Iggy, Larry and Dee Dee will first introduce your little one to simple words about getting dressed, and then build sentences and stories around them. A deliberately gentle pace, engaging imagery, and soothing music make So Smart! a winner for both children and parents.
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