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What to know: In "Creaky Cranky," Cranky is having a bad day.
Recommended age 2-5
80 minutes
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I love Thomas. There is a party and they are getting ready for it. The DVD had lots of stories that were fun, but they also taught things. On the last one, they taught that you have to be quiet in the morning so you don't wake people up so they don't make silly mistakes. I loved when James gets turned pink. He looks very funny.
In Creaky Cranky, it not only shows how strength lies in doing what is most helpful, but it also shows that when parties compete against each other, they are both responsible for any negative results. Thomas and Cranky demonstrate caring and friendship at the end of the episode when they apologize to each other and go out of their way to help each other. In Tickled Pink, James shows strength of character, and dedication to work. His willingness to look silly, yet still go out because he can't be late for the children, shows viewers that children are very important. James is also rewarded by being a hero to the birthday girl he is picking up, especially because he is pink. Between the episodes, Driver Perkins talks to the children showing how to paint an engine (with sparkle smoke), playing games such as "Pin the Funnel on Percy," and choosing music.
In "Creaky Cranky," Cranky is having a bad day. When Thomas teases him about it, Cranky turns on Thomas and says he can't pull heavy loads. This causes Thomas to try to prove himself. The two face off competing over who can move the heaviest loads. In "Tickled Pink" James is getting a new coat of paint. This showed viewers the process involved in painting and engine with the undercoat of paint that protects the metal. James has to go pick up the children with only his pink undercoat on. He's very embarrassed and gets teased by the other engines. After trying to hide, he realizes that he has to face his friends to do his job. In "Steamy Sodor," Thomas is in charge., but he's a bit quick to make decisions without listening to the input of others. When everything turns into disaster as a result, Thomas apologizes and takes action to fix the engines' problems. In "The Early Bird," it's up to Thomas to deliver the mail. He thinks he can do it all on his own, and won't take any tips on how to do it. He inadvertently wakes up all the other engines too early by whistling early in the morning. This made the other engines incapable of doing their work later since they were too tired. Thomas realizes that maybe he should have asked for directions and listened to others.
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