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What to know: 18 not-so-scary stories in a 3 DVD collection.
Recommended age 5-8
175 minutes
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This is a great set because it has a lot of my favorites like "The Teacher of the Black Lagoon" and "Where the Wild Things Are." I liked the pictures, especially in "A Very Brave Witch." They were actually talking instead of just slide pictures. Some of the stories were funny like how in the three legged cat story, he picked up the cat instead of his hat and how the cat thought the sea was pink and fuzzy. In one story the person went to sea and hid on the boat until the boat left the harbor, and they couldn't get him back then he came out of hiding. That wasn't safe. The stories weren't very scary. My favorite part was when the teacher decided to dress up as a witch so the kids would do their work.
Like Halloween but want to avoid all the ghosts and goblins? Then this is the perfect collection for you and your little ones. There are times when it's fun to get a little scared, and Scholastic does a fabulous job of keeping the scariness at an age-appropriate level. In a series of fun and entertaining stories, discover a young witch who dares to face her own fears--by meeting a human; find out what to do when there's a frustrated witch in your yard who wants nothing more than to eat the cookies you are baking; and discover how a three-legged cat gets a chance to travel the world. Stories in this set such as "Three Robbers" and "Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain" offer great opportunities to discuss with children whether on not it's ever all right to do something you know is wrong even when it helps others. The best part of everything Weston Woods does is that they are always faithful to the original book. The stories such as "Where the Wild Things Are" respect children's imagination and their need to feel powerful without violence. This age loves stories that resolve danger comfortably. Great music by Carol King. It's also fun to see films that are the perfect prescription for a child suffering from school anxiety. "The Teacher From the Black Lagoon" magnifies a child's worst fears about meeting a new teacher and calms the child back down, using humor and finally - reassurance. In fact, the teacher turns out to be even better than the child could have imagined.
18 not-so-scary stories in a 3 DVD collection. From the kid-friendly Halloween stories A Very Brave Witch and By the Light of the Halloween Moon, to family favorites The Teacher From the Black Lagoon and Where the Wild Things Are, kids and parents delight watching their favorite books spring to life on DVD. Includes: Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, Alligators All Around, One Was Johnny, Chicken Soup with Rice, Pierre, A Very Brave Witch, By the Light of the Halloween Moon, A Dark, Dark Tale, Georgie, The Witch in the Cherry Tree, The Three-Legged Cat, The Three Robbers, Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain. DVD Features: Getting to Know Maurice Sendak Spanish Version of Where the Wild Things Are; French Version of Where the Wild Things Are Interview with Author Mike Thaler; Interview with Illustrator Jared Lee; Read-Along; Talk About the Stories.
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