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What to know: A miniature pony who must become a seeing eye 'dog' to stay with the boy he loves.
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Recommended age 6-10
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A story with great appeal for children. Its lead characters, a blind boy and a miniature pony, are both sympathetic. It presents a world of talking animals in in the midst of "reality," and it offers a hopeful story about how the friendship between a boy and a horse helps them both overcome terrible obstacles. While the characters are mostly well drawn, they do fall into stereotypical behavior and speech, particularly the secondary characters (the parents, Otto and Tug, Rio). The portrayal of Otto could be construed as insulting to German language and culture especially. There is aggressive behavior as well, which could be scary for younger audiences, although for the most part the slapstick tone softens the suggestion of violence. The ending on Golden Gate bridge is very suspenseful and the resolution offers a fairy tale ending that is appealing.
A miniature pony who must become a seeing eye 'dog' to stay with the boy he loves.
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