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What to know: Educational and original music by award-winning artist Vicki McCrone.
Recommended age 1-5
15 minutes
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"I liked the song RED. I liked the song YELLOW and the school bus was cool." "I thought about colors. I want to learn colors." The kids said they liked the pictures and songs. The film kept some of the kid's attention, they remembered the songs. Others wouldn't sit still, but enjoyed the DVD as background music. The photos really go their attention. They seemed to enjoy it.
A combination of songs about colors with still photographs that include the colors. The images are beautiful and keep everyone's attention. Because each section showed many colors in it, it was hard to point out to the kids which color the song was about. It was fun, songs were cute and the tempo was consistent, though not exciting. The visuals are entertaining and the DVD is very professionally done.
Educational and original music by award-winning artist Vicki McCrone.
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