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What to know: This CD and DVD set features The Okee Dokee Brothers' Mississippi River canoe journey from St.
Recommended age 4-12
40 minutes
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One group of kids ages 6-9 like the audio CD and think younger kids will too. The songs are fun and they sing and dance along. "This is an awesome DVD about being out in the great outdoors!" "It not only shows them performing their music, but it shows the entire adventure on the Mississippi River, and it's totally cool to see them camping and being in a canoe throughout the DVD." All of the children enjoy the adventure and said they would watch it again. It made them want to go outdoors, camping and go in a canoe. "I like watching them perform the songs. It is better than just listening to the CD!" "It was fun to see them act silly." "I like the scenery and adventure." This DVD has kids singing and laughing along.
This is a fun and inspiring trip in a canoe down the Mississippi River. We not only learn about the Okee Dokee Brothers, but we learn about the great outdoors and the creatures that live on the river. You see the music videos, but also what it's like to come up with music lyrics and write songs. The Okee Dokee Brothers have real charm, even if they are pretty silly at times. Their silliness helps kids over 4- or 5-years old relate to them. It shows them camping, canoeing, filming, singing and even writing songs. Sometimes the Okee Dokee Brothers are like big kids themselves, but this is part of their charm. Slow paced, to match the pace of rolling on the river. They appeal to a wide age range.
This CD and DVD set features The Okee Dokee Brothers' Mississippi River canoe journey from St. Paul to St. Louis. After 30 days of camping, canoeing and writing bluegrassy songs, the duo wrote the songs featured on the CD in the set. The Okee Dokee Brothers have won national acclaim.
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