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What to know: About the acres of jungles that have been deforested in the North of Iran.
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20 minutes
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This short film is about the Hyrcanian forest of Northern Iran. The old trees in this area are considered living fossils, but are not protected in the way you might think. It is said that the only man made building which can be seen from the moon is the Great Wall of China. But a huge 30yr old landfill called "the hill of rubbish" or Ash'ghal Tappeh in Behar is soon to be visible as well. The production value of this film is pretty good. There are many photos of the people affected by the loss of jungles and the jungles as well. There are many moments of simply watching non narrated footage. The narrator's English translation is not perfect and sometimes confusing. The music that accompanies this short is eerily beautiful. This short film is full of information and appeals to an older audience. I recommend it for families with children 10yrs and older. This film is a call to action to protect the jungles and to inform listeners around the world. I give this short 3 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Eli B., KIDS FIRST! Juror
The jungles in the North of Iran are known as Hyrcanian forest which dates back to the third periodical geological history called Cenozoic. The old trees on Hyrcanian jungles are considered living fossils of the world. The area of jungles in the North of Iran which was over 3,800,000 acres in 1963 has been reduced to some 1,200,000 acres today. According to the statistics of the Organization of Forest and Rangeland of Iran, over 40 acres of jungles are deforested in the North of Iran. Sub-titled.
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