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I really enjoyed playing LEGO Dimensions for PlayStation 3. In this game, you must stop Lord Vortex from taking over the world. You can play as any character and there are many to choose from. In the starter pack, there is Batman (from the LEGO Batman series not Batman from the LEGO movie), Wildstyle and Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings.

Something I really enjoyed in LEGO Dimensions is the toy pad. I love how it's really interactive and glows while you are playing the game. You have to actually build the components with the LEGO pieces that are provided in the starter pack and then you can use them in the game. (You can't build a car with your own regular LEGO and put it in the game because it only works with the LEGOs that are provided.)

Something I didn't like were instructions for building characters and vehicles. The manuals are in the starter pack, but if you buy a different character like Wonder Woman, they are no physical manuals for new characters to show you how to put them together. They are available only through the game. Other than that, I really loved the game.

My favorite part of the game is that you can visit a bunch of different worlds. For example, you can visit the DC Universe World or the Simpsons World. My favorite character is Gandalf because I love how this character can hit items from faraway places.

The Starter Pack also includes a poster with all the worlds and characters that are available for you to purchase when you want to expand from the starter pack.

I recommend this for kids ages 7 to 14. I also recommend this to people who like LEGOs, action and adventure, and family games. I give this game 5 out of 5 amazing stars. LEGO Dimensions is available now for most video consoles.

Reviewed by Ryan R., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

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The all-new collection merges physical LEGO brick building and interactive console gameplay. Includes the videogame, bricks to build the LEGO Gateway, three LEGO Minifigures, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle, plus the LEGO Batmobile, and the LEGO Toy Pad, which allows players to transport special LEGO minifigures and models into the game, as well as direct in-game action all with the movement of the physical toys.
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